Letter 10 – Albert’s Letter to Candy: Scottish Countrymen, What?!!!

Hello everyone,

I don’t have much time now as it’s my bedtime and tomorrow is the usual workday. And I’m half asleep while I’m typing this. (So please pardon any mistake in advance)

But I decided to sneak in bearing more treat for you before I turn in for the night 😀

Another update in less than a week?

Yep. I feel bad for the severe lack of updates. So you could take this as a compensation.

It took me a while to finish translating this particular letter. And that was simply because I had no time. If that hadn’t be the case, I would’ve been able to translate more letter.

I know I didn’t do the translation in the right order. But I will in the next update, starting with letter 2 and so on. As for letter 11 and a portion of letter 10, they were already translated a while back to be included in the manga rambling post.


Letter 10. A very engaging letter I must say. A long one that contains a lot of interesting details.

Did you know that the Andrews weren’t ‘actually’ of noble blood?

And Albert was quite bitter… very bitter–poor man…

But he certainly was smooth in the end when he asked Candy to come with him on a trip 😀

Well, those are some of the details revealed in the letter. I’ll write a separate post to talk more about this.

In the mean time, enjoy reading it–but you can ignore the images as I haven’t uploaded the correct ones (and there’s no note). I’ll do that and add the notes once I have more time.

PS – Shortly, I’ll send the password through email to those who had requested it.


6 thoughts on “Letter 10 – Albert’s Letter to Candy: Scottish Countrymen, What?!!!

  1. I’m glad to hear news from you 🙂 I’ll be waiting patiently more posts about the Candy world, it’s always a pleasure read your analysis and comments.

    • Thank you Lucy. I’m glad you still plan to continue reading my articles.

      Thank you again for your support and encouragement.

      As I said to Keila and Candy Bert, the password will be emailed to you once everything is ready. Hopefully by tomorrow night.

      Take care.

  2. Hello, my dear friend!

    Seem that I’ve missed a couple of your new posts! I need to read the older ones first, but count me in please on whatever your password will lead me in to 🙂 Of course, anything about Candy and Albert, I will certainly love it.

    • Hello there, Reeka.
      It’s good to hear from you
      I wonder where have you been? I hope all is well with you and your loved ones.
      Sure, I can create an account for you.
      However, I recommend you register directly here.
      This is because the chance for a problem to occur is higher when I add you vs when you register directly.
      Let me know how that goes. If you need help, you can message me directly using the message box or email.
      Take care.

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