A Chance Encounter on Pony Hill (Candy and Prince of the Hill Part 4)

Candy & Prince of the Hill
CC-mov-PonyHill-1CC-mov-PonyHill-2CC-mov-PonyHill-3CC-mov-PonyHill-4CC-mov-PonyHill-5CC-mov-PonyHill-6CC-mov-PonyHill-7CC-mov-PonyHill-8CC-mov-PonyHill-9The beginning of a fairy tale?

It certainly seems like it.

Which means there’s only one ending: she’ll marry her prince 😀


Happy New Year 2015

To all of you wherever you are.

Happy New Year

I hope you had a joyful celebration welcoming the new year with your loved ones. May the new year bring more opportunities and abundant blessings for you. Good health and success in all your endeavors. God bless you all.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. I can’t express enough how truly grateful I’m for that. One of my resolutions is to finish my ongoing stories. So I hope I can accomplish that in the new year.


Precious Gift

“I’ve never been happier than during the time I’ve lived with you.
Your smile alone can brighten my day. You’ve given me hope, joy, and love.
And those are more precious than anything others have given me, anything I’ve owned.”

William Albert Andrew – Ninety Days

Here is a sneak peek of something I’m working on (won’t elaborate more), a small pre-Christmas treat 😉

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Enchanting Lakewood Estate

CC-mov3(500px) CC-mov4(500px) CC-mov5(500px)

Anthony & Candy

Source: Candy Candy The Movie, Toei Animation, 1992
Gif made by me, please DO NOT COPY AND REPOST without permission.

My Rambling
You know what I just noticed. Inaccuracy in the details. Midwest is supposed to be flat land, no mountains, no canyons. Flat. But do you see the majestic, snow capped mountain in the background? In the ‘real’ Michigan, this doesn’t exist. Hehehe… Somebody didn’t do a good job researching.

Candy & Annie: Happy Time in Pony Hill

CC-mov1(500px)-3 CC-mov2(500px)-4

Source: Candy Candy The Movie, Toei Animation, 1992
Gif made by me, please DO NOT COPY AND REPOST without permission.

Synopsis from animeplanet:
At twelve years old, Candice White (otherwise known as Candy) is the oldest remaining child at the Pony’s Orphanage. With her spirits held high, Candy dreams of the day a wonderful family will take her home; and on one fateful day, it seems her dream has come true… or has it? Instead of joining a family, Candy is adopted to be a companion for the snobby daughter of a wealthy household. Now, our young heroine sets off to join her new family and experience the joys of first love and the heartbreak of cruelty. Whatever the case, her life will never be the same!

My short rambling:
Accurate depiction of Annie (the blond hair). Too short. Doesn’t follow original storyline. Too short. Animation is definitely better than the TV series anime. And did I mention how short this is?

Gif making is a new skill I recently acquired, and I enjoy it immensely. So I think I’ll make more CC gif, especially now that I know gifs can work on wp. Expect more updates soon. 😀