Anime/Manga Recommendation: Meiji Hiiro Kitan and Meiji Melancholia

Another article in less than a week?

Is this for real? Yes it is, since you’ve all been so understanding and supportive 😀

You surely don’t want to miss this if you’ve been wondering about another series that has protagonists similar to Albert and Candy in Candy Candy. Yes, there’s Love So Life, and maybe Emma too to an extent. But I might have just found another one with a storyline that is more compelling than the other two. Well, I certainly think so 😀

Meiji Hiiro Kitan (明治緋色綺譚) and its sequel, Meiji Melancholia (明治メランコリア) are manga by Rikachi (リカチ). The two titles are serialized in Be Love, a manga magazine aimed for adult women (yes, such a thing exists :D).

The series was completely out of my radar until about a month ago, when one leisure browsing on a stressful night led to a stumble upon this hidden gem.

The art, as you can see from the cover image below, is very appealing. Rikachi sensei is obviously an amazing artist.

However, I must admit that it wasn’t the pretty art that first drew me to the series. Rather it was the two leads, Tsugaru and Suzuko, and that even upon a quick glance at the synopsis below, I just couldn’t stop imagining Albert & Candy in the same setting and scenario.

Synopsis from Aerandria Scans:
It’s the middle of the Meiji Era and our heroine, little Suzu, is sold to the red lights district. However, the rich heir of a dry goods store, Tsugaru, buys her freedom for no apparent reason. She is deeply grateful for being saved, but she doesn’t understand why he paid so much money for her and the only explanation he offers is “we have a bond.”

She tries to unravel the mystery of his feelings and gradually grows from a little girl to a young woman, always by his side. A gentle and slow-paced love story set in the Meiji Era.


Tsugaru & Suzuko

From the synopsis you could probably tell this is yet another age-gap romance. The kind of trope that satisfies my guilty pleasure craving 😀

Actually, this isn’t the only series of this particular breed of romance manga I’m following. There are a few, but none had truly grabbed me as Meiji Hiiro Kitan had.

No doubt this manga has become my new obsession—which isn’t a bad thing, considering how this could spark more inspirations, in the same way an impulsive re-read of Garasu no Kamen had reintroduced me to Candy Candy, which later had galvanized me into writing my first CC fic, and a brisk liaison with Emma had led me to pen Awakening.

As it turns out, the tradition still holds. I’ve regained a renewed determination to continue my ongoing stories, and I owe it all to Meiji.

So… Have I managed to rouse your curiosity yet?

If you’re slightly interested and want to know more about the series, or you’re just plain curious about Albert & Candy from the Meiji Era, read along 😀

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6 thoughts on “Anime/Manga Recommendation: Meiji Hiiro Kitan and Meiji Melancholia

    • Thanks, K. It is. You can say that I’m nearly obsessed 😀 There are 2 parts, K. The first one is 13 volumes and already completed. The second part tho is still ongoing. Vol 8 was just published in Japan. There is however one huge snag–translation is scarce, only 18 ch has been translated to English, which equals to about 4 vol. This is such a shame since it’s an amazing story 😦 I’ll do what I can to spread the love ❤

  1. Definetly I’m going to take your recommendation, so far, none of the other Works posted here has disappointed me, on the contrary, each one has been a delightful surprise! This one must be on my list to read before the year conclude and I’ll let you know my impressions.

    • Aww thank you, Lucy. It makes me very happy to hear that you enjoy my recommendation. The Meiji series is really exceptional in many ways: art, storytelling, characters, and of course, the OTP. Ahhhh! The OTP is done so right that I can’t stop sighing dreamily when I think about them ❤
      Unfortunately, as I mentioned in my reply to Keila, there's hardly any translation, only 4 vol of English scanlated version available–I'm not sure about other language. And that's a huge stumbling block for those who want to check it out 😦

  2. The series has been dropped by its Scanlation groups. Is anyone going to pick it up? I’d by the originalt Japanese but I don’t read much Japanese…

    • Yes, unfortunately that is the case. I’m not sure if anyone is going to pick it up. But I have no plan to scanlate or translate the series and its sequel in its entirety. However, I might translate/scanlate some interesting parts here and there. Thank you for visiting 🙂

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