Candy Candy Novel Rambling Part II: A Long Period of Courtship?

If you read my letter 2 rambling, you know that I think Albert is courting Candy through their correspondence.

How long do you think their courtship lasts?


Going back to the final scene of the manga, we see Albert presenting himself to Candy as who he really is, a man with no disguises, no aliases. He has done what he intended to do: to let Candy know he (desperately) wants her to be a part of his life, a significant part. Now it’ll be up to her to make the next move.

One thing I truly admire and cherish about Albert’s character is that he never, not even once, despite how desperate he might be, comes across as a forceful person, and he doesn’t resort to manipulation to get what he wants. He always gives Candy the freedom to choose.

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