CC Fanfic tidbits and Updates

I’m happy to say that the writing of Forever and a Day is progressing rather nicely. An update should be coming in the not too distant future.

I do hope you’re aware that the rating is at least a solid R for this series, and it’ll reach M at some point. No, that’s not a joke. Candy and Albert are not exactly kids anymore. So you can expect them doing grown-up stuff 😉

Also, as I mentioned before, the series will be updated in a sporadic fashion, which means update can happen in small fractions or fragments. However, what I didn’t inform you is that I may not always post an update alert when there is an update/revision. Hence you may want to keep that in mind, in case you’re wondering why it feels like there’s something different the second time or nth time you read it.

Anyway, are you curious about the song Albert originally planned to play in the wedding in Forever and a Day?

It’s a Scottish Gaelic song written by Iain Camshroin in mid 1800s. The title in Gaelic is “Chì mi na mòrbheanna”, which is mostly know in English as “Mist-covered Mountains of Home”. If you’re a fan of Outlander the TV series, this song should be familiar to you as it was played in the early episode of the series. It’s a beautiful song about a longing for a home in the mountains. I thought it’s a rather fitting song for Albert, as its lyric talks about a love for nature.

You know what else?  This is also the haunting song Albert hummed to Candy in Chapter 10 of Awakening, which is the perfect use for the song as it’s often used as a lullaby.

If you’re interested to learn more about the song, you can check the wikipedia.

As for the updates, there are a few that have been posted, but you might have not noticed all of them.

-Chapter 1 and 2 of All I Want have been released on Reverie. More chapters will be uploaded soon.

-Translation of Letter 3 from the original novel has been posted on Reverie, along with the CC manga rambling I posted yesterday. Letter 4 is next.

Forever and a Day has its own index page now, separate from Ninety Days. And you may want to read it again, or at least give it a quick skim, as I’ve done quite a bit of revisions since when I first published it 😉

That’s all for now.

In the mean time, you can hear two different versions of the “Chì mi na mòrbheanna” below. The first one is the bagpipe cover, the second one the vocal, both equally lovely and soothing.

Till next time,




2 thoughts on “CC Fanfic tidbits and Updates

    • Hi Elsa, None of the ch of Ninety Days has been uploaded. So you won’t be able to read it yet. As for letter 3, I think I fixed the problem, I think. Let me know if you’re still having problem accessing it. Cheers.

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