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  • Candy Candy Manga Scanlation: selected scenes from the manga that highlight Albert & Candy interaction and relationship development
  • Candy Candy Novel: Albert & Candy’s Letters from the very last chapter of the novel

All translations were done by me based on the original Japanese transcript from the various sources (manga, novel, magazine, etc.). I strive to preserve the meaning, tone, and nuances to the best of my ability, presenting them in such a way so that they don’t read awkward in English. And in no way did I make any attempt to tamper with the original context of the story, manipulating it in such a way that it reads as though the author favors my OTP. My goal is to deliver an accurate translation. However, since I’m neither a native speaker, nor a professional translator, I’m bound to make mistakes. Should you spot any of them, please don’t hesitate to let me know.


Please do not repost or distribute any of my scanlations or translations and translation notes without permission.

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