News & Update: 3 Year Anniversary & Things to Come

I can’t believe that it was three years ago when I began blogging here on wordpress. It surely has been quite an experience, complete with its ups and downs, and a few periods of stagnation in between. But for the most part, the experience has been quite rewarding. And I’ve never regretted my decision to dip into the exciting world of blogging.

To have reached this point is in itself a huge accomplishment for me, and it gives me the motivation to keep going. I’m hopeful that I’ll be blogging for a while.

One thing is clear though. This site will not exist as it is today without you. For that, I’m truly grateful. Thank you for your support and encouraging words. Thank you for enthusiastically sharing your insightful thoughts. Thank you for being remarkably patient waiting for updates. Thank you for taking a chunk of time from your busy life to read my stories and posts, and even going an extra length to write comments. Thank you for everything. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And to those of you who are too shy to say hello to me and have been lurking: hello and thank you for visiting my blog. You can come out anytime you want, you know. I don’t bite 😀

I’ve been thinking of what I could do to improve this site.

From its inception three years ago, this blog has evolved from its original purpose as a permanent archive site for all my writing to a more generic, fandom-focused blog it is today. While there’s nothing wrong with that, the site itself is due for an upgrade. Can you believe it that I haven’t changed the theme and layout since I published my first post? Yep. A revamp is definitely in order.

I don’t have a solid plan yet as to what I want to accomplish. I have several ideas, but since the ultimate aim of the improvement is to facilitate your browsing and reading, I need your input to help figure some things out. So I would truly appreciate it if you could answer the questions below.

  • What do you think of the theme and layout? Do you prefer dark background with light text or light with dark text?
  • I stopped posting my ongoing fics in wordpress, but do you think I should post them here as well in addition to AO3 and
  • Do you prefer to read one long post or multiple short posts?
  • What about topic? Should I include more variety? OR should I focus on fandom/writing related subjects?
  • Any other suggestions?

Other tentative plans…

There was a time when I considered to self-host the site so that I could upload music and video files plus merging my wp with my tumblr, but I’ve since abandoned the idea, opting convenience over flexibility. However, now that I’m entertaining the idea to set up a resource page, I probably have to move out of the public domain, or at least set the resource page in a private site.

Also, I found translating manga to be rather enjoyable, not to mention educational as I’ve improved my Japanese reading skill by leaps and bounds. I want to do more and have been contemplating if I should pick one series that hasn’t been translated to English and work on that.

One series I’m considering is メイミー・エンジェル (Mayme Angel). This is the series that replaced Candy Candy after it finished its run on the Nakayoshi magazine. It’s written and illustrated by Igarashi. Yet for whatever reason the series didn’t gain as much popularity as Candy Candy and Georgie. I haven’t read it myself, so I can’t tell how it is compared to the other two. The reviews have been mixed. But after checking a few pages of the manga and finding the art is as exquisite as Igarashi’s other works, I’m willing to give it a chance. The premise seems to be somewhat similar to Georgie, and there are two possible love interests for the heroine. I’m okay with that as long as the heroine is not ditzy and fickle like Georgie and the ending doesn’t leave me feeling like someone just pull the rug out from under me.

Here are the main characters: the heroine, Mayme, and her two potential love interests, Johny and Alman (or Arman?). Johny is the dark-haired one and her childhood love while she somehow becomes very close to the blond Alman later in the story.

373400374390I like the characters design; Igarahi never fails to impress me with her beautiful art. Mayme is like the combination of Candy and Georgie. Alman seems to resemble older Anthony/younger Albert, and Johny is a mix of Abel/Arthur and Terry. I have no idea if their personalities also overlap though.

I’ll commence my reading soon, but I’m not so sure about the translation. My plate is rather full now with 2 ongoing CC fics that are in dire need to be updated, and there’s also the CC manga rambling series. I don’t know if I should commit to another project. We’ll see about that. If the series is really that good, I might be compelled to share it with others. Has any of you read the manga before? I know it’s available in other languages.

Other ideas I have include accepting writing prompts, word of the day, round robin story, and some other things related to CC and other series.

All in all, my aim is to update the site regularly. The same goal I’ve strove since the launch of the site, which I have yet to accomplish. But I’m still hopeful that I’ll achieve it some day.

