Apology and a Quiz :D

I know I mentioned I would try to post something before the week ends. Unfortunately, I’ve been quite tied up with many different things this week and that had left with me with not much time to devote on the blog. But I still plan to update All I Want soon, hopefully by tonight or tomorrow. As for Forever and a Day, you need to wait a little longer for that. I need more time to refine it, so please bear with me. This should be the last part of A Not So Ordinary Day. After this we’ll switch to Candy and what she’s up to, being stuck with Aunt Elroy, in Lakewood ๐Ÿ˜‰

In the mean time, let’s play a simple guessing game. Take a look a the picture below. Does it look familiar?

Well, I’m sure you know who they are ๐Ÿ˜‰

Can you tell from which scene is this?

Ifย you claim yourself to be an avid fan of the manga, you should be able to answer this quickly ๐Ÿ˜€

Bonus points for those who could tell what’s so special about the image.


PS – I captured another error with Reverie. Apparently if you try to leave a comment on the restricted section, your comment will be blocked and displayed incorrectly. I’ll try to rectify this ASAP, but this may take a long time. As a temporary fix to the problem, I’ll repost your comments somewhere else and answer your questions there. I’m not sure yet whether I should do this on Reverie or here though.


4 thoughts on “Apology and a Quiz :D

  1. Don’t worry, we will wait until you can ๐Ÿ˜€ ….. Now, about the image above, at first glance you would think it’s a panel that belongs when Candy came back from NY broken hearted. Of course, Albert is the only one that she trusts enough to show her pain and allow herself to cry, as per usual he helps her through the pain but, for me, the image looks more like a fake, a composition using other panels to make a new scene, maybe I’m wrong but I doubt it, in any case, what is so special about the image? Personally, it shows the bond between them, something the author has expressed. Have a nice weekend :D!

    • Guess what, Keila? You guessed right the first time. It is indeed an image from that scene. But you seemed to waver afterward… LOL. It’s neither a fake nor a manipulation/composition , my dear. It’s as authentic as it can be. It’s Igarashi’s drawing from the Nakayoshi’s version of the manga, i.e. the original version. For whatever reason, it was removed in the tankoubon publication. Probably because of the very reason you stated, a clear depiction of their bond, of their embrace, and they thought that was too much for the readers. Whatever. ๐Ÿ™„

      • O.o really? I waver not because I didn’t recognize the scene but mostly because the image was different from the version I own. This one actually shows more of their bond, I thought it was a fake because now they are using the clone tool and reproducing scenes from the manga that are not part of the story which I can understand to a certain point but many little ones are really confused out there because of that, in any case I didn’t even know they were using such a tool, somebody just recently mentioned it ….goshhhh …. anyway, thanks for letting me know :D!

  2. OK, being bi-lingual and born in Japan, I have to point out something crucial on why this image might have been replaced. The Japanese do not hug or embrace. People may hug in extreme distress (and this is very, very rare). Young girls and women may hug (in girlie silliness, but it’s not common). Families and friends do not hug (I can attest this myself). Hugging, in Japanese culture– is reserved mostly for lovers– mainly behind closed doors. it is such an intimate act and that is why this image (along with the Terry separation scene) connotes such a powerful meaning to the Japanese reader; it has a deeper level that non-Japanese readers miss. In fact, the kanji/word for hug/embrace is also used for sex– that why this image is so loaded. Just another big nuance in Candy Candy that gets lost in translation. With this in mind, the scene with Albert holding Candy tight at Lakewood takes on a deeper meaning…

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