My Drawing

These were made with pencils on a notepad indicated by the faint lines that could be visible in the drawing. The images were then edited, cleaned, shaded, fixed and manipulated and colored digitally.

Only recently, after being spurred on by a challenge from my dear friend, this past hobby of mine was resurrected. However, in the past, which is eons ago, my focus had been on portraits drawing. So this time I’ve expanded my horizon, sketching more than just the face. I’m still struggling with proportions, I have to admit. And shading body parts can be more tricky compared to a face as they are more dips and curves to consider.

Anyway, I don’t know if this will continue. But I do know this: Just like writing, I will draw when an inspiration hits me since nothing can stop the persistent nagging of a plot bunny or a drawing muse. 😉


A Blissful Moment

Due to the ‘suggestive’ nature of the image, I only posted the censored version here. If you want to see the complete picture go to my tumblr. 😀

What inspired me to draw this? Umm… I was actually thinking of scenes from Ninety Days when the image came up in my mind. Then before I knew it, I started the sketch. I wasn’t thinking much of their positions until I received some feedback. Then it became clear to me that the picture is rather umm… sensual in nature, as you can see. 😀


Playtime Before Bedtime (sepia and colored)

This piece is also inspired by Ninety Days, specifically this chapter. I like depicting how playful they can be when they’re together, and this is one of the things that I love about them as a couple. They relate to each other in so many different levels and feel comfortable to be themselves in front of each other. No pretenses. And no wonder I heart this scene from the manga to bits.


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