Candy Candy Manga Rambling Part I: Main Protagonists = OTP = Albert & Candy

Albert and Candy-main

This is one of my favorite Candy Candy original art: a beautiful drawing by Igarashi Yumiko based on Kyoko Mizuki’s masterpiece, Candy Candy.

All the important characters are depicted here. Just looking at it, it’s clear who are the two intended main protagonists. At times, I’m still shaking my head when people insist Albert is not a main character, but so and so is. Uh hum…

Look at the picture here, buddy. It can’t get any clearer than this! There’s no question as to who the female protagonist is, but for the male? It has to be Albert aka William Albert Andrew aka Prince of the Hill. He is displayed prominently in the drawing, and there’s no reason why he should if he is not the main hero in the story. There are two pictures of him as opposed to one for the other characters, not to mention the size of the drawings. It’s also interesting how Igarashi chose to illustrate Albert in the poster, depicting his appearance in two of the most important events in the story: his first meeting with Candy as Candy’s Prince of the Hill, which essentially is the catalyst of the story, and the final scene in the manga where he finally reveals himself to Candy as her prince. It sort of conveys the idea, that underneath the layered intricate plots, the main story is really about Candy and Albert, or specifically about them finding their ways back to each other.

And if there’s still any doubt with respect to the ending of the story (I blame the anime 100% for causing this. It misled its viewers by removing/adding scenes that weren’t part of the original storyline.), just remember this: In romance/shoujo, > 99% of the time, the main protagonists always end up together. Hence, that clearly suggests: Candy and her Prince of the Hill = Candy and William Albert Andrew. They’re the ultimate One True Pairing (OTP), and 100% canon. 😀

So… If you claim to be a Candy Candy fan, please do yourself a favor: read the manga. Then the truth will set you free. 😉


27 thoughts on “Candy Candy Manga Rambling Part I: Main Protagonists = OTP = Albert & Candy

  1. Hi, Forever!

    True! I too most of the time can’t believe how ignorant these people are, who insist that Anohito was not Albert.

    Like you, I partly blame it on the anime. And if these people are willing to do a small homework and read the manga and the old CC novel, they must realise who Candy ended up with.

    Albert, with his other alter-ego(s), took a very big portion in the whole CC story. We know the history of his family The Ardley’s & his lonely and unfortunate childhood, which Mizuki told us in CC ood novel and CCFS. We know his aunt & his nephews who were also important characters to our heroine. To me, it just doesn’t make sense if at the end Candy ended up with someone else, moved to London in her 30s and separated herself to the Ardley’s.

    • Ah… the proverbial question in CC fandom: who is anohito?
      You’re right, of course. If anyone would bother to read the manga, they could tell who anohito is.
      Mizuki stresses over and over that she didn’t change the ending nor did she write a sequel to the manga ending in any form. In other words, the ending of the manga = the ending of the story = Candy found her prince = Candy & Albert.

      Honestly. I sort of blame Mizuki. I don’t understand why she can’t just explicitly state the name of ‘anohito’ when it is so obvious. But then again it could be a publishing ploy (not really hers but her publishing company) to draw more readers in. By leaving things rather ambiguous in the novel (it’s not that ambiguous if you take into consideration the one thing that Mizuki keeps saying over and over again that CCFS is not a sequel, and unfortunately, the majority of the fandom ignores this fact.) she can keep both fandom bases interested (Albertfan and Terryfan). She could lose at least half of her fandom if she spelled out the name (Albert) clearly in the novel; all her readers who are not Albertfan would abandon the fandom.

      I do think that, in the beginning, she/her publishing company didn’t expect that Terry would garner more popularity than the intended hero (Albert). Interestingly this, where a secondary character becomes more popular than the main characters for whatever reason, is not a rare occurrence in the fandom world. If we examine the character design for Terry–he seems to fit the mold of what most call the ultimate bad boy with troubled past, dark, brooding and handsome, an intriguing character that female readers tend to fall for (Admittedly, I for one, was an avid Terryfan). Albert, on the other hand, for the most part is portrayed as this super wise, older mentor, who conveniently shows up at times of trouble (I feel he’s like Master Yoda or some kind of a guardian angel. LOL. The exact opposite of Terry.), that doesn’t seem as fascinating as the dark, brooding Terry for sure–when in reality that’s not true at all. Once you know who Albert is (toward the ending of the story), you’ll then realize that he’s probably the most tormented character in the whole story. But by then, probably, most readers would have already made up their mind that Terry is the one for Candy. And then there’s the anime that did nothing but mislead people further.

      I wonder if the problem lies in the narrative style. The way Mizuki constructs the story prevents readers to learn more about Albert until much later. Mizuki intentionally keeps readers in the dark as to Albert’s real identity. He seems intriguing in concept but in the story he’s not and pale in comparison to Terry’s more explosive persona. Clearly, Mizuki tries to divert readers attention from Terry to Albert with the amnesia plot line, but again by this time it’s difficult for readers to transition to yet another possible love interest for the Candy, especially if the said love interest has been portrayed as someone who is not as interesting. Plus, Mizuki’s insistence of keeping Albert’s identity a secret to the reader limits his exposition–which turns his character flat and 2 dimensional (still an improvement from the 1 dimensional before when he’s nothing but a voice of wisdom or a childhood fantasy)–and makes it difficult for readers to empathize with him.

