Here’s The $1 Million Question: Is Albert…


Not an update. I just want to do something different and fun yet still thought-provoking.

I know you’re curious 😀

Go ahead… click!

So… is he?

You know, a virgin?

Is Albert a virgin?

Yep. That’s the $1 Million question for you.


It’s never mentioned in the entire story, not even hinted. But admit it. You must have pondered about it at some point.

Before you answer the question, let’s explore some of the possibilities.

First of all, considering how he’s in his late twenties, do you think Albert has ever been involved with a woman?

So what do you think?

The answer can be either:

No. Why not though? He has no time? He just can’t get away from Aunt Elroy and her entourage of bodyguards? Or George is watching him like a hawk? Or what?


Yes. If that’s the case, what kind of a relationship do you think he had in the past? How many? Just one, maybe a (drunken), mindless fling spurred by desire and lust? Or a whirlwind romance that ends tragically? Or unrequited crushes for one of his female friends in college Or what?

Now let’s take it to the next level, which will take us back to the original $1 Million question.

If you think he has indeed been involved with a woman before, how far do you think has he gone? Definitely not a virgin? Intimate kisses and touches here and there? He’s too much of a gentleman to make a move and has done nothing more than hugs and chaste kisses? Or what?

Have fun answering. There’s no right or wrong answer. Use your imagination and feel free to let it run wild. Don’t worry it’s anonymous. No one will ever know who you are 😉


18 thoughts on “Here’s The $1 Million Question: Is Albert…

  1. Oh My, Forever!! I’m so sorry I hadn’t visited your web for some time. I’ve been overseas and just came back yesterday. I owe you some comments/reviews. I promise you I’ll get back asap!

    Though I can’t help but coming here very briefly to join your one million question regarding Albert’s virginity.

    I’m among those who believe Albert had not had serious relationship before Candy, before his amnesiac period. He knew how tough it was to live as his partner and I don’t think he was a person easily fall in love as well. However, Albert is still very much a man! A very healthy good looking young man. Yes, he’s a true gentleman, but he’s also a rebel and open minded person. I think he had visited a place like brothel once or twice. Probably with his college friends or even George! Why not? George might understand Albert was a young man with huge curiousity. Why not George himself escort him to the brothel so he could supervise him? 🙂

    • Hello there Reeka. I was wondering where you were. We’ve been having lots of discussion around the manga. So please do join us. We’ll be interested to hear your thoughts.

      George and Albert in a brothel? Oh my! They would cause a riot there! If you know what I mean 😉

  2. A gentleman never kisses and tells. So is he or is he not a virgin?….well I think he is not; why? because before we refer to him as a gentleman we need to remember he’s a man, flesh and bones with needs….and Albert does not strike me as a brothel kind of guy, but perhaps he was introduced to those places his first time, it was a normal coming of age thing during that time period and it would have happened if George as the only adult male supervisor would have taken him for his first experience but after that, he’s a very capable man in his own mind, a hunter, a free spirit man, a man who is not weak and can conquer any female his heart desires…..relationship? None, more as a fling otherwise the author would have taken the time to show us some and not focus on him going back to America and end up losing his memory back under Candy’s care, the only female that made him weak in his knees to the point he is tongue tie and can’t confess LOL….hahahahahah… 😉

    • Hello Keila! I’m a fan of your stories! I do hope you write again soon.

      I agree with you that Albert is definitely not a brothel kind of man. However, if we think about sex protection during that era, I don’t think Albert was that reckless to have sex with his college friends or work colleagues. An off-spring out of wedlock is a disaster to him. He should know that. In fact, I don’t think Albert is a man who follows his need whenever he desires. He’s a man with great self control. So, visiting a brothel was only done when he was very young and out of curiousity.

      • Hi Reeka! Thanks dear, glad you like them, right now the muse has left my home hahahaha.. so I don’t know when she’s coming back 😉 but I hope to complete what I left pending in

        Now, in the topic above: I agree, I don’t think Albert was a reckless man, but protection was not exclusive of brothels, and yes we know he’s a man with self control but at the end of the day still just a man, who loves his freedom even though he knew he had none because sooner or later he needed to assume his role as the patriarch of his family. However I don’t think it would be very realistic to think he has had sex only once or twice out curiosity. No, I think he was a very discreet man when time called upon him and a very smart one “enough to protect himself” and I don’t think he got mixed up with friends, no but we need to remember he has traveled a lot and met a lot of people along his way, so my point is, as much self control as he had, and yes he won’t follow every need his body screams to him……. but there’s so much a man can repress….anyway, it’s only theories. :D!

