A Gothic Twist


In case you’re wondering, I’m still here, alive and well, finally fully recovered from the stomach flu bug.

I’m sorry for being absent for a while and for the lack of updates. On top of the bug, these last few weeks have been rather hectic, and it seems it’ll be like that for another week or so. There are so many RL things that are happening right now with the summer slowly winding down. The extreme arid climate doesn’t help either with my allergy symptoms, leaving me feeling lethargic every night that I barely have the energy to do anything else other than lying down on the bed.

To those of you who sent messages, emails, and dropped comments on the blog , thank you. I truly appreciate you taking the time to write to me. I’ll respond to each one of you as soon as I can.

I know a lot of you have been waiting for new post and updates. Not to worry. Now that I’m feeling much better, rest assured an update is coming soon. In fact, I’m currently working on a massive post that I expect would create quite a stir. (Lucy–I think you’re going to find this post interesting :D) If all goes well, I’m hoping to be able to publish it by end of week, if not the following week. So stay tuned for that.

Before I sign off, take a look at the beautiful image below.

What do you think? Do they remind you of anyone?

Our favorite blond couple perhaps? Albert and his sweet Candy 😀

pick_a_flower_by_satelliteghost-d4ns47kI don’t usually post artwork by other artist in this blog, but this one is too breathtaking not to share. It’s created by the super talented SatelliteGhost

Even though the couple resembles our beloved couple, they’re not really Albert and Candy. If you zoom in on the neck of the woman, you’ll see (vampire) bite marks.

That can’t be Albert’s. He isn’t a vampire.

Or is he?

Have you noticed how Albert doesn’t seem to age? Could it be that he’s actually a vampire or a descendant of that? Vampires are immortal beings that don’t grow old. Now that would surely explain his youthful looks. Wouldn’t that be an interesting twist? A Gothic spin on the Candy Candy story 😉


9 thoughts on “A Gothic Twist

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been unwell. Hope you’re fully recovered very soon.

    Albert is a vampire? I would volunteer myself to get bitten by him if he indeed was a vampire. LOL. He’s not looking older, but he certainly grew up from being a teen POTH to an incredibly gorgeous man. Or perhaps he got bitten by an african vampire in Kenya? 🙂 hahahaha …

    However, I agree with you. This art is beautiful. Despite the vampire bite on the girl’s neck, they look a lot like our golden couple. Thanks for sharing it.

    take care!

    • Thank you, Reeka for the well wishes.
      I’ve recovered now.

      Vampire in Kenya? Now that’s a thought. Why not? LOL. I imagine it would be a quite ‘liberating’ experience for him 😉

      Forgot to wish you a happy weekend 🙂

  2. Hello Beautiful Illusion!

    I’m so sad you were sick. I hope you are really better now. About your writings, take the time you need to take care of you before! Your posts and your wonderful stories worth the waiting.

    Well, Albert a vampire, what an interesting idea and I would volunteer myself as well, Reeka! 😆
    Over time, I even find the grew up Albert seems to rejuvenate increasingly, and becoming more and more handsome in the manga. 😀

    Take care! ❤

    • Hi Candy Bert,

      Thank you for your concern and the well wishes. I’m definitely better now than last week.
      And thank you also for being so understanding. I truly appreciate your support and encouragement. I’ll do my best to update soon.

      With you and Reeka and a battalion of Albertfans, I don’t think Albert would ever worry about dying of hunger/thirst 😀

      Enjoy your weekend

  3. Best regards

    Lo más importante es que usted se encuentra bien de salud. Cuídese mucho, hay tiempo para todo.
    El requisito indispensable de un buen lector es ser paciente con la musa de los escritores.
    Le deseo una excelente semana.

  4. Dear Illusion, I wish you a complete recovery, get well soon and take your time 🙂

    Definitely I agree, he´s a Vampire, In both versions, Manga and Anime he looks younger and more handsome despite the years!! I´m in for a Gothic twist 😉

      • LOL. I know it was you, Lucy. Thanks for the well wishes. I’m much better now.
        Oh yeah he’s definitely a vampire. I mean how else can you explain him looking younger with every chapter? On the other hand, have you heard that love can take 10 years or more out of you and make you look more attractive? So the conclusion is he’s an enamored vampire 😀
        Enjoy your weekend, Lucy.

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