Candy Candy

Candy Candy is a Japanese Manga (a graphic novel) that was first published in the mid 1970s. The story was written by Kyoko Mizuki while Yumiko Igarashi provided the art. The manga is about an American orphaned girl, Candice White, simply known as Candy, and the trials and tribulations she goes through in life. Most of the story depicted in the manga take place in early 1900s in America. The romance theme is quite prevalent throughout the series with a mixture of elements from Cinderella and Daddy Long Legs added with Mizuki’s own signature touch. The fairy tale-ish vibe is emphasized by the appearance of Prince of the Hill, a nickname coined by Candy for the handsome teenaged boy she met briefly when she was 6-year old. The story concludes with Candy finally discovering the true identity behind her beloved Prince of the Hill, and he is revealed to be someone who has been by her side in nearly all stages of her life. If you’d like to know more about Candy Candy, the Wikipedia is a good start. But to be able to truly appreciate this poignant story, I highly recommend you read the manga.


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