Unbiased CCFS translation. Could such a thing exist?


“For some time now, I’ve been thinking of getting into Japanese to English translation more seriously. I’ve just finished the novel “Candy Candy Final Story” by Keiko Nagita,…”

Source: Japanese to English translation: “Candy Candy Final Story” – Prologue


Oh look what I just found!

I couldn’t have stumbled upon this post at a better time.

I frequently questioned the quality and integrity of the various translations of CCFS that have mushroomed across the internet as of late. I laughed at the obvious attempt by the translator to steer my thoughts in a certain direction. Depending on the translator’s preference, whether that person is a Terry-fan or an Albert-fan, the story appears to favor one man more than the other. And please don’t get me started on the so-called official Italian translation. I’ve heard the quality is subpar and it’s littered with mistakes. No surprise there, considering how another Italian publisher managed to butcher the ending of the Candy Candy manga by creating their own (preferred) ending.

Then there’s this guy, coming out of nowhere. I doubt he’s even a fan of Candy Candy–but I might be wrong. Yet he took it upon himself to translate what could possibly be the most (contrived) convoluted novel ever written. Bless his soul. He probably didn’t even realize he just placed himself smack-dab in the middle of one of the fiercest battle in the fandom world.

But this is great news for the fans, especially for those who have genuine interest in the story but not necessarily for those die-hard shippers whose sole purpose of reading CCFS is to constantly search for proofs to validate their OTPs.

While the thought of investing my precious time on CCFS only makes me want to rake my face with my sharp nails, I’m all for getting a high quality translation. Who knows? Maybe after reading his translation, my perception might change. Then again, probably not. Only a miracle can do that 😉

Kidding aside, whatever is this guy’s motivation, I totally support him, and I do hope that he’ll continue to translate. Perhaps, thanks to him, we can finally read the ‘real thing’, a reliable, and accurate translation of CCFS, with no skewed interpretation and omitted/added details. And the fact that the translator is a man makes it even better. It affords us the ability to see the story from a completely different perspective, an unbiased perspective. I’m very curious as to whom he thinks could be anohito. And this time I won’t find myself rolling my eyes at the answer either. I doubt he has any preference–he probably couldn’t careless who anohito is. I do wonder whether he’s familiar with the manga or not though. But regardless, I will be utterly shocked if this guy turns out to be one of those rabid Terry or Albert fans. Umm… I sincerely hope not 😀

Aren’t you curious too? Do you want to read CCFS translation without feeling like you’re being brainwashed? Do you want to read an unadulterated translation of CCFS?

So what are you waiting for? Give him your support. Thank him for his great work of translating the prologue and tell him that you wish to see more, encouraging him to continue translating the novel.


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