Update and Progress

Guess what?

Before I elaborate further, read the following passages:

“Somehow, it seems like I was mesmerized by your marvelous eyes.”

“If you were going to be this busy, it would’ve been better for you not to reveal yourself, isn’t it, “Little Bert”?”

You’re wrong if you thought those were quotes from my stories. Nope. None of them was extracted from my stories. Believe it or not, those were translated excerpts from the letters in the novel.

So yeah.. 😀

Aside from making leaps with my writing progress, I’ve also been able to resume my translation projects. I’m so happy that this weekend I could finish translating Letter 4, Letter 7, and Letter 8 (the postcard), and this leaves only 3 letters (5, 6, and 9). I’ll try to tackle those next weekend. At this rate, it looks like I will finally be able to finish translating all the letters before the year ends. That’s quite an accomplishment, don’t you think?

I will upload them to Reverie shortly, which will be followed by my novel rambling.

I can share you briefly about them.

Again, more details are revealed. In Letter 4, Albert began to open up to Candy about his past—a past that he loathed, my poor Albert… 😦 (and the tone and the words he chose to use in his letter clearly conveys his resentment). In addition, he also answered all the questions from Candy’s previous letter, including the parts about their first meeting in Pony Hill and their second meeting in Lakewood. For the time being, I’ll skip Letter 5 and 6, which focus on their later interactions, from London to when he suffered from amnesia and thereafter. Letter 7, despite the short length is very interesting. It reveals Candy’s frustration and the tone of her letter feels like she was really pissed off, even probably bitter. No really. Too bad there’s no date, so we can’t tell how long it was from their most recent correspondence. Letter 8 is a postcard Albert sent from São Paulo. It’s also very concise and almost seems impersonal. Hmmm… that makes me wonder… Anyway, I’ll share my thoughts in my novel rambling that I hope to publish not too long from now.

In the meanwhile, enjoy the sparkly picture of Candy’s beloved hero, surrounded by the other side characters that I captured from the novel—the beautiful image is actually from my fave Candy Candy artwork by Igarashi’s that can be found in this post. However, for the cover for the novel, the picture was split into 2. This one is the back cover image of volume 3 of the novel while the front cover has Candy in it (shown below, in case you’re curious). Yeah, it’s clear who are the main protagonists of the story, just from the cover of the novel 😉




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