Hiatus Aftermath Rambling & Love So Life Spoiler

Happy Tuesday everyone (or early Wednesday to those of you in the other part of the world)

Can you believe it that July is going to end soon? Then before we know it, summer will be over. Time sure flies. A few week have passed since I came back from my vacation, yet I haven’t accomplished much with regard to my writing and still haven’t finished responding to all the comments and messages. I really am sorry for taking long. Unfortunately with so much going on, I can’t promise things would improve anytime soon. Rest assured, I’ll address each one of your comments. In addition, I’ve not forgotten about “Awakening” and “All I Want”. Whenever I could, I would write a bit here and there. My goal is to release one chapter by end of the month. And there are also a few posts I need to finish for the blog, continuing the ongoing analysis on the manga/anime. BTW, if there’s a specific scene from the manga you think a bit vague and you’d like to discuss and have it translated from the original Japanese tankoubon, let me know.

Moving on to a more exciting news, do you remember Love So Life, a manga I recommended back in 2003 in this post? At that time, I mentioned the series was currently running in Japan. Guess what? The series is finished now. The final chapter was recently released in Japan. I skimmed through it, and I’m happy to say I like the ending, very very much. It’s a good one, really good, with no ambiguity whatsoever. I highly recommend this adorable series. It’s one of those series that can literally put a smile on your face, even in a gloomy day. And … have I told you how the OTP, Seiji & Shiharu, their personalities and situations remind me of Albert and Candy, complete with the age gap, subtle development, and all? And how I’ve considered them as the Japanese Albert & Candy of the modern era? 😀

For those who are curious here is a tiny peek of the final chapter. Beware major spoiler alert!


There’s a light novel version of the series! Although the writer is not Kaede Kouchi, it’s as adorable as the manga. Even better, it’s told from the hero POV, from Seiji. He’s too cute at times 🙂

I wish Mizuki would’ve done something like this for the novel. She could’ve retold the story from Albert’s POV. Now that would be something I would be eager to invest.



10 thoughts on “Hiatus Aftermath Rambling & Love So Life Spoiler

  1. My dear Illusion it´s great to have news from you 🙂 Summer has been a very bumpy time, but after all we still here ready to do what we enjoy the most, discuss about Candy Candy!!

    So, where should I start? Oh, yes! You´re absolutely right, it would be great that Mizuki gave us Albert´s POV and know also the other side of the Story…there´s always to sides and be able to take a look in Albert´s Mind, heart, thoughts and fears, will close perfect the circle, instead of CCFS which, it seem keeps that vague style. I´m giving my very personal opinion, just saying 😉
    Maybe, if we analyze one more time the Manga and take only Albert parts, we could get something close to his POV…

    One last thing, Is Love so life already translated into English? I would like to read it 🙂

    • One quick here too 😉 Well, I recently read the post about your Anime/Manga Recomendations, and I realized that it´s very complete ( congratulations) and one of my coming Readings will be Love so life 😀

    • Indeed summer has been bumpy with the weather and all–but has it been moving so fast or what?!! The end is approaching now that we’re close toward the end of August.
      The most important this is that we survive it. Hopefully the cooler weather will be good to us.

      Yes, there’s always two sides of a coin. And the way Mizuki crafted the story left us with lots of questions about Albert. We really don’t know much about him, and frankly, he’s the most difficult character to interpret. It’s good that this gives writers plenty to work with. However, we still want to know the ‘truth’

      But… hold on to that thought because… well, let’s just say that the massive post I’m writing will have lots of thing to do with Albert. 😉

      Love So Life has been translated to English. You can find it in the link in the manga rec page. It’s not completely translated but they’re very close.

    • Hello Lucy and dear Beautiful Illusion, … may I join this discussion? 🙂

      About Albert’s POV. Although we do not get it much, but I think on CCFS’ epilogue ( some of the letters are overlapped with those on CC old novel), we do have a glimpse of Albert’s life. We know the reason he appeared on Pony Hill on that fateful day, we know his growing pains and the significance role of Rosemary, George, and Aunt Elroy in his life, and we know why he was also in London during Candy and the boys’ time in St Paul. Yes, not much. Yet, compared to other supporting characters, it’s obvious to me that Mizuki created Albert with so much care and love. And he is created to balance the heroine. To be her predestined love.

      I am not fully fond of the way Mizuki writes CCFS, but to tell you the truth, CCFS gives me so much information about those missing parts in manga, especially regarding Albert. And how I love to witness their love developing throughout the letters, subtly.

      • I agree wholeheartedly, Reeka. For this I’m grateful. The manga hardly mentions anything about Albert’s past.
        But you get the same feels when you read the old novels, even with less ambiguity. If I remember correctly there’s even the part about Albert asking Candy to come along with him on a trip, and Candy’s eager answer, which is removed from CCFS. A clear hint that they’re relationship is moving to another stage. And the part about Susanna’s death isn’t in the original novel.

        I’m not sure what Mizuki is trying to accomplish by rewriting the novels and turning it more ambiguous. :/

      • Dear Reeka and Beautiful, I´m with you, Definitely Muziki created Albert with so much care and love a perfect companion and balance to our female protagonist, and she took his time in the old novel and also in CCFS depicting his relationship in different stages and along the years. Why some people don´t accept that Albert is, indeed, the male protagonist in this story?

        I knew about the old novel two years ago, after I started to read some random letters translated from CCFS. Is it only available in japanese ?

        Please Reeka or Beautiful, could you post more about the old novel or also CCFS and the filling gaps? Me and many more Candy Candy Fans will appreciate it 😉

        • Hello there Lucy,

          You caught me just when I was about to sign off. And here you go CCFS in Spanish translated from the Italian version. I’m not sure how good the quality of the Italian translation (I’ve been told that it’s not that great)–so when you read it keep in mind that it was translated from the Italian version not the original–hence, as what happens with the manga, I won’t be surprised if there are a lot of mistakes.

          The English version is a bit scattered, but the most relevant ones, the letters can be found tacked onto Amor Aetermus, one of the best CC fic ever written, here

          Hope that helps.
          You can contact me by email if you have any specific question regarding the novels.

          • Dear Illusion, thank you so much for the Links, I definitely read them, specially Amor Aeternus , if besides the letters, also adds a fanfic recommended by you 😀
            I will read them in order to know more about Albert´s past, only research meanings 😉

            …And by mail I´ll let you know my questions about the novels, Indeed!

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