      So does this mean that if Mizuki would have revealed about Albert more and earlier, readers would be more drawn to his character? Possible. In another manga with similar plot to CC, Glass Mask aka Garasu no Kamen, readers already know who Masumi is to Maya, that he is her protector, the purple rose, but Maya doesn’t know the truth until much later in the story. And this doesn’t make the story less suspenseful, and most Glass Mask readers are rooting for Masumi and Maya despite the other love interests who have crossed paths with her (Koji, Satomi). Masumi has been there for Maya from the beginning, just like Albert for Candy.

      Ooopss… I’ve veered off topic. LOL. Sorry for the rambling.
      So… what am I trying to say here? My point is that there are several reasons why readers overlook Albert as the main male protagonist in the story. The main reason seems to lie in the plot line and story construct itself, and the anime only makes it worse.

  2. Hahaha … It’s very interesting to read your long reply, Forever. Really, for an obsessive like me, I like discussing this kind of topic again and again. Most of all, I totally agree with you.

    To me, if we want to blame on something for why Terry seemed to shine brighter than Albert for more than half of the fans, it was because Mizuki distracted readers with 3 different characters of Albert. And for 7 out of 9 volumes of manga, Albert was portrayed as an uninteresting vagabond, that despite his young age, he looked so old with that dark shades and beard.

    Apart from that, I understand Mizuki’s plot as it is widely known that she got inspired by Daddy Long Legs novel. Even the revelation scene was very much similar. It’s just that this whole story in manga seemed to be so rush. Some said Mizuki was under pressure because of her dispute with Igarashi. Sigh. She again felt under pressure with half of the fans who do not favour the main hero and repeated “her mistake” on CCFS. But let’s see thing on a brighter side! If Mizuki made all clear, we probably took the whole story for granted and we then didn’t read all the lines thoroughly, we didn’t even bother to analyse clues on CCFS. Then what? We didn’t love Albert as much as we do now. 🙂 Because the more we think about his past, his journey to the day he eventually willingly resume the role of Patriarch, his reasons behind some of his attitude toward Candy, the more we fall in love with him!

    Like you, Forever, I ( my younger self) too was a Terryfan. But thanks to Mizuki and her “craziness”, I gradually became an Albertfan, and now at an unhealthy stage of obsession 🙂 LOL. I understand those who favour Terry. As you mentioned, his persona was so loud and their moment of togetherness in London was a sweet cure for our broken heart ( by Anthony’s tragic death). If only readers want to see the whole story in Candy’s eyes, probably they will realise that who is meant to be with Candy. Can you see Candy’s life as a partner of a famous broadway/hollywood actor in 1920-1930s era? Life with parties, alcohol, and young sexy women swarm around Terry wherever he goes? Is there any clues of that kind of life on CCFS? Nope! We can feel that Candy in her 30s lived a stable and quiet life. Although she never likes those fancy things of high society life (just like Albert himself), she once dreamt to be a lady and willing to be educated to be one. So, can you imagine Candy’s life as a powerful matriarch? Of course :).

    You mentioned Glass Mask! That’s my favourite, too! I question what is it with those writers/authors, why they like to hang reader’s feeling. 😦 This glass mask journey to the ending is frustrating. It’s been 2 years since the last update. It’s a 30 year old story for God’s sake!

    I’m crazy about Masumi! Not as much as I fancy Albert though. But to tell you the truth, we can’t compare the rivalry among Albert-Terry with Masumi-Koji/Satomi. Misumi clearly overshadows the other male characters. He ‘s like a combination of Albert and Terry altogether. He’s handsome beyond words, so in love with the heroine, powerful and filthy rich, a Patriarch, the benefactor of the heroine, full of jealousy and insecurity when it comes to the heroine, smoking and drinking a lot :), mysterious for his true intention to the heroine, good at masking his feeling, and often weak over other people’s pressure ( his father and the crazy b*tch Shiori). Phew …. he’s the hot and the cold, the sky and the earth, the night and the day!

    • Dear Reeka. Truly enjoy reading your comment. I love engaging in thought-provoking exchange. I’m sorry it’s taking me a while to reply–it’s been super hectic lately.

      I just wrote a new post about Albert’s exposition and character development that you might find interesting and relevant to our discussion. It’s truly fascinating to see it as a whole. I hope you have a chance to read it.

      In the mean time, please bear with me as I’m going to write a proper response to your comment. There are a lot of interesting points I want to delve further.

    • Hello there, Reeka.

      I finally have time to sit down to write a proper reply.

      I also one of those people who like to over-analyze things, reading between the lines and coming up with theories. So I welcome your eagerness to discuss things in great details and engage in a thought provoking exchange. 😀

      Since I wrote this post and replied to your first comment, I spent some time re-reading the manga as part of the research to support my writing. That was when I noted the subtle yet intricate way Mizuki weaved Albert and Candy’s relationship. It’s something that’s hard to notice the first time you read the manga. Only once you know the ending, it’ll hit you. Then when you read it for the second time or third or fourth, you’ll be inundated by those ‘duh’ moments (at least that’s what happened to me), and it becomes clear that Albert and Candy are destined to be the end game from the beginning. That’s why some Candy-Terry fans (like us and many others :D) jumped ship and became Albert-Candy avid fans. However, this won’t happen if you don’t particularly care for Albert as the main protagonist, which is the case for most die hard Terry fans who refuse to move on.