        • There’s so much that a man can repress all right. But I consider Albert out of the norms. His circumstances and upbringing are obviously unique from those of a typical man, and consequently he doesn’t fit the mold of an average male. One example is when he was living with Candy. The way he conducted himself during this time gives hints as to how he’d treat women in general: with utter respect. Yet most men probably wouldn’t be able to maintain restraint and self control to the level that he was demonstrating. So yeah… he must’ve a way to release his ‘frustration’ somehow, and this could’ve been something he had learned from early on. And, no, I don’t think he’d resort to brothels. Can you imagine him sneaking out of the apartment to ‘get some relief’? No way. Another man might. But not Albert. Then again, in his younger days, he could’ve been more impulsive as a man.

          • Yes, the time he lived together with Candy was a great example. I think it’s one character of Albert’s which Mizuki highlights when she makes them living together. Both are very good looking and attractive, he’s fallen in love with her, and yet nothing happened then. Even when he thought Candy’s asleep after crying seeing Terry’s news, he only carried her to her bad and gently caressed her tresses. We can see his longing and full of love expression though. Igarashi draws the moment perfectly.

            And NO, … hahahah no I can’t imagine Albert sneaking out from apartment to brothels. NO. LOL. In fact I think after his accident, he’s practiced abstinence ( until he marries Candy). Previously when I pointed that he might get his experience in brothel, I imagine he went there with a few of his good college mates. I’m sure he’s not a social kind of student in college who likes party and hanging out with friends so often, but I don’t think he’s anti social person like Terry as well. He’s simply a friendly private man.

          • No, considering his strict upbringing and own moral conviction, I don’t think he’d go to brothels at all to educate himself in the art of erhmm… copulation. And brothels don’t typically cater to college students anyway. I agree with you that he doesn’t strike as the social, joker type. Yet I do believe he had a few friends. So maybe he was introduced to some girls through his friends, and from then things could develop.

            As far as abstinence goes, I don’t think he’d have any problem to subject himself to that. He probably had done so when he was in Africa, unless he had ‘someone special’ there, just like Candy Bert suggested 🙂

            Lastly, the part you mentioned, with him carrying a sleeping Candy, didn’t that remind you of a scene from another manga? Here we can clearly see the extraordinary self control Albert possesses compared to other man, namely Masumi Hayami. Then again at this time, Albert had just recovered his memory. And to find Candy upset because of what he did, hiding the newspaper from her, must’ve felt like a double whammy for him. The guilt stopped him from doing anything else, including leaving her. So yeah… the way I see it, he was too conflicted. He yearned for her but at the same time he felt it was totally wrong for him to do that. That’s why he never made any move on her. Although he seems to have made some compromises along the way, either consciously or not, slowly losing his resolve.

  3. OK, my curiosity is piqued 😉
    I had to post a few words.

    Albert is a man is his late twenties. I hope for his sake he isn’t a virgin. Even a gentleman (in the beginning of the twentieth century) would have some experience. Although I hope he didn’t get it in a brothel. Maybe in college?
    No, a man like Albert wasn’t a virgin 😊

  4. Hmmm… It looks like the majority of you want Albert as an experienced lover for Candy. I’ll keep that in mind when I’m writing Awakening 😀

    As for me, I’ll write a separate post of what I think is a plausible scenario that can lead to the answer, applying facts and clues I interpret from the manga. If you’re curious… No, I don’t think he’s a complete noob, who has never touched a woman, but he’s not one possessing ‘singular’ sexual prowess either 😀

    PS – those of you who have heard of 50shades must have heard the word ‘singular’ 😀

  5. Here’s a comment that was left on my FB. I decided to transfer it here since it belongs here. It’s from Charmichan. She has a different view, yet I’m in agreement with some of her points.

    Hmmm… aside from his sister, I think Elroy deeply influenced his formative years. Yes there is George, but his position isn’t exactly as close as that would be of a father or an uncle, who would if you will, introduce young Bertie to the pleasures of the opposite sex. Given his imprisoned upbringing, he might have developed a paranoid side which in turn made him prefer the company of animals. Depraved of adventure with a cautious personality, no, I don’t think he would have had sex just for the fun of it.

  6. I agree with Charmaine. I believe Albert was raised by his sister, and his aunt. He was also very interested in animals. I believe that even when he may have been in boarding school or whatnot, he was probably more of a loner that would prefer to explore nature places, than gallivanting with his peers. He may have had some romantic interest, but I don’t believe that he was a skirt chaser. My answer, therefore, is no, and that the right moment(and woman) has not presented itself to him yet.

