The Best Shoujo of All Time?

Ummm… Why is Candy Candy not on the list? I thought it was supposed to be one of the most renowned classic manga in the history of the shoujo world?

A timeless story about a blond, freckled, orphaned girl with green eyes, adored by readers across different generations. Its popularity is indisputable, spreading from the east to the west. Many have even embraced the idea that Candy Candy could very well be the mother of all Asian Drama, which may be true as it’s one of the most referred manga in Asian Drama history. The story is touching, engaging, gripping, and amusing all at the same time, backed by a multitude of charming and fascinating characters. More importantly, it has an ending as opposed to Garasu no Kamen that has run for decades with no ending anywhere in sight.

Umm… hello there… Sorry for the whiny prattle.

What do you think? Do you agree with the author’s selections?

I can’t say much since I’ve only read Garasu no Kamen, and a bit of Rose of Versailles. Till this day I still don’t understand the hypes around the Rose of Versailles–I simply have given up finishing the series. I know a bit about Tale of Genji. It’s is a well-known classic novel from Japan, but I wasn’t aware of the manga adaptation by one of my favorite mangaka, Waki Yamato. Perfect timing. I’ll check it out for sure.

But really though. I definitely think Candy Candy deserves to join the ranks of timeless shoujo manga. Don’t you think so?

Anyway, just want to share my opinion with you.

BTW, new posts are coming very soon. Among them, there’s a post about a different kind of tale of Genji, and a post about “days”. So you may want to keep an eye for those 😉


Here’s part two of our series on girls’ manga that have withstood the test of time! In part one of this two-part series, I shared two shoujo manga (girls’ comics) that have remained popular through the decades and that I have enjoyed thoroughly as a reader. In part two, I’ve selected two more shoujo manga that have long…

via Girl Manga Power! Timeless shoujo manga that shine through the decades【Part II】 — RocketNews24


8 thoughts on “The Best Shoujo of All Time?

  1. I totally agree with you, Candy must be in that list, well Cany HAS to be there! it contains all the elements to be one of the best shoujos ever.
    The rest of my opinion is pretty similar of what you said Beautiful Illusion. In fact, I would like to thank you, because of this blog I have had the opportunity to discover great works as Garasu no Kamen and now I’m totally hooked up, unfortunately and upcoming End doesn’t seem coming soon
    This post in particular piqued my curiosity and I decided to read the main source and the selection presented there is fine and accurate. I wasn’t aware of the Tale of Genji in its Manga version, but I will read it for sure!

    Besides this list, which other Works should deserve to be considered as best shoujos of all time? I would like to know your thoughts and the opinions of the readers 😉

    • Well said, Lucy. You’re right. Candy contains all the elements, not only for a compelling shoujo but also for an all around melodrama. So I got you hooked on Garasu no Kamen, eh? You’re welcome 😀 But at the same time I feel guilty since now you must have been frustrated waiting for the next chapter. Sorry 😦

      Just like you, I’m quite familiar with the Tale of Genji. It’s a Japanese classic, but I didn’t know there was a manga adaptation. The good thing is that the manga (the official Japanese version) has been published bilingually in Japanese-English. This is perfect as I’m honing my Japanese reading skill 😀
      As for other works, there are many I can talk about–but I don’t think they can be considered timeless works. There’s one I’m currently writing a post about that has the potential to become one. You’ll see soon 😀

      • I can’t wait to read about the one you consider has potential as a classic one 😉
        Talking about GNK, don’t feel guilty if I became a fan, you did your work very well, the great Viliian in this story is Suzue Miuchi ;( only time will say if one day we could witness an end ( a fair one) for Maya, Masumi and the Crissom Goddess. I saw Reeka’s comments and hope, I truly hope rumors become reality.

        Finally, I will look for this Genji version, I’ve have only read Aiiro Shinwa from Yamato Waki and it a really nice and touching story.

        • So have you had a chance to read that yet? 😉

          I’m glad you really enjoyed GNK. No doubt it’s a masterpiece. Yes, let’s hope the ending is near. TBH, I have no confidence on that. Miuchi has disappointed us many many times.

          Waki Yamato is another fave mangaka of mine. From the several titles of hers that I read in the past, I like Haikara san ga tooru (Miss Modern) the most, which was first published around the same time as CC and GNK.

          I did skim through the her rendition of Genji. I’m not sure I enjoyed it as much tho–maybe because of the format and style? But, yes, please give it a try and let me know what you think.

          • I read the comments below and I’m with you, if Miuchi had the time for side projects ( I already saw the Café pictures but it was all in Japanese) she had the time for a last arc…well let’s see ;(
            About Waki Yamato, I was looking for Miss modern but it wasn’t online, although I had the opportunity to discover Lady Mitsuko and the mentioned Aiiro Shinwa, both works I enjoyed them from beginning to end. It seems that in late seventies great and classic Mangas were published!

          • Yes, you’re absolutely right. Lots of classic mangas were published during that time: Candy Candy, GNK, Rose of Versailles, Miss Modern, etc. No wonder the period of 1960-70 is commonly referred as the era of shoujo explosion.

            BTW, which of these two series you’re more inclined to read? Mayme Angel or Miss Modern? Just curious 😉

  2. Yes, why on earth there’s no Candy Candy on the list? I don’t know on what base the list had been made, but my speculation it was the amount of copies sold? If that was the case, it makes sense. Candy Candy has only 9 volumes and because of the dispute, the last copy printed and sold was somewhere in early 1990s. Compared to Garasu no Kamen which is still on going until now ( THANK GOD I’ve read one piece of brilliant fan fiction that I officially made as a closure LOL), I think CC definitely could not compete.

    By the way, have you heard that it’s recently announced that Volume 50 is about to be publish on Betsuhana? Some pages have been leaked on internet. You can check the GNK italian fan forum.

    • No, the list isn’t based on the no of copies sold. Rose of Versailles only comprises of 10 vol, and it was published a few years earlier than either CC or GNK. The author of the article shared what could be described as timeless shoujo mangas in her opinion. Mangas that leave lasting impressions on readers. You know the kind of stories you grew up with that have stuck with you till the present time, akin to something like Disney’s classic fairy tale, Cinderella and the like. Why CC is not on the list is probably due to the author’s own preference. Maybe compared to the other 4, CC’s premise is not as compelling? I mean we have a powerful magician, a prodigy artist, a woman warrior, and Genji is Genji. While Candy is a mere orphan adopted by a rich heir. Ummm… Yep. She seems too ordinary compared to the others.

      TBH, I’ve given up on GNK. There’s a limit I can tolerate, and GNK has surpassed that limit. But I’m not surprised about the new Betsu ch. I expected this would happen when I found out about the silly oneshot Amour du Chocolat Miuchi created to commemorate the grand opening of GNK pop-up cafe in Shinjuku’s Takashimaya. Seriously if she had the time and energy to do that, why not invested it on something more useful like completing the manga. It turns out she did. Good for her! But whether this will lead to an ending remains to be seen.

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