      Now that I think about it some more, I don’t think the story is rushed at all. Mizuki has paced it well and timed it perfectly, from the introduction to the end. She has planned it in a clever manner so that when it’s time to bring Albert and Candy together, it’s in an appropriate setting that fosters the possibility for such a non fraternal relationship to blossom between them. Albert is much older and wiser than Candy, we all know that, and there’s also the adoption. For that reason, he will not consciously allow himself to ‘fall’ for her. So how does Mizuki solve that problem? First by making sure Candy has grown up and well on her way to adulthood (marked by her independence) then by wiping off Albert’s memory, putting him at his most vulnerable state that he can’t stop himself from falling in love with Candy.

      Then by making him regain his memory while retaining all his memory as an amnesiac man so that Albert doesn’t forget about his feelings for Candy. Finally by making him stay with Candy even after he’s fully recovered, allowing him to grow closer to Candy and express his affection/care in a more tangible way so that Candy herself begins to fall for him, and by this time Albert’s feelings for Candy has grown so deep he can’t undo the fact that he has fallen in love with her.

      The latter can also contribute to one of the reasons why Albert leaves.
      The reason is never explicitly stated. It’s only implied that he does it to protect her. But I think there are more—it’s guilt for deceiving her, and maybe also a bit of hopelessness. Albert doesn’t know how Candy really feels about him. He just doesn’t believe Candy loves him and probably even thinks she’s still in love with Terry.

      Then comes Rockstown. This is the crucial turning point. Rockstown is like a test for Candy. Before the Rockstown’s arc, we as readers still wonder about her feelings for Terry. We sort of notice she has grown attached to Albert, but what does that mean? What will happen if Terry returns? Through the Rockstown’s arc, we can see that she has moved on. Albert has taken the place in her heart that used to belong to Terry. She thinks of Albert even after seeing Terry in his most pitiful state. This confirms that Candy’s feelings for Albert is deep and real, not merely superficial just because Terry is not there.

      However, I do think Mizuki could’ve done a better job in the revelation of Albert as Uncle William, which also serves as the reunion between Albert and Candy. It feels anti climatic. I don’t know if she purposely subdued it to allow another build up (the final reveal) or to convey to readers that either Candy or Albert doesn’t seem to care about the adoption status. It’s probably the latter because right after the revelation, Albert whisks Candy off to ‘frolic’ around the Lakewood Estate. Clearly, after this, we can see something we haven’t seen before in Albert: power and confidence.

      So no, I don’t think it’s rushed at all. It’s a subtle, gradual, and natural progression from strangers to future loves. The beauty of it lies in the subtlety, the delicate and nuanced shifts in feelings. Unfortunately, not many people can appreciate this kind of love story.

      I’m sorry, but I don’t particularly care for CCFS and a bit miffed by it TBH. I see it as Mizuki and her publishers way of “milking it to the last drop”, by stringing the fans along, trolling them through ambiguity and obscurity. That’s very cruel of them to do that, especially when there’s nothing new in it. Nothing is explained nor clarified. Nevertheless, I agree with you. Candy will make a fine matriarch. 😀

      I gave up on Glass Mask a while back. As I mentioned earlier, I hate to be strung along, and the author of Glass Mask is obviously doing that. I was using Glass Mask to illustrate that most readers readily prefer lucidity versus ambiguity and can easily grow attach to a hero with clear intention and struggle despite the character’s flaws, such in the case of Masumi (who’s actually another Terry, down to Masumi’s self-sacrificing-noble-idiotic decision to marry Shiori, like Terry with Susanna). Masumi at some point has decided to pursue Maya, and he only retreats when Maya makes it clear to him she hates him. Albert, on the other hand, is depicted as someone without flaws, at least through Candy’s eyes, yet his intention is never made 100% clear, and we’re not even aware of his struggle to restrain his feelings for Candy, until the very last scene when he reveals he’s POTH to Candy.

      I disagree though with the perception that Albert is weaker than Masumi, or Terry for that matter. Albert as a capable patriarch and business leader is not the same as the kind and gentle Albert to Candy. There’s a glimpse of this sight of him when he barges to foil Neil’s engagement to Candy. He can be quite daunting and harsh, even Aunt Elroy doesn’t dare to cross him.

      In the end I owe it all to Glass Mask for turning me into an obsessed Albert-Candy fan. It was because of Masumi-Maya I opened my eyes to the possibility of Albert-Candy as an OTP. It led me to re-read the Candy Candy manga more than a decade after I read it the first time. The first time I read the Candy Candy manga, I was so upset with the ending that I stuffed my manga all the way in the back of my book shelves behind other books, never to be seen again. Oh yes, I wanted Terry to return to Candy at that time, and there was even a small part of me that wished Anthony could return somehow. I know stupid. LOL.

