Forever and a Day

How are you all doing, my friends?

I hope your week has been great. Peaceful yet somewhat productive, perhaps?

Apparently mine has gone quite well. So amazingly well that I managed to pull off a substantial amount of writing 😀

Can you believe that it was on August 22, 2013 the last chapter of Ninety Days was published?

Yes, it has been that long since I’d reached that huge milestone. And now you’re about to witness another milestone in the making.

After nearly three years, the long-awaited Ninety Days “epilogue” is finally here!

Who says miracles don’t happen? 😉

All joking aside, I have to say this wouldn’t have been possible without you. Your continued support and encouragement are invaluable to me. They gave me the reason to keep going despite the lure to call it quits. It wasn’t easy. The path has been long and tortuous as I continued being embroiled in fierce battles to regain inspiration and motivation while waging war against laziness and boredom–but I’m glad I’ve made it to the end of the tunnel.

Thank you all for being extremely patient with me, for being awesome readers, and most of all for being my friends. You might not know this, but each one of you have contributed in your own way to make this happen. To demonstrate how grateful I really am to all of you, I’ll do my best not to disappoint you.

I know you’re itching to jump straight to reading, but please bear with me as I explain a couple of things.

You might have noticed I put quotation marks around the word epilogue. This is because the epilogue is no longer just an epilogue anymore. It’s a new series, a sequel to be exact. It’s written as a collection of chronologically ordered ficlets (short stories), similar to All I Want. This way I have the flexibility to expand the narrative beyond the boundary of the original story timeline and plots, far into the future, should I desire to, without being restricted to any particular story arcs since each ficlet can work as a self-contained piece. In fact, I’ve already done that and given you a tiny peek into one of the ficlets here 😀

This time I also plan to update little-by-little, whenever there is a sufficient amount of material, meaning that chapters/ficlets may be incomplete and revisions may happen here and there (it shouldn’t be anything major that would alter the plot or context). Although this may not be the most ideal approach, I still chose to go this route as it gives me the ability to do more frequent updates so that you don’t have to wait too long–at least, that’s what I’m aiming for. Please understand, due to the sporadic nature of the update, the sequel series will NOT be published on Eventually, I do want to publish it there but definitely not in the near future. So for now you can only read it here.

Well, the series is actually hosted on Reverie. This is consistent with my grand plan to utilize Reverie as a repository site for all my writings (new and old, fiction and non fiction). For the same purpose, as I mentioned in my earlier post, I’ll publish Ninety Days on Reverie as well. I’m currently revamping the chapters. There are plenty of works that need to be done on each chapter. Mistakes can be found everywhere; some of them are so obvious it’s a wonder how I had missed them. It looks like I’ll spend loooong hours editing and fixing all the chapters, in particular the first few chapters with the tangled POVs. Ugh! Omniscient POV is such a pain!

Anyway, I don’t want to continue to bore you with my incessant rambling. So without further ado, I present you, a Ninety Day’s sequel, Forever and a Day.

The first ficlet presses the restart button on the story, at the point where we were left off in Ninety Days. If you can’t recall where that is, I suggest you re-read Ninety Days, at least the last chapter.

Happy reading 🙂

Forever and a Day

by forever


“Albert, will you still love me even when I’m no longer young? A frail, old woman with nothing but a single tooth inside my mouth, my head covered with scant and gray hair, my skin all wrinkly and dull. Will you love me still?”

“Of course, I’ll still love you, Candy. Nothing can change that. Not one person, not one thing. I’ll love you just the same as I love you in the present time.”

“You mean, you’ll love me forever?”

“No. Not only forever. I’ll love you forever and a day.”

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