Once again, thank you for all your support. I’ll try my best to continue delivering posts that are entertaining, thought-provoking as well as informative. And please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any suggestion for me to improve.

Many hugs and kisses to you all,



10 thoughts on “News & Update: 3 Year Anniversary & Things to Come

  1. On the contrary my dear, thank you for the time and effort you put in every post.

    I, as your reader, enjoy each one of the new and old entries, little by little I´ve been discover the previous posts and of course I read them eagerly.

    Also I dare to affirm that the rest of your Readers, the new, the old and the shy ones are very glad and appreciate so much your devoted duty here.

    Please keep doing it!

    With many gratitude
    Lucy ❤

    • I´m also adding this reply: The Layout is ok IMHO, I like how your wordpress is designed and also I´m in for long posts, Personally , I enjoyed so much, they are delightful and as Reeka said in another reply, it´s remarkable the length of your writing and you don´t miss the point, on the contrary, you provide enough elements to argue your thought, very eloquent 😉

      There are some topics that, perhaps you could write about them:

      Susana, no a villain

      Candy as a female protagonist

      Love doomed: Anthony and Terry, specially romance with Terry brings despair in

      Candy´s Life

      Fashion in Candy Candy

      Life after Candy: Igarashi and Muziki works

      Keep on Manga, Anime and books Recommendations

      I´ll be expecting about Mayme angel 😀

      • Thanks for you feedback, Lucy.

        Well, as you can see, I did a major overhaul to the site. It’s about time I stopped playing in the dark 😉
        I hope you like the new layout. It’s bright and airy now. Hopefully that could lift up your mood when you see it, just like Candy’s beautiful smile 😀

        Thank you for your kind words about my writing. I’m glad you didn’t lose interest because of the length, but I will try to be more concise next time–so hopefully anyone could finish reading my article in one day as opposed to a week.

        I appreciate all your suggestions. They’re all very interesting topics to delve. I especially like the fashion in CC. In fact, I thought writing an article about that some time ago.

        As for Mayme Angel, I’ll talk about it some more when I have time. In the mean time, I’ll focus on building the new den and updating my ongoing stories and discussion articles.

    • Thank you for the kind and encouraging words, Lucy.

      I’m happy to hear you enjoy reading my posts. Even though it could be a struggle at times due to my hectic schedule and hence might take a long time before you could see a new post from me, I’ll try my best to keep delivering entertaining posts.

      Once again, thank you for the support. I’m truly grateful for that.

  2. Hello Beautiful Illusion!

    Many thanks for your amazing job on your blog, I know it takes time and needs passion to keep interest of readers, but you do it, no doubts! ❤

    About your questions, here my humble opinion:
    – the theme and layout: Yours is beautiful but it should be great for my eyes aging 😆 with more contrast between text and background.
    – fics in wordpress: for me it isn’t necessary since I can read on other sites fanfic or AO3
    – personally, I prefer to read multiple short posts, it would be easier for me to answer and organize my thoughts since English is not my mother tongue, I can easily write long answer only in French.
    – topics : all ones you broach are very interesting, I can feel your passion and your knowledge is priceless. Yet, why not write or develop about (sorry if you have already done previously, because I follow your posts only a few months ago and I have not read all yet) :
    – Relationships between : Albert and his sister Rosemary, Albert/George, Candy/Elroy, Albert/Elroy
    – Candy/Albert’s life as a couple after the letters of novels
    – letters of novels
    – The translation of CC old novel as you said in your last post
    – Keep on speaking about CC manga of course, my favorite version of CC story, but I’m sure I no need to ask for that! 😉
    – As Lucy said, keep on Manga, anime and books recommendations. BTW I read “Garasu no Kamen” and I liked it because it remainds me Candy and Albert, even if I prefer C&A than Maya and Masumi! When I have more time I read others.

    And my last request, but not the least, please keep on writting your wonderful stories!

    Big hugs! ❤

    A grateful fan

    • Hello there, Candy Bert.

      Thank you for the kind and encouraging words. Yes, blogging could easily sap all your time and energy. No kidding.

      Thank you for all the feedback and suggestions. I hope you’re liking the new, bright and airy layout. No more straining your eyes, I hope.