      But after reading Glass Mask, only then it occurred to me that Albert-Candy is not as bad. I re-read the Candy Candy manga with an open mind, and then… let’s just say the rest is history. 😀

      Oh wow! This has turned into another super long rambling. 😀

      Thank you for reading

  3. Hi, Forever. Wow, I was surprised when I checked this page again and saw your reply. I think this time I have to check the comment notification option below.

    You’re so right about “the duh moment” :). Especially for readers like me who patiently waited the local publisher release the manga volume by volume. It took me almost a year to finish the whole 9 volumes. So yes, the significance of Albert’s role seemed very much subtle. It needs several times of revisiting to get the whole idea. And having been more matured than the first time I read it was very helpful to understand these characters as well.

    I might not explain it well on previous comment. It’s not the plot that seems rushed for me, it’s the way Mizuki told the story. Telling Candy’s story from her childhood ( 6 y.o when she first met POTH) to her early adulthood ( her reunion with POTH) in 9 volumes of manga seems very short to me. I wish Mizuki and Igarashi added 2-3 more volumes. The time Candy spent with Albert post New York incident needed more scenes, I guess. So the readers could get a clear idea that Candy was starting healing. Not fully, but she’s trying to go there. And for God’s sake, why didn’t they add one more page to picture Candy was finally in the arms of POTH.

    But, … I am now content and satisfied because Mizuki made it up on CCFS. Forever, I know you don’t like the idea how Mizuki could allow herself to be pressured by some fans and publisher. I feel the same on that issue. But CCFS is really worthwhile to read, especially for Albert fans, because after you read it, you know for sure who Anohito is. Are you familiar with Ms Puddle’s blog? Her blog is actively sharing what it is on CCFS and it’s open for discussion. Just fyi, though. 🙂

    I agree on Rockstown being a crucial turning point because it’s clear to us who Candy chose. And it was the time Candy first said she had loved Terry, in past tense.

    You think that William Albert’s revelation was anti climax? I actually think the opposite. I still remembered how flabbergasted I was when I read it at the first time. I really didn’t see it coming. Back then, I was not familiar with daddy Long Legs yet. So I hadn’t been suspicious. You’re right that after that moment, we could see how Albert was full of confidence and very authoritative . He really had the aura of a powerful patriarch. I think this is also a time where Mizuki needed to add more scenes, to show readers that Albert was the leading role. But I am glad at the fact Mizuki and Igarashi brilliantly showed us that even Aunt Elroy had no power to what William Albert decided. It kinda answered the inevitable question about how Albert faced the legal relationship between him and Candy and the possibility of rejection from the family board member regarding Candy’s lowly origin. What mattered the most for Albert was Candy’s feeling to him.

    While I think the manga seems too short and rushed, I agree with you that the subtle progress of Albert and Candy’s relationship was perfect. The more I read the manga (and CCFS), the more I am sure that Mizuki created these two character for each other from the very first beginning. How could I explain it, 🙂 sorry but I am not good at writing down what’s on my mind. Mmm… for me, it is not Mizuki creating Albert as one of 3 Candy’s love. It is more than that. It’s like she had these two characters from the beginning of the story. They were created equally for each other. They completed each other’s missing point in their past. They gave each other what was denied from them in their earlier years of life.

    And now about Glass Mask.

    No, I didn’t mean Albert was weaker than Masumi. I’ve just checked my previous comment and I think I misled you, again. Sorry. What I meant by Masumi overshadowing other male characters is Masumi overshadowing Koji and Satomi. The other males on Glass Mask. Hell no, by far none beats the perfection Mizuki created on Albert. Albert’s complexity and vulnerability made him even more perfect and charming. He was an epitome of a perfect gentleman.

    While Masumi was a modern man, he was a closer example of our present time’s “dream” character. Don’t you see Masumi character was close to what becomes popular lately? A powerful dominant male character. Physically having a tall and strong figure with achingly handsome face. A young successful billionaire, having a bitter childhood, jealous, easy to be drown to negativity when stressful ( excessive smoking and being drunk), tendency to be a stalker. 🙂

    Well, I think I should stop my comment here for now. Please Forever, I really hope you someday (soon, hopefully) continue the ND and the Chasing WA. Though for now, I am already really grateful for you writing Awakening and All I Want.

    Cheers. Take care.

    • Hey there, Reeka.
      So here I am replying to your comments.

      First of all let me say this, that even without reading CCFS, the ending depicted in the manga is clear. There’s no anohito. There’s only one man in the end, and that’s William Albert Andrew 😀

      I’ve seen another version of the final scene of the manga (the original version?) in which Candy is clearly running into Albert’s arms. I don’t want to post the image here as it may be protected by copyright, and I don’t want to get into trouble because of that. But I wonder why it was changed in the tankoubon version, and then I remember Mizuki’s words that she leaves things ambiguous so she doesn’t destroy her readers’ dream. Interesting isn’t it? And the fact that all the scenes that were toned down are all related to Albert and Candy only implies one thing – that Albert and Candy do end up together – and this ending would upset the majority of her readers who are (ironically) rabid Terrfans, and Mizuki doesn’t want to destroy their dreams. I’m disappointed with how she panders to both sides though. It taints her credibility as an author. As an author, she owns the story, not her fans/publisher/editors.

