I don’t own Candy Candy manga and all the characters in it, but the talented Kyoko Mizuki and Yumiko Igarashi do. The fanfiction works are products of my own twisted imagination, inspired by Mizuki’s masterpiece. The characterization in my fanfics is based on the Manga and not the Anime version of Candy Candy.

If any of the plots, specific scenes, or dialogues appears to be similar to that from another fic or story, it is purely unintentional and coincidental. ‘Great minds think alike’, after all.

The use of images in this page is solely for the purpose of non-commercial entertainment.

The official images/stills/screen caps used in this blog belong to the creators: Yumiko Igarashi, Kodansha Limited, and Toei Animation (Candy-Candy).

The fanart works are the properties of the creators, and their names are mentioned in the acknowledgement section in each corresponding post.

All translations were done by me based on the original Japanese transcript from the various sources (manga, novel, magazine, etc.). I strive to preserve the meaning, tone, and nuances to the best of my ability, presenting them in such a way so that they don’t read awkward in English. And in no way did I make any attempt to tamper with the original context of the story, manipulating it in such a way that it looks as though the author favors my OTP. My goal is to deliver an accurate translation. However, since I’m neither a native speaker, nor a professional translator, I’m bound to make mistakes. Should you spot any of them, please don’t hesitate to let me know.


4 thoughts on “Disclaimer

  1. Codiales greetings, Beautiful Ilusion
    Solicito su ayuda, para saber si en la versión original en japonés del manga del vol.1, p. 154 donde Albert reflexiona:

    That light in her eyes
    She reminds me of someone
    A woman with emerald eyes.

    Concuerda la idea de la traducción con el original en japonés.
    Porque en la versión en Castellano y Francesa la traducción es:

    El resplandor de sus ojos
    Me recuerda a alguien
    Una condesa de ojos verdes

    Cambia el concepto mujer por condesa.

    Y en la versión en Italiano:

    Una signora dagli occhi azzurri
    Chi e´la donna meraviglosa che Candy ricorda ad Albert?

    Cambia el concepto ojos verdes por ojos azules, pero además termina con una pregunta.

    Yo inicie la lectura del manga con los tres primeros volúmenes en italiano, por lo que siempre he tenido la duda de si Albert, relaciono la mirada de Candy con la de su madre o con la de su hermana.
    Agradeciendo por adelantado su ayuda. Vera

    • Hola Vera.

      Perfect timing. Your question came in just when I was finalizing the post that contains this particular scene. I just published the post today, and you can find it here

      And here’s the translation for the scene with the original Japanese included:
      This girl’s eyes sparkle.
      Somewhere… I’ve seen her somewhere…
      A noble lady with green eyes…

      As you can see, the other translations aren’t exactly accurate. They seem to miss the part about him actually vaguley remembering his first encounter with Candy. Instead they directly refer to Rosemary. And yes, it’s Rosemary, not his mother–the Italian version is wrong, not blue but green eyes.

      I hope that helps. Let me know if you have more question.

      • An affectionate greeting, Beautiful Illusion

        Agradezco sinceramente su ayuda y atención.
        Por desgracia no contar con el conocimiento del japones nos limita mucho en la comprensión de algunos aspectos de la historia, de por si un tanto compleja por el formato que le da Mizuki. Yo estoy consciente que una traslación a otro idioma tiene su complejidad por los factores que se tienen que considerar(cultura, mentalidad, a quien va dirigida, etc.) Pero yo siempre he considerado que se debe respetar la idea esencial del autor(al menos hacer todo lo posible para que así sea).
        Pero es un verdadero tesoro, contar con personas como usted que nos ayudan a tener una traducción lo más apegada posible al concepto original del autor. por lo cual gracias.
        A su vez le pido permiso para poder compartir su comentario.

        Have a great weekend, her friend Vera.
        It is an audacity to tell me her friend, but I mean that sincerely with all that implies being really friend.

        • Ahhhhhh VERA! I just double checked my translation and found an error (I’ll fix the scan later).
          And YES. Japanese is Hard. 日本語はとても難しいよ!
          I misread the particle の for は for whatever reason. Maybe a sign I’m getting older. LOL.
          Anyway the meaning and the context are somewhat altered now:

          The brilliance of this girl’s eyes…
          Somewhere… I’ve seen it somewhere…
          The green eyes of a noble lady…

          So the other translations are not that wrong, after all. (Well, except for the Italian. Not sure where the blue eyes came from.)
          Albert uses a lot of 。。。 which suggests unfinished thought, and this can be rather tricky to interpret. But I still think that first he’s trying to recall where did he see the eyes = the girl with the brilliant eyes, i.e Candy, and then while he’s doing that he’s reminded of his sister’s eyes (and notice the similarity?).

          Sorry for the inconvenience my blunder might’ve caused you.
          Enjoy your weekend. My dear friend, Vera. Of course, I consider you a friend 🙂

          PS – you mentioned something about a permission to share the comment. I wasn’t sure if I interpreted this correctly. Is that what you really mean?

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