      About the length of the post, I realize this could be a problem for most, regardless of their mother tongues. Surely, reading a long article requires more efforts in addition to time, and this could be challenging. So yeah, I’ve taken note of that. But sometimes I just couldn’t help it. I will try my best to be more concise next time, and if it has become to long, I’ll just split it into several part–however, this could lead me into another situations that a lot of authors are struggling with–inability to conclude a piece. :/

      About the topics you suggested. All of them are good. As you can tell, I’m in the process of translating all Albert-Candy letters in the old novel. I’m not so sure though about Albert and Candy’s life after the novel/manga though–I’d probably end up writing fanfics instead, and I already wrote a few of them (Fairy Tale, Sweet Candy).

      Ahhhh another Garasu no Kamen fan. Yes, Maya and Masumi do remind me of Albert and Candy, well, in some ways. Essentially, it was because of M&M I decided to give CC another chance after having abandoned it for more than a decade. And that was the beginning that led to my transformation from a non fan of CC to an ardor supporter of Albert & Candy 😀

      Once again, thank you for all your supports.

      Hugs ❤

  3. An affectionate greeting

    First congratulations for these three years of his blog and thanks for sharing part of your life, dreams, stories, reflections, concerns, questions and knowledge with us his friends and readers.
    With regard to the questions that you share with us, I would like to contribute my little grain of sand.
    Regarding the design I want to share some of my experience and what I’ve learned from friends and coworkers.
    1 In design must above all take care of functionality, so it is very important to the legibility.
    2nd The contrast between text and background color is essential if there is no contrast readability.
    3rd combinations: White and Black, white background and black text is one of the best options, because it gives the contrast there readability. reading long texts are easy and with content not known as this combination is best read closely, because letters are legible and as time is needed for understanding the content no distraction. For this reason 95% of books, magazines and newspapers handle this combination. It should be remembered that web is better handle grayscale and only use 100% black (black, # 000 or rgb (0,0,0) want to highlight texts. The texts called negative (dark backgrounds and white text) are not suitable because they are read and are tired worse for the mind and the eye.
    Yellow and Black, yellow background and black text is a combination that is far handled mainly for short warnings, letters should be large and short phrases. It is not advisable for long texts.
    Red and white, white background and red text this combination is not recommended, it is misread as distracting red letters, which sends the message that the content is not serious. If handled in negative (red and text on white background) the lyrics are even less legible red background attracts attention and immediately to mind relates it to the stop sign.
    4th Multicolored texts are never justified, because there have uniformity therefore illegible.
     I hope these recommendations will be useful.

    Enrich their blog includes a section where their stories.

    In this respect apply the rule of Aristotle’s golden mean (not so short, not so long)

    Espero que haya escrito correctamente, o al menos lo más comprensible posible y que esta pequeña aportación le sea de utilidad, su amiga Vera.

    • Hi Vera,

      Thank you for your kind words. I love sharing things with my friends. After all, sharing is loving, right? 😉

      I truly appreciate the detailed feedback you provided. And your comment arrived just when I began working on the site. I agree with all your accounts. In reality, I’ve been meaning to give the site a makeover since a while back as it had become rather dull to stay in the dark for three year, you know 😉 But I didn’t have the opportunity until recently.

      So? What do you think of the new layout? I hope it’s easier to the eyes than before.

      As for the stories, I decided to relocate them to a separate site dedicated for reading–the den. I just launched the new site this week. By doing this, I don’t have to move the current blog or apply any major structural changes to it, which can be tricky and could lead to some down times, yet readers can read and access my writings whenever they want, with less distractions.

      About the length of the articles, I think this is something that most author struggle with. Sometime, we just couldn’t stop writing. Other times, we barely could produce a paragraph. So the best is to go with the flow, at least in the beginning 😀

      Once again, thank you for your feedback, Vera. They’re indeed very helpful. And I especially must commend you for the efforts you put to write mostly in English. And you did exceptionally well, my friend.

  4. An affectionate greeting, Beautiful Illusion
    Congratulations on changes in the design of your blog, gives you more dynamic and easier to read (which my eyes will thank)
    It is gratifying that my little contribution was useful to him, her friend Vera.

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