      With regard to the number of volumes or the scenes in the manga, I actually think that they’re adequate, not too many, not too few, just enough. From storytelling perspective, I think the development is done appropriately. It shows a subtle progression. You can feel that Candy is healing, and Albert is the same way. At the same time, you can see how they grow closer–they care a great deal for each other. If there’s anything I would wish to see more in the manga it would be scenes of Albert interacting with other people when Candy’s not around, for example of him talking to Dr. Martin.

      You know what? I think I’m going to start another round of reading the manga. This time I’ll blog and write a meta about what I gather from my reading (I’ll attempt to do a comparison from the translated version vs the original version, since Japanese can be quite tricky to interpret literally). Would you like to join me? We can re-read it together and discuss each scene and dialogue at length 😀

      After reading the manga for the nth time, I have no doubt that Albert and Candy are meant to be from the very beginning. Albert is the only one who appears in the beginning and the ending, with Candy. The story is not only about Candy dreaming of her prince, but it’s also about Albert and Candy finding their ways to each other. It’s easy to think that the story is solely about Candy since it’s mostly told from her POV. However, now I’m more and more convinced that it’s also about Albert treading the path to his destiny, to his happiness, to Candy. I sort of agree with you that I don’t think Albert is one of the three loves. True, Candy experience three kinds of love: first love with Anthony, passionate love with Terry, and unconditional and lasting love with Albert. But the way I see it is that at each time Candy experiences a heartbreak, Albert is always there, and from there, Albert and Candy grow closer. This happens after Anthony passed away and the tragic break up with Terry. Taking those into consideration, it seems more like, roughly speaking, Anthony and Terry are mere temporary ports before Candy eventually reaches her final destination, Albert.

      Well, it seems we both agree that Albert and Masumi are completely different men in terms of personality, with their own sets of strengths and flaws, so we should leave it at that. 😀

      Lastly, thank you for reading my stories and for all your support. That means a lot to me. As for Ninety Days, I want to reiterate what I wrote on my profile page in that the story is finished, and for now I don’t have any plan to continue the story. There’s, however, an epilogue that I drafted a while back, and hopefully, at some point, I’ll be able to publish it (I’m thinking of splitting it into several short drabble chapters). But in the mean time, I’m going to focus my efforts on Awakening and All I Want as I really want to finish those two series as soon as I can. After that, I’ll see what I can do. Thanks again for all your encouragement and support.

      • Hahahaha .. okay, Forever, we can put aside CCFS from now on in our discussion. I truly understand your sentiment toward Mizuki’s decision to unname Candy’s spouse. After all, we are on the same boat, firmly believe Candy end up with Albert.

        You kidding! You have the page Igarashi drew, but Mizuki decided not to publish it? The one where Candy was in Albert’s arms at Pony Hill? Geez … I envy! I agree with you with all my heart that the fact Mizuki tried to satisfy both sides means only one thing. Albert is the one.

        I’m in, Forever. It’s going to be exciting, I’m sure. We’ll discussed it on your comment box like this discussion? Others might join, though, and it would be very interesting. I personally own the non english nor japanese manga, so we can compare if the translations match.

        Yes, beside Candy herself, the only character who gets significant portion in the story is William Albert Ardley. Since in manga volume 1, readers have been introduced to his family. Of course we didn’t know back then. His three nephews, his aunt, his faithful assistant, his late sister, and the significance of his name. Then, in CCFS ( I’m sorry I have to mention this LOL), we’re told about why he was on Pony Hill wearing Scottish outfit and how he had been struggled to be a patriarch at very young age. With this, how it is possible that a character was built extensively for nothing? Right? People should think about this fact. It’s about logic. 🙂

        To end my comment, I say you actually can leave Ninety Days just as it is. We can see the ending from what you left. However, I need an answer for my old curiosity. 🙂 Did they do it or not? Hahahahaha … 😉

        • I need to clarify something about the manga panel that I mentioned in my reply. I didn’t say it was the one with Candy in Albert’s arms. What I said it was an image of Candy running into Albert’s arms. Let me describe it, so you can get a better perspective. In the image Candy was running to Albert with her arms wide open, as if she was ready to jump into his arms and grab him tightly, unlike in the tankoubon version where her arms were opened but not as wide. While I appreciate this panel, there is another image that I think is rather interesting… It’s of Albert and Candy embracing on the bed. Yup. Quite intimate I must say. Too bad it was removed from the tankoubon version, but I understand it might upset a lot of people (namely Terryfans) 😀

          Oh Albert is the one all right. Have you seen my newest post? It’s about the ending leak? Sneaky Igarashi… LOL.

          All right. Let’s do this. It’ll be fun 😀 I have several different translations (including English) plus the original tankoubon. Yes, we can have the discussion in the comment box. And anyone can join. In addition to the manga, I’m also going to (finally) resume watching the anime. I was stuck at episode 4 for the longest time. So I’m going to talk about both the anime and the manga.

