Personal rambling and a bit of update

Another weekend is upon us, and it’s only 3 more days before summer is officially over here in the US 😦

This week has been especially hard for me. There were so many sad news, and they all came around the same time. An old friend with whom I used to hang out in school passed away. Yet another person, someone very dear to another friend passed away. Then, the following day, we received a phone call that our beloved grandmother has passed away. Three people from three different generations, their lives had ended in 2015.

It makes me think about how precious our time in this world is, and that we shouldn’t take it for granted, treasuring every moment as if it were the last, spending it as much as we can with our loved ones, making beautiful memories that last. Because once we’ve used up time, it’s gone forever.

Ugh… Sorry for putting a damper on your weekend festivity. But I hope you understand why there’s no ‘real’ update this week. I promise I’ll make every effort to make it up to you somehow.

Now let’s move on to a more upbeat news…

First of all, many thanks to those of you who have responded to my inquiries about the blog. I truly appreciate that. As for those who haven’t, I would forever be grateful to you if you could. Your feedback are invaluable to me, and I rely on them to help me improve the quality of this blog.

Speaking of improvement, not sure if anyone has noticed that I’m currently revamping the site. During this time some of the pages/posts maybe inaccessible, so please take a note of that. I’ll make an announcement once I’ve completed the work as there will be changes for sure. If you’re curious, no, I’m not planning to move this blog.

Moving on to another news…

Mayme-6fSo I began my reading, as I mentioned in the anniversary post. It’s a shoujo manga written and illustrated by Igarashi: Mayme Angel.

If you’ve never heard of the series before, here are some scans from the manga.

Mayme-4fA typical beginning. Girl meets boy in an unforgettable encounter…. A big hint for the ending I suppose?

Mayme-5fEh? But is that George? What is he doing in another manga, looking great and happily married? 😀

Mayme-1fThe rebel.

The boy she met several years ago, Johny, has grown up and become a rebel… He does look like Arthur yet his behavior and traits are reminiscent of Abel. But that can’t be true. Georgie was published three years later after Mayme Angel. If anything, Igarashi probably drew Arthur and Abel based on Johny’s image.

Mayme-3fThe comforter.

We have the rebel and the comforter. Hmm… Does that sound familiar?

Just like Candy, when Mayme is sad she knows exactly where she can turn to, and… is that… Albert? I swear Arman could easily pass as Albert’s long lost twin brother, especially in the panels below.

Mayme-2fHmmm… Apparently, Igarashi couldn’t banish Albert’s image from her mind, and Candy’s too, for that matter, that she drew the two characters in her new series in their likeness. Well, after all we knew how much care and attention she put into Albert and Candy 😉 But the story itself feels more like Georgie than Candy Candy. Perhaps because of the similar premise and setting, about the lives of pioneers and their struggles to survive in the new territory, away from their homeland. Do you know “Little House on the Prairie”, a series of novels written by Laura Ingalls Wilder? I wonder if Igarashi was inspired by that. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s indeed the case since reading Mayme certainly makes me recall scenes from the TV series adaptation of “Little House on the Prairie”.


4 thoughts on “Personal rambling and a bit of update

  1. Hello Beautiful Illusion!

    I’m so so sad for your losses, all my sincerest condolences! I know the pain we can feel, the words are insufficient to mitigate such a grief. I’ve lost many persons of my relatives and a friend in several dramas, six of them were really too young to pass away, but “c’est la vie”! I truly compassionate, only time and support can soothe the pain, yet our beloveds remain in our heart forever.

    Thank you for sharing with us news readings despite that! I didn’t know this manga but drawings seem great as always in Igarashi works! Indeed, there are resemblances with other characters, Albert, Candy or Georgie, Abel or Arthur, George. I’ll add it to my already so long list… 😉

    Big hugs and kisses ❤

  2. An affectionate greeting

    My sincerest condolences when we suffer the loss of a family member or significant friend, we are aware that we are travelers in this world, you need to use our life to develop our essence and value to each of the people God puts in our way.
    And be aware that our relatives and friends have only changed their residence to heaven, joyfully remember the moments shared with them.

  3. Oh my dear, I’m truly sorry for your loss. A loss of a dear one is never easy, no matter how much we’d prepared for it. Yes, we tend to take granted of our living moment. Thank you for reminding us of it. Please … take your time to recover your mood, my friend. **hugs**

    Yes, I’ve realised the new template! 🙂 Quite surprised when I opened your blog and it was all white. Very refreshing. And I like the font. But I miss those update links on the side of the web ( it’s on the left in your old template).

    About Mayme Angel, I never read it, but I know the manga. Hahahaha I also wondered “George … is that you?” LOL. Looks like George was paired with Eleanor Baker here. Yes, the drawing is more Georgie-ish. Don’t you think Igarashi made more detailed drawings in CC than her other manga? Because I found that she drew much more details on CC. Like you said, she had put a lot of care into Albert and Candy that she herself couldn’t beat her own masterpiece.

    Was the story ended well? Mmmm from your hint, Mayme ended up with the first boy she met, didn’t she?

  4. My dear Illusion, I deeply sorry for your lost, I send you a big Huge and my sincere condolences:( what really matters in this life is enjoy our beloved ones and treasure thei memories with us 🙂

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