Update: Reverie Login Issue

Apparently, some of you are having problem trying to login.

I’m not sure what happened or what could be the cause. I did a quick test and it seems everything is running perfectly.

But for the time being I’m temporarily suspending all new account activation. So for those who recently registered/made the request, you have to wait a little longer until the issue is resolved.

For those who have received the email with the login information but haven’t tried to login yet: when you login, make sure you use the username and password provided in the email and type them in exactly as they’re written in the email. Once you’ve done that, only then you can go to the profile page and change your password, not before that.

I don’t know if the login issue reported is widespread, or if it’s only an isolated case.

To help me assess this properly,

Those who have received the email with the login information, once again, could you kindly let me know whether you can successfully login or not and if you have any trouble resetting the password? You can message me using this form

I appreciate your patience and understanding as we go through the tedious setting up process.

Once this is all done, I’ll get back to working on new posts, and hopefully, I can also continue writing my stories.

Many hugs and kisses to you all ❤


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