          It’s okay, Reeka. You can mention CCFS in our discussion. To tell you the truth, I did read it (the translated parts that are available in the internet) and if you notice, I did use it as a reference in my writing, especially when I had to write about Albert’s past both in Ninety Days and Fairy Tale. So please don’t feel bad if you feel the need to gush about CCFS from time to time. The only thing I appreciate about CCFS is the part about Albert’s past. It’s not much but it’s enough information for me to get insight into his personality and struggles.

          As for your last question… Did they or didn’t they? LOL. What do you think? 😀

    • Dear Reeka and Illusion, I´ve been reading your posts and here Reeka I would like to address something that has been in my Mind after the last Manga Reading I did, from Childhood to Candy as Nurse Student (i´m finishing those chapters). One of the things I discovered is, if you read it in a short period of Time, well you notice the strong Ties entwining Candy and Albert in his different alter ego(s), He never dissapears. Up to this point of the story he´s along with our female protagonist, sometimes his presence is stronger, sometimes he takes a little step back but It doesn´t vanish at all…I also realized that his presence is above all the Happenings along the story. And been aware of the Ending it´s like if it was a perfect Circle…They meant to be together, It´s was a Matter of being in the right place and the perfect time and these Two were that way since first episodes or Pages.
      Muziki writes in last pages that Anthony never knew Pony´s Hill, an unfullfilled Promise, Terry was once there, by himself, and at the End…Well the Circle close prefectly 🙂

      • Great observation there, Lucy. Exactly. Albert never disappears. He’s there for her. He’s the only one who appears from the beginning until the end and through all the different stages of Candy’s life. He makes it a point to communicate with her through letters. He’s the only on who lives with her for more than a year. No one has ever been closer to her than him, not Anthony, not Terry. There’s no doubt that they’re destined to be together from the beginning. That’s, after all, Mizuki’s true intention for the story. She beautifully weaves their relationship from strangers to friends to lifelong partners. It’s, like you said, one of the best love stories ever told 😀

  4. Hi Illusion, I recently discovered you blog and I´m fascinated with all the stuff you´ve been posted about my dear Candy and Albert. In my humble opinion we must blame the Anime for all those misinterpretations about who is the real Candy´s Love. Most of fans in Latinamerica, Spain and Italy watched the Anime before to read the Manga. I had a year ago the chance to, finally read the Manga online, and of course I experimented also the “duh” moments. It´s a pity how a great male Character as Albert seems portrayed in Anime. As I read in your replies, you hasn´t watched enterily so I hope the comments and opinions of it. Please let me participate in your and Reeka´s replies. English is not my native languaje but i´ll try to do my best!!
    BTW, the leak you posted some days ago is absolutely cute!

    Best regards!!

    • Oh Yes!!! Please do join in on the discussion!
      I’m actually watching the anime and reading the manga in parallel so that I can write post focusing on the differences between the two versions. You’re absolutely right, the anime is rather misleading with a lot of things. The manga should be the sole source for anything about the series.
      You have nothing to worry about–your English is excellent. So yes. Let’s do this! The more the merrier!

  5. Thank you so much dear Illusion, I´m also officially in!! 🙂 First let me tell you how I became a Candy Fan: When I was 4 or 5 years old was the first time I watched in mexican T.V. and back then I can remember clearly my suffering when Anthony died. That time I didn´t watch the last episodes, but some years later, I was in 3rd grade and had the chance to watch the missing final chapters and I could understand that POTH was our dear Albert and therefore Candy´s first love and I was glad…not 100%… I had clear in my mind the importance of Albert but there was a big gap to fill…Years laters, when I was 15 was aired again, The Rerun was a success and I sufferd so much for the ill-fated romance of Candy and Terry, but at least she could reunite with her first love (that´s what I used to think), who, in those days wasn´t so charming or lovable Character for me and many, many Candy Fans. But well…Once again Albert was there but, why? how? Only because he is the Prince? (I haven´t realized he IS THE MALE PROTAGONIST) …Until last year, whe I could read the Manga online, What a beautiful surprise!! al the pieces fell into place…I discovered one of the best Love stories (in my opinion) ever told!!! Wow! the subtle but strong relationship Between Candy and Albert and how its show along the Manga and specially the final volumes. then I thought: Why thousands of fans around the world still denying this?

    I downloaded a version in Japanease and another one in english…I´m not sure why in the english version the last words of Albert are in future and i don´t know if it was correctly translated, I would like to show you, both images…Because I read some of your posts and it seems you are fluent in Japanese, am I right? Please Let me know if I cand do that, by a private message or email, perhaps?

    So, i´ll be here commenting and having a great time discussing one on my favourites stories 🙂

    • Hi Lucyfire. Is it okay if I call you Lucy instead?
      I like the way you said it. One of the best love stories ever told. I agree. 😀

      I’m always excited to meet a fellow Albert & Candy shipper, and I enjoy very much learning how someone can become a fan of the series–so thank you for sharing your story. I know how big of a fandom Candy Candy is in Latin America and parts of Europe and Asia. Unfortunately, it’s not the case here in the US. So lucky you to be able to have access to the series from early on 😀

      Isn’t it interesting how the manga and the anime can provoke two completely different feels?
      I’m currently up to episode 7 with the anime, and I must say that while some of the dialogues seem to be taken straight from the manga, there are many many things that differ from the manga–I’ll write a post about this since these differences are rather amusing.

