AIWFC Drabble 14: Retrouvailles Part 1

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AIWFC Drabble 14: Retrouvailles Part 1


All I Want for Christmas (2385 words) by forever [AO3]

Chapters: 1/5
Fandom: Candy Candy
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Albert/Candy
Characters: William Albert Andrew, Candice White
Additional Tags: Romance, Alternate Universe, Christmas Fluff, Fluff and Angst, Modern Era

26-year-old Candice White has finally fulfilled her dream of becoming a doctor. However, she hasn’t been as successful on her quest to find true love. Her first love was unrequited, and the one time she was engaged, her fiance walked away from her. Now, with her painful past behind her, she is ready to face love again. But the man she sets her eyes upon doesn’t seem to be interested in her. Or does he?

All I Want for Christmas (2385 words) by forever [AO3]

Ninety Day Epilogue Teaser

Here you go a small treat for you. A new ND teaser 😀


Please be gentle with him, William. He’s only a kid and he didn’t know who you were.

Sarah – I know how to best handle my nephew. You don’t need to worry.

William, please…

By the way, George should inform you soon about all the details pertaining to the Florida resort project. Now, if you’d excuse me I have a meeting I need to attend.

Good afternoon, Neil.

Uncle William… Good afternoon.

Let me explain myself.

Please have a seat, Neil. There’s no need for you to be nervous. Aren’t we family?

Yes… We are.

Please forgive me, uncle. I’m sorry… I’m so sorry. I promise to never bother Candy ever again. I promise to stop slacking. I’ll do anything-pushing paper for the rest of my life- but please don’t send me to war. I don’t want to die.

Get up Neil. Please remember everything you told me just know. I expect that you honor your words. I’m giving you a chance to prove to me that you are worthy to be a part of this family. Show me that you’re a man of honor and integrity. Go to Boston and enroll in the university. You have four years to complete your study and obtain a bachelor degree in the field of your choice, preferably in business administration.

Boston. That’s where Archie is…

Yes, Archie is there. Aside from schooling, he is also training at our company’s branch. And I strongly advise you do the same. So what do you say?

Do I have a choice?

Of course… If you wish to sever all your ties to this family, then you are free to do whatever you want to do.

Fine… I’ll go to Boston.

Very well. I will ask Stuart to make all the necessary arrangements, and I will assign him to be your personal assistant while you are in Boston.

I appreciate your thoughtfulness, uncle, but that won’t be necessary. I can-

I insist, Neil. You will find his assistance to be most useful.

I understand. Thank you. If there’s nothing else, I shall take my leave now.

One last thing. About Candy. I request you stop addressing her solely by her name. She’s to be my wife soon. So you should be more respectful to your future aunt. And I will not tolerate anymore misbehavior from you. Is that clear?

Yes, uncle.

That’s all I have. Now you may leave.

Master Neil.

What is it, George?

The investigation report has not been released to public, but our intelligence suspect this wasn’t a suicide.

A premeditated murder. You don’t suppose this is connected to Milton’s shady deals.

I believe so. It appears that Mr. Milton was planning to leave Chicago quietly, possibly relocating to California. His wife and kids had departed the city a few days ago, and around the same time, our intelligence noted a rather suspicious properties transaction near San Francisco, which later was revealed to be executed under his wife’s maiden name.

I see… So he knew he was the target and tried everything he could to protect his family even though the outcome was a tragic one. This makes me worried… I don’t want to take any chances. Please make sure Aunt Elroy and Candy are well protected. Send more men to guard the Lakewood properties if necessary.

Yes sir.


Hmm…. Okay that’s it. An excerpt of random dialogues from the next chapter.  I hope that would whet your appetite slightly. 😉

Yes, I’ve begun jotting down for the next chapter and I’ve made some progress, not much, but still a progress.