News & Update: Anime/Manga Recommendation Page is Live!

For your convenience, I created a master list for anime/manga. So now you can find all the series I talked about in previous posts, along with some others I never mentioned, on one page, instead of having to search them through the archive.

The list can be found here

I hope you find this useful.

Enjoy 🙂


If you’re interested, currently I’m reading/watching:

  • Toshokan Sensou – Love & War Bessatsu Hen – a manga sequel currently running in LaLa
  • Love So Life light novel – When The Cherry Blossoms Bloom
  • Tsubaki Chou Lonely Planet a manga currently running in Margaret by Yamamori Mika, who is the creator of Hirunaka no Ryuusei, which I don’t like for one specific reason
  • Shingeki no Kyojin
  • Watching and reading and re-reading various adaptations of Jane Austen’s works
  • Watching and re-watching various Ghibli movies
  • Re-reading some old manga titles
  • And last but not least my (sorry) attempt of watching Candy Candy anime

Guhhhh… I’m such a geek. LOL.


12 thoughts on “News & Update: Anime/Manga Recommendation Page is Live!

  1. Well, from your list, beside CC, I’ve read Garasu No Kamen ( you knew it), Pansy, Lady Georgie, and Haikarasan ga Tooru ( or I’ve simply known it as Miss Modern).

    I love all of them! CC is a masterpiece like you said. Both the story and the drawing are perfect. And all the characters were also created excellently.

    Garasu no Kamen also has beautiful drawings. The story is one of the most glorious I’ve read. Funny, yet full of drama. I just don’t like the way the author keep delaying the ending. I’m crazy to think that she did spend 8-10 volumes just to tell about the training Maya and Ayumi had gone through in the valley of red plum trees, but having spent years to finish the nearly ended story. Sigh.

    Pansy is entertaining. Yep, the TOP reminds us a lot to Candy and Albert. I did lose an interest in the middle of the story, but 2-3 volumes toward the end were pretty well executed. I love their adult version 🙂

    I like Lady Georgie, but not really fond of it. Let’s just say I don’t like the never ending tragic events Georgie had to endure throughout the story.

    I LOVE Miss Modern. It’s funny, no… it’s hilarious! Their love story is also very sweet, from strangers who supposedly married for convenience , ends up to love each other deeply to the point they’re willing to sacrifice for each other. The drawback is the drawing, which is very poor in my opinion.

    Have you read “Pop Corn”? I don’t know the original manga’s name.

    • Hello there, Reeka. Do you prefer historical series? If you do, you should check out Emma–very charming story.

      I agree with you with regard to Garasu no Kamen and Georgie! You know how I feel about Miuchi dragging her heels. As for Georgie, I’m just pissed at the author. What’s wrong with him? Yes, the author is a he–do you know that? Why did he need to ruin the ending to what could’ve been a great story? Did he enjoy making us suffer? Have you watched the anime? It has a ‘happier’ ending?

      I thought Garasu no Kamen and Haikarasan ga Tooru have similar art styles; they both adopted the distinct vintage manga style. The art in Garasu no Kamen did improve overtime though, over a long period of more than ten years, whereas Haikarasan ga Tooru completed its run in 1977. One thing for sure, Igarashi’s style is definitely the best compared to them. It’s beautiful, delicate, and timeless.

      Popcorn sounds familiar. I might’ve come across it a while back, but I don’t think I’ve ever read it. Do you know who’s the mangaka?

      • Hi! To think that you might experience your first encounter with manga(s) in similar way like mine excites me! 🙂

        Yes, I read it months ago that you recommended Emma. I’ve googled it actually, but haven’t had a chance to read it. I will for sure.

        No, I didn’t know that the author of Georgie is a he. Gosh! I thought men like less drama and I couldn’t be more wrong. LOL. Well, I’m glad Georgie gives up Lowell. I don’t like him. Perhaps because I don’t like a man too gentle and too pretty ( But I like Archie of Candy Candy though). But I like Abel! And I sense the similarity of Georgie’s love interest and Candy’s. Respectively, the characters are almost similar. Of course Arthur is way too much pale compared to Albert. And Igarashi is the mangaka, no wonder the art is beautiful.

        Now you’ve said it, yeah I remember the early volumes of Garasu no Kamen are not as beautiful as the recent ones. Miasma’s legs are too long, it seems off balanced. LOL. Likewise to Haikarasan ga Tooru. Except the latter has that ridiculous extra scenes picturing the editors & the mangaka discussing the characters.

        I’ve just googled it and found that Popcorn’s original title is Seito Shokun, by Yoko Shoji. I assumed she is both the author and the mangaka. I think you might know it. It was published in IDN around the same time with Mari-Chan and Miss Modern. About a girl named Nakki (Naoko), a daughter of Japan’s millionaire who was raised in a village by her grandmother because her twin sister is so weak that their parents take focus on her. Well, I don’t like the ending as my favourite man in the story had to die near the end. -__-

        Oh, and have you read Case Closed a.k.a Detective Conan? 🙂 You must know, I’m sure. I stopped following the story some time ago since it seems to be another case of never ending manga.

        • Somehow I didn’t answer all your questions. Please forgive my oversight.

          Emma is such a charming story. I’m sure you’d enjoy it. 😀

          Oh yeah… Georgie’s author is a man. LOL. He probably wanted to make his readers, who were mostly women, to suffer. Just kidding. Not sure myself. Usually male authors can write romance relative well and more realistic than woman (Nicolas Sparks). This man though… He’s probably from another planet.