      The anime, as far as I know, was originally aired in Japan at the time the manga was still running. This means that when they made the anime, the production team might not know how it was going to end or the significance of Albert’s role. That’s, of course, only my assumption. I really can’t say much about the anime since I”m only at ep 7. I’ll share my thoughts later once I finish watching the series.

      However, I did watch the last episode (which was a bad move that killed my motivation to continue watching), and I thought it was awful and fell short of my expectation as it was nothing like the poignant final scene in the manga.
      Yes, you should stick to the manga. 😀

      I read the English translated version of the manga, and yes, I did notice some discrepancies compared to the original Japanese and to other official translated versions. It’s possible that the English translation wasn’t done directly from the Japanese version but from another translated version as there isn’t an official English version.

      However, Japanese itself is rather tricky to interpret, and at times literal translation of some of the expressions to English or other language is impossible as it won’t make sense whatsoever.
      I do know Japanese, but I wouldn’t claim I’m fluent in Japanese. I do know enough to be able to read manga (very slowly) and watch anime 😀

      The last scene in the manga as I recall is Albert repeating what he told Candy in their first meeting in Pony Hill, you’re beautiful when you smile, I think.
      And then the dialogue of the last panels goes like this: “Truly, you look beautiful when you smile (something along that line). Don’t forget that smile forever (not sure). Don’t forget, Candy…”
      btw, if you want to discuss further off line, you can email me.

      • No problem dear Illusion, you can call me Lucy 😀 I agree with you, the reactions towards the Anime are like if we were talking about two different stories…specially when Fans haven’t read the Manga yet…as you say: if you’re a true fan, please read the Manga. Specially if you think that the main plot or the best in this is Candy romance with Terry. We’ve got a wonderful female protagonist with very positive aspects of her personality and also a story of partnership drawn from the beginning .
        I’ll be waking for the post about differences between Manga and anime, I’ll do my comments about episode 4 soon.
        I read in foroandrew ( Albertfans in Spanish ) the same, manga and anime were published and aired so close, therefore in Japan, they couldn’t reveal so much about the manga Final chapter.
        But one of the things I’ve learnt with Candy and other stories is that Manga and Anime will obey to their own format, sometimes can walk together, sometimes only will share the title, because the way that they might be development can seem very different ( as the case is sailor moon, I’ve recently read it).
        It seems we are lost in translation! …and the version in Spanish derives from the translated Manga version! I have a good friend who has basic knowledge in Japanese and she explained me same issue, a direct translation from Japanese maybe tricky,depends on the alphabet,the kanji and some stuff like those:( but by mail I’m sneing you the pictures I referred in my previous post.
        I’m recalling now the first time Ali read chapter 9 in Manga…I said: now it’s clear for me…even if I never read CCFS, this gave me all the answers I was looking about Candy and how his relationship with Albert changed to turn into love. 🙂

        Have a nice Day and more comments very soon!

        • You’re right about the variations observed between anime and manga adaptations of a series. Yes, it’s a common occurrence. In truth, I’ve not seen an anime that’s 100% faithful to its original manga/novel version. In most cases, the anime version usually has extra scenes added or some original scenes removed or both. When you think about it, it makes sense to make the anime different from the manga. If it plays out exactly like the manga than there’s no suspense factor and people will be less interested to keep watching it.

          I do want to point out that, for all the manga-adapted anime I’ve watched so far, regardless of these differences the main theme, the ultimate pairing, the ending, and the characterization are the same as the original story. Unfortunately, as you can tell, this isn’t necessarily true for CC 😦 That’s why I said that if you’re truly a fan, then you MUST read the manga.

          As for CCFS, to tell you the truth, I’m indifference to it. Honestly, you don’t need to read CCFS to know the true story. It’s clear in the manga. But… I must admit that I did find the tidbits about Albert and the letters between him and Candy to be rather amusing–so I thank Mizuki for including that. As for the rest? I can make do without ever reading them just fine 😀

    • Hi Lucy,
      No worries. I can understand perfectly without any problem.
      It would take me some time to reply to your comments, but rest assured I’ll reply to all of them.
      I just posted the final scene with the English translation from the original Japanese. I don’t know if it’s the scene you mentioned. I hope it is.

  6. I agree with you, no matter de small or big differences between Manga and Anime, the OTP stays togheter, I personally think that in some cases like Candy´s or Ranma 1/2 (hope you have watched it) there´s not a big kiss or a wedding, the happy ending, but we must understand the way of thinking in japanese culture and in Shoujo genre it´s not necessary those kind of love displays, I guess, correct me please if I´m wrong.
    I still blame the poor translation (at least in spanish) of all these misleads in Anime…Despite of these Flaws not need to be an expert and try to figure out that if he´s the Prince and reveals to her this secret, maybe, just maybe could be more between these Charecters 😉
    CCFS…well i´m also interest in Candy and Albert letters and that´s it, I´m more into discover new things in Manga 😀

