Still here :D and a heads up

Nope, I haven’t disappeared. I’m still here, and plan to hang around here for a while.

I hope the period of inactivity last week didn’t trigger any bouts of anxiety in some of you. Because that’s the last thing I want. My apology if it did.

I was away on a week-long vacation with my family, leaving my laptop behind at home. Before my trip, I had wanted to post a quick update alerting my short hiatus. Alas, several things came up at the last minute, and I had no time to do that.

But now I’m back, and ready to bombard you with more updates 😀

I’m very happy the sequel of ND, Forever and a Day, has been well received. Thank you for taking the time to read it and for all your comments. It’s truly humbling to see that, despite the (ridiculously) long wait, which at times seems like a lost cause, you’re still very much invested in the series. I’ll do my best not to lose the enormous level of confidence you’ve given me by striving to deliver a story that is both well-written and entertaining. In case you’re wondering, the next update is already in the works, and it’s coming along quite nicely.

That’s the good news, and yes, you’re right if you guess there is the not-so-good news trailing behind that. But it’s nothing severe that can make you cry in agony. I promise 😀

It’s just that Reverie will be offline for a duration that could last up to a few days. This means during this time no one will be able to access the blog, including all the unrestricted sites.

I’ll inform you exactly when this occurs as well as update you on the status, so you wouldn’t get caught unaware.

And yes, you can expect a few changes to the site. I’ll talk more about Reverie in a different post.

In the mean time, be on the lookout for more posts to come this week.



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