More Site Updates

I can’t believe that the weekend was gone just like that. Did you ever wish time could slow down a bit during the weekend? That would be positively splendiferous, don’t you think?

So yeah… here I am. Alive and well. You thought I had disappeared? Not a chance 😀

I was traveling last week and didn’t have time to log in to wordpress. Hence there was no update.

Thank you for the messages. Don’t worry. I have no intention to stop posting or writing. If anything, the incident made more determined to search for the most fascinating topic and post more often.

However, there will be changes to the site as I mentioned earlier. In fact, one such a change is already in effect, and it’s related to how you can access and read the articles.

You might have noticed something different if you browsed the manga rambling category recently and clicked on the read more link. Instead of displaying the full article, it’ll take you to Reverie, where you can eventually have access to the full article.

That’s how it’s going to be from now on.

Currently, there’s no restriction for accessing the articles, but that will soon change. All future articles, especially those related to Candy Candy, will be protected. I know this would cause inconvenience to many of you and may even deter some of you from reading my articles. Unfortunately, I have no choice but to implement the extra measure, as I certainly don’t want to let myself be the target of another surreptitious act by certain opportunistic individuals. I sincerely hope you understand.

As promised, here is the summary of updates from both sites, this blog and Reverie:

  • The majority of featured articles have been moved to Reverie, and only excerpts can be found in this blog.
  • Two new tabs have been added under the Candy Candy tab: My Manga Rambling and My Anime Rambling. Each of the new tab is a category tab. Clicking on the tab will list the posts under the specific category.
  • A message form has been added to the Home Page of Reverie. Unlike when you comment on a post, everything you write on the form will not be posted or shared anywhere, so you can use this to send a private message to me.
  • Spring Fling has been uploaded to Reverie. The link to the story can be found in the Candy Candy Fanfiction Main Index.
  • The translation of Letter 1 and 10 from the collection of letters between Albert and Candy are now available and can be accessed in Riverie.
  • Password protection is in effect for all translation projects in Riverie. This means you need the password to able to read them. To obtain the password, please use the message form that can be found on the Home Page.

Finally, please refer to the updated sitemap for this site below.

SITEMAP as of 10/20/2015 sitemap2.tiff


4 thoughts on “More Site Updates

  1. Hello Beautiful Illusion!

    There is a while since I wasn’t around! 😦 I had some troubles but at least, I am back!

    Congratulations for your new sites, very pleasant and refreshing, I like them! 👏

    I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been plagiarized! 👿 I had had myself some problems with my blog, I know it isn’t same thing but there were 79 spammer comments in a row, it drove me crazy! So, I easily understand you have to protect your writings! Anyway, I’ll continue to read your posts because they worth the inconvenience of the process! So I hope I could obtain the sesam, I mean the password! 😉

    Big hugs! 💗

    • Hello back to you Candy Bert.

      It’s good to see you. I hope all is well now and you’re safe with your loved ones.

      Thank you. I’m glad you like the updated look and the new site.

      Plagiarism is rampant in the fandom world. Believe it or not. So yeah better to protect yourself. Speaking of spam, you can probably try using anti spam plugin. That’s one way.

      I’m glad to hear that you’re still interested to read my writing despite the extra steps. Thank you for the support.

      Not to worry I’ll email you the password once everything is ready.

      Hugs ❤

  2. An affectionate greeting, Beautiful Illusion
    Due to time by overwork and some difficulties of a personal nature that I have faced, I had not put me in touch.
    Are primarily interesting new changes applied to your blog, I’m catching up slowly, it is unfortunate to know that you were a victim of plagiarism (it is understandable that you need to take measures for their protection). I will follow the steps you indicated to access, but if I choke on something I can count on your help. Her friend Vera

    • No worries, Vera. I understand. I sincerely hope things have improved for you, and there are no more difficulties.
      I’m happy you approved the changes to the blog.
      Unfortunately, plagiarism is almost like a disease that just can’t go away, and yes, I need to implement the extra measure to protect myself.
      You’ve followed the steps correctly. I have activated your account. So hopefully you can log in without any problem. Let me know if you run into any issue.

      Take care Vera.

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