Update: Reverie Registration & Other Things

November has arrived!

That means there are less than two months left before 2015 becomes another memory.

What have you accomplished so far this year? Did you achieve all your goals? How about your New Years resolution? You still have time. LOL. As for me, well… let’s just say I’m not that optimistic.

Along with the arrival of November, here in the US it’s the end of daylight saving time, otherwise known as fall back. We set our clock backward by one hour to return to the standard time, which means we gained one hour of sleep last night. That’s nice, isn’t it?

But there’s one thing that I don’t really appreciate about the change, and that’s the shorter day–and how fast it is to get darker outside, that by 5 pm the sun has disappeared below the horizon.

And it takes time to adjust to this change.

Just like what happened today; I noted that it had become dark so I rushed to prepare dinner, but later I found out it was only 5 pm.

Anyway I stop my rambling now and move on to a more relevant topic.

About Reverie.

I’m quite pleased to say that there hasn’t been any new issue reported as of late.

To prevent any more problem, I decided to stick to one method of creating a Reverie account.

Initially, there were two methods. The first one, which is supposed to be the proper way, is done by you registering at the site after which I will activate the account. The second one is a manual account creation by which I will enter your information directly into the database after you make the request.

I thought the second method was a quicker and simpler method, but I was wrong. It was actually a bit more complicated, increasing the chance for mistakes. And that’s exactly what happened with the accounts I manually created. However, the problem didn’t seem to affect those who registered directly.

For that reason, I’ll no longer use the second method to create a new account. And you just have to register at Reverie.

That’s simple enough, don’t you think? Plus you have the freedom to choose your own username rather than the one I assign to you 😉

As for updates, they’re coming… Soon. No I’m not lying. In fact, I’m working on a few new posts, including the translation of letter 2: Albert’s reply to Candy.

Speaking of letters, there’s a reason why I prefer the version from the old novel than CCFS. The letters from the old novel smoothly, seamlessly continue telling the story from the end of the manga, starting from Candy’s impression after the POTH revelation. The tone is retained–that when I read them I can almost see the scenes unfold as though they were told in a manga format–Igarashi’s drawing certainly left a lasting impression. On the other hand, as Mizuki has claimed herself, CCFS deviates from the manga, and she intended it to be that way, wishing her readers to treat the novel as a separate work from the manga. So no wonder at some parts, it reads more like a fanfic, at least to me. Besides, Albert is certainly more determined with his intent in the old novel. Anyway… that’s just my opinion. You may or may not agree with me 😀


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