Reverie accounts, updates, and other things

To those of you who live in the northern hemisphere, happy autumn!

Yep, summer has officially ended for us here. And the countdown to Christmas has started. It’s less than 3 months now, and then before we know it, the new year has rolled in. Can you believe it?!!

Moving on…

My apology for the lack of updates last week. I was traveling across the country for work, so things were a bit hectic. And the fact that I forgot to bring the correct charger for my laptop didn’t help either. Yeah I know… What a silly thing to do ūüė≥

I’m in a much better set of mind to work on the blog and other leisure stuff now, having mostly recuperated from the trip and especially the jet-lag. Even though¬†I’ve not had a chance to work on a new post, or do any significant amount of writing, or replying to your comments (thank you for those), I was able to activate new reverie accounts for some of you.

So to those of you who had sent me a message¬†requesting access, you should’ve¬†received an email containing your login instruction a few days ago. You may also want to check your spam folder, as the email might have ended up there. If for whatever reason you can’t locate the email, or if you have problem with the login¬†or accessing any of the post/article, please let me know. Once again, I truly appreciate your patience in this matter.

As for updates, there will be updates. I can’t promise as to when I can post them, but I’ll try my best to have something up for this week. So stay tuned for that.

In the mean time, stay cool. I know during this time the heat can be considerably more¬†intense¬†than during the actual summer months. So don’t put away your summer gear and sunblock yet. It’s Indian Summer, after all.


PS –¬†I’ll respond to your comments/messages shortly.


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