Site Updates

As you know, this blog has undergone quite a transformation. In addition to the cosmetic makeover, there are also some changes to the site configuration that may throw some of you off. And the last thing I want to do is to frustrate you.

Unfortunately, since I’m still in the process of integrating The Den, I have to warn you that there will be more changes.

For those who don’t know what is The Den, it’s a brand new site that functions as both a reading room and repository to this blog. So you can expect to find plenty of materials to peruse, and more there ๐Ÿ˜

Please be aware that the correct name of the new site is Reverie, not The Den. Hence, the link in the navigation bar was renamed to Reverie. In the future posts, I will no longer use The Den whenever I refer to the new site, so please make a note of that.

Here’s the list of updates so far.

  • For your convenience, a link to Reverie was added to the navigation bar underneath the header image.
  • Stories, which include all my Candy Candy fanfictions, were migrated to Reverie. Clicking on My Stories will take you to the main index directly.
  • Novel translations and manga scanlations have been migrated to Reverie. The links can be found under My Translation tab and in the each individual tab under My Translation.
  • The Candy Candy Fanfiction story index is live on Reverie. A link to each story will be added once the story is posted. Two fics, A Sweet Candy and Fireworks, were posted on Reverie.


  • The full version of the translated Letter 11 (the last letter) from the correspondence between Albert and Candy in the old novel was posted on Reverie.


I’m going to continue providing you with updates on both sites like what I’ve done here. Although this won’t necessary eliminate the confusion, you’ll be more informed and less likely to become annoyed by me ๐Ÿ˜‹

To further help you navigate through this site, you can find the updated hierarchy along with the description of each of the new links/pages for your reference below.


Site Navigation-2


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