    • I’m sorry but I disagree with your assumption there. I think the way love is expressed and depicted in a series depends on the mangaka/authors. Have you read Georgie (otherwise known as Lady Georgie)? It’s a manga written by Izawa and illustrated by Igarashi, who is also the illustrator of the Candy Candy manga. There are a lot of kissing and even something far more intimate than that. And there are other shoujo mangas which are more explicit in their ways of expressing ‘love’, and I’m not even talking about modern manga–I’m talking about vintage series from the 70s and 80s, the same era as Candy Candy. So, no, implied happy ending or subtle love confession is not a Japanese thing. Rather, it’s a Mizuki thing 😀

      But you’re right that incorrect translation can mislead fans to make the wrong conclusion. And yes… since Albert is the prince and he’s the one she meets first and appears to her again at the end–there must be something more between them 😉

      So it looks like that we share the same interest and level of excitement with regard to the manga. That’s awesome! I can’t wait to discuss more things with you.

      • My dear Illusion, I took what I wrote back!!! Later I posted that, I notice that perhaps I wasn´t speaking from my own experience in Manga and Anime , instead of, I took for granted a Essay I read about a Year ago, explaining what Shoujo is, and that Essay pointed out the lack of explicit love in the Gender.But once more you´re right! I remembered Lady Oscar…Georgie..good Lord! I was so dissapointed of that Girl…not a protagonist…no! Maybe we can discuss about in another post. Well, yes It depends on the Mangaka Sytle and Mizuki is the one to call when you talk about subtle romance 😀

        Let´s keep disscusing more abot Candy, I love it and at the same time I improve my writting skills in English 🙂

        • I take it you don’t like either Lady Oscar or Georgie. LOL. Why is that? Are you concerned of how forward they are with the men? Certainly, we can discuss this in another post. So now I’m curious. How far do you think Candy and Albert will go once they’re in a courtship? IMO, despite Albert’s noble intentions, he’s still human. And after living with Candy for more than a year, restraining all his desire for her, I don’t know for how much longer he’s willing to wait. Not that I’m saying they’ll go at it like mating rabbits. LOL. I’m saying that he won’t be able to keep his hands off her. So a kiss that continues to grow in intensity here and there will be normal for them, along with some intimate touching. You know, things two people in love will normally do 😀

          Yes, let’s continue. I’m glad you’re enjoying the discussion. And once again, your English is perfectly fine. 🙂

          • Of course I´d like to know more about the courtship, the kisses and touching they will express to each other as a couple deeply in love 😀 ❤ I think it would be involved tenderness but also passion in this new stage of their relationship. You mentionated, Albert restrianed for long time his Love to Candy, so IMO he would do the first movement…
            One thing to point out is that along the Manga we can witness how Candy is used to be so close to Albert, She runs into his Arms not only in one ocassion, and not only because she needs a shoulder to Cry, she enjoys his closeness with no shame, and no fear.

            About Lady Oscar: I love the story, I suffered alot with the ending 😦 she waisted so much time she could spent with Andre. their level of intimacy seemed to me one of the best moments in anime 😀
            Although in Georgie´s case (I´m speaking of Manga, i didn´t watch the anime), I don´t have a good opinion of her a female protagonist)
            But we can´t talk in a different Post about these old Mangas, can we?

          • Oh there’s going to be passion for sure 😀
            So you think he’ll kiss her first? Hmmmm… You know after our talk about that final scene from the manga, I’ve been trying to imagine what happens after they’re finally in each other arms… Will he be blunt and ask her directly? Or will he take the indirect approach and try to make her show her feelings first? Knowing how sensible Albert is, I think it will be the latter. He’ll try to get the truth from her first… Now I’m tempted to write the continuation of that very last scene in the manga 😀

            And yes, you’re right. Candy never hesitates to jump into his arms and embraces him, surely enjoying to be close to him.

            I’ve not watched Lady Oscar. I tried, but for some reason I just couldn’t finish it. Maybe I should try again. As for Georgie, I only begin to like her much later in the series when she stops being so fickle. But I really like Abel, and he’s the perfect one for her. The ending though… Ugh… That’s just awful 😦

            No worries, Lucy. We can talk about anything you want. There’s no restriction. So feel free to gush about anything and anyone. 😀

  7. I really hope for a lot of passion between these Two!! 😀 Please if you are planning to write a continuation of the last escene, do it, please! the people who reads you will be very grateful!!

    I´m with you, Probably He ´d try to get the Truth from her…Her true feelings to him,
    This lovely couple has a long talk ahead.
    And what would be Candy´s Reaction??, as you pointed out in another post, He´s her everything, her dream come true all the time by her side ❤
    It´s the next in their relationship…

    About Georgie and Oscar, It would be great if we could discuss about them in a different post, also I have comments about Emma 😀

    • Knowing how I write, I’ll end up writing a 20-chapter fic. 😉
      Besides, there are so many fanfics focusing on the manga continuation — the Spanish ones at least. But I might try something different. Instead of writing it by myself how about you and others contribute as well? Each of us can write one or two sentences. It’ll be fun and interesting to see what everyone will come up with 😀
      Albert will surely get Candy to talk. He knows how to handle her well 😉
      If you want to discuss about the other series you can comment directly on the respective post. Or do you want me to create a new post about them?

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