          No, I never read Popcorn. I think I heard about it but it just didn’t grab me.

          I know Detective Conan. That’s very famous in Japan, and both the anime and the manga are still running. But I was never really into it. I watched a couple of episodes and that’s all.

          Have you read/watched Berusaiyu no Bara (The Rose of Versailles)? People keep praising about how good it is. But I couldn’t even finish the first episode. Maybe I should try again?

    • Oh I feel you. Autocorrect can be such a nuisance.
      But miasma? LOL.

      Miasma. Literal definition according to Oxford Dictionary:
      1. A highly unpleasant or unhealthy smell or vapor
      2. An oppressive or unpleasant atmosphere that surrounds or emanates from something

      number 2 perfectly describes Masumi, all right, when he’s wearing his businessman mask.
      This time the auto correct is not too far off 😀

  2. I´m taking notes of all your suggestions, specially Emma, I already watched the frist 3 chapters, the complete anime wasn´t available in my country 😦 But yes, it´s a must.
    In this last months I´ve been into Rumiko Takahasi´s work : Mermaid Saga, One pound Gospel, Fire Tripper, Ranma 1/2, Inuyasha, Rumiko´s Theater, Laughing Target. I´ve got in my list Urusei Yatsura and Maison Ikkuko.
    Do you like her work?

    Also few weeks ago just let myself go and enjoyed: Perfect Blue, Tokyo Godfathers and Milennium Actress, a late fan of Satoshi Kon 😦 unfortunately.

    And about Georgie, well Igarashi´s style great as always, beautiful Drawing…the protagonist…It´s the first time that the girl in this kind of stories dissapoint me. Shallow, reckless, selfish girl!

    I´ll be posting here as soon as I watch o read new stuff 🙂

    • WHAT!!! Emma anime is not available in your country. UGH. How about the manga? Let me know if you still have problem with accessing them. I’m sure there’s a way for you to access the series.

      The only work I know from Takahashi is Ranma. I remember watching it eons ago. Hilarious series. I don’t think I’ve ever finished watching it. I think I might’ve lost interest. I heard about the others but didn’t watch/read them.

      I heard about Tokyo Godfathers. Is it any good? The premise seems quite interesting. I’ll add it to my list 😀

      About Georgie –I share your sentiment 100% She’s the worst kind of heroine in my book. Not sure why I list it in my rec… LOL. It must be Igarashi’s drawing.

      Are you familiar with any of the Ghibli movies? I highly recommend them. Howl Moving Castle is my favorite, followed by The Wind Rises. Perhaps I’ll write about my anime rec next time.

      And yes! Please do post your thoughts on any new series here.

      • Luckily the Manga is available online, so Emma is in my list of Readings for next Holyday season 😉
        At the moment I’m looking throughout youtube if by chance there´s a Channel, where I can watch it, in case I don´t make it, I´ll let you know.
        About Rumiko Takahasi´s Work I highly recommend you Mermaid Forest (OVA) or Mermaid´s Saga (anime), both are available in youtube. These days, I have been into Lum the invader Girl, very similar to Ranma situations and humor.
        About Georgie, I agree with you, it´s all fault of Igarashi´s Drawing 😀 that was the main reason I read the manga, LOL!!!

        Tokyo Godfathers is a touching movie, not cheesy or cheap, on the contrary very Human for good or for bad. Perfect Blue and Millennium Actress won´t disappoint you .
        Yes, I´m familiar with Ghibli movies: princess Mononoke and the wind rises have brought tear in my ayes every time I watch them, Totoro too  As soon as I watch new Anime o movies I´ll let you know, it´s always a pleasure read your suggestions and discuss about them.

        • That’s what I thought. Emma manga should be available online. I saw all the chapters in mangahere.

          Thanks for recommending the Mermaid Saga. I’ll add it to my ever growing list of series to check out.

          Yes, Igarashi’s arts are too beautiful. They’re truly nice to the eyes 😉

          Love most Ghibli movies. IMO The Wind Rises is one of the best of Miyazaki’s works. Perfect balance between romance and drama and history.

          Sure! Please don’t hesitate to share your finds. I’m sure others would appreciate them as well. I always welcome suggestion and recommendation.

          Have a good weekend, Lucy.

          Hugs 😀

          • Thanks for the suggestion about mangahere, definitely I´m very into Emma´s story 

            I wrote a long post about “the wind rises” in my previous Job, I agree with you, a well-balanced Movie, a masterpiece from Miyazaki, indeed. It really toched me deeply 😉

            Sure I will keep posting my suggestions, it´s always a pleasure to share here my thoughts

          • Mangahere is my go-to place for all things related to manga. They’re generally very good with keeping things up-to-date. And they even host some series you can no longer find in other places there.

            Eh? You wrote a long post about the Wind Rises in your previous job? Do elaborate more, please. I’m intrigued. Are you a movie critic or something? Now I’m very curious. Could you please share that article with me? 😀

            Yes, please, don’t ever hesitate to share your thoughts here. This is the place for that. So don’t be shy. Voice your thoughts, and it doesn’t have to be CC-related, you can talk about other series too. ‘

            This goes to everyone here. If you want to talk about a new manga or a new series, please by all means do so. I’m sure others would appreciate it as much as I do.

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