An update, sort of (and a little Teaser)

Not a real update but the real one is coming soon. Really 🙂

A few things.

First, do you know what happens on March 20th? It’s the 6th anniversary of Ninety Days. Yes, it has been that long. The first chapter was released in on that day six years ago. I still can’t believe that I could finish writing it to the final chapter in less than two-year period. It became my very first completed series. However, I’m not very proud that I failed to keep my word to deliver the epilogue. Well, at least, I started the sequel, Forever and a Day. Anyway, to commemorate the special event, I decided to post Forever and a Day on This is something that I planned to do from a while back since the series was created. Having said that, I have no plan to make any changes to the series I posted on Reverie. All the chapters are still available there. But for those of you who prefer to read stories on, now you have that option.


I still plan to upload all of my stories to Reverie. Even though the process has been excruciatingly slow, it’s moving along smoothly. “Chasing William Andrew” is slated to go up next. In addition, I’ll also upload non CC stories that belong in the Scribble Pad section. The story index page is up, but the links are not.


Regretfully, all requests for a Reverie account have been put on hold until further notice. This is because of the critical security problem I discovered when I was in the process of reviewing the new requests. Before the issue can be resolved, I will not activate any new account. I hope you understand. I’ll think of an alternate measure to circumvent the unfortunate situation, maybe along the line of allowing temporary public access for selected articles. I’ll update you more on this.


Now let’s move to the more fun stuff 🙂 I’m feeling rather happy today. Not only that I managed to make great progress with my writing, but I also accomplished everything I set out to do at work last week. I know I’ve not posted any new updates, and you’re probably wondering about that. To compensate for that, here’s a little something to whet your appetite. So now you know what to expect in the next chapter. Enjoy 😀

Awakening Chapter 12+ Teaser

“So the fire was real. It wasn’t a dream?”

“I wish I could tell you otherwise.”

“Please tell me that she’s okay. Because if she’s not—”

“How did we end up here?”

“George brought us here.”

“..I’m hopelessly in love with you.”

“Yes, I know that now.”

“I didn’t think I could keep my hands away from you.”

“I know what being together entails for a man and a woman. I’m not that naive.”

“I was worried you might never recover from your amnesia.”

“Where are we going?”

“To the bedroom, of course. Is there a problem?”


“We’ll let things progress naturally. And we can start slow.”

“Like start from kissing?“

“George is coming here? Right now?”

“Um yeah…”

“Albert, you know him, don’t you? The prince of the hill, my childhood prince, the teenage boy I met when I was six.”

“Well, my lady, now it’s not the time to reminisce about your prince.”

“George, I really want to give something to Uncle William as a token of my appreciation. Should I knit a pair of wool mitten for him?”

“He’s actually not as old as you might think, miss. And if you truly wish to present him with a gift, I think he might prefer something else from you.”

“Is that right? What would he like? I would love to give him something that will truly please him.”

“Shall we leave now before the traffic becomes worse, George?”

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t the lovely Miss Andrew with her fake—“

“Miss Tina, I’ve been looking all over for you.”

“Rosenthal? Are you sure?”

“Positive. She told me yesterday. Why? You know someone bearing the same surname?”

“No reason. Just curious that’s all.”

Till next time,



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