  7. Hello everybody!

    Firstly, sorry for my belated answer but I didn’t see this post before and it’s the first time I let a comment here!

    So, for me the answer is yes I think he has indeed been involved with a woman before and he wasn’t a virgin anymore! But, he would have done it out of love.

    I think it wasn’t realist to imagine a man in his late twenties never had being in love, After all, he was a man of flesh and blood, not a monk! 😆 But, I can’t imagine Albert taking the virginity of a woman out of wedlock, or at least have been engaged. it would be out of his character! And I can’t imagine him visiting brothels or paying a courtesan …. Any way we have to remember that oral contraceptives didn’t exist at this period, only condom in caoutchouc and it was not a common use, even illegal in certain states! And the virginity of a respectable woman was a serious matter! And all this complicated things!

    So, in my own story, I invented a romance between him and two women, therefore two past loves, like Candy!

    The first one was at college of St Paul in London but it was a chaste relationship (only kisses, caresses but no sex), I pictured her as a clever beautiful woman but, unfortunately she was also calculator and ambitious and she eventually committed with another man, an English aristocrat. In his youth Albert had remained isolated for a long time without contact with people of his age; he could have been vulnerable and naive. His only reference was indeed his late sister Rosemary and she was just the opposite.

    The second woman was the nurse who looked like Candy he met in Africa. I imagined her being a liberal woman with a spirit of independence (somehow like Tina 😉 ) ; she devoted herself to people and she had a noble heart. But, she didn’t want to marry, partly because of her infertility. So, she left Albert by simply leaving a farewell note. She preferred to retain its independence and to end their relationship (only my silly mind). Or she could have died of malaria or something like that! I think if Albert has written about this nurse in his letter to Candy, she might have been important, right? And at this period he knew Candy and Terry were in love.

    And why not a woman he met in Scotland during summer school… so many plausible scenarios!

    That way, if Albert has been involved with a woman and was not a virgin anymore, he could have been a great teacher to guide Candy in these matters! Don’t you think ? 😉 😆

    Just my humble opinions! 😀

    • Hello there Candy Bert.
      I’m happy you decided to join us here. Please feel free to drop in and post comments any time you want 😀

      So you think he’s experienced and had been with a woman before?
      I agree with you that it’s not realistic to think otherwise, especially for a man of his age. But as I wrote in my reply to Keila, Albert is not a typical man–he’s quite extraordinary IMO, at least from the way I interpreted him from the manga.
      However, I share your thoughts on the possibility that he had some brushes with ‘love’ in the past–and I like your scenarios, which are very similar to what I have in mind. Great minds think alike, after all. And I agree with you about the nurse from Africa; he wouldn’t mention her if she was just a casual acquaintance.
      So are you suggesting that he had his first time in Africa? 😀
      Oh yeah he’d be an excellent mentor to Candy 😉

      • Thank you for the welcome! 😀

        As I always said, Albert was very lonely during his youth, and I think he might have a certain eagerness to contact people of his age, have friends and of course sooner or later has been in love. This nurse in Africa looked like Candy who was growing up, perhaps he had unconsciously sought an adult version of her, with the nurse! Candy was in love with Terry at the time, and my opinion is he had not yet developed romantic feelings for her even though they were destined for each other, their feelings were not yet ripe!

        To have kept people in Africa, this nurse must have been independent, a heartfelt and selfless woman with some strong human qualities, and Albert could have been attracted and perhaps he has fallen in love with her and maybe he had his first time, why not? After all, he stayed there a long while! 😉

        Anyway, Albert was a great man with huge human qualities, far above the average male and I agree with you to say Albert was out of the norms. Therefore, all he might have done, he have done it only with love and respect! Always! It’s why we are so fond of him! 😉 ❤❤❤

  8. Tenemos que tener presente que la historia de Mizuki se desarrolla a principios del siglo XX y la educación y formación de las personas esta basada en arraigados valores morales.
    Albert es una persona con grandes valores y cualidades humanas, no establecería relaciones íntimas fortuitas, además tiene la madurez y el autocontrol necesario para no dejarse gobernar por los aspectos instintivos de la naturaleza humana y esta consciente de esperar el amor verdadero y el matrimonio.

    • Hola. Muchas gracias por tu commentario.
      However, I have to continue the rest of my reply in English since my Spanish is terrible.
      You’re right about Albert being a man of virtue who upholds great moral values. Yet I still think that he possesses extraordinary self control that’s not typically exhibited by ordinary man.

      I do want to comment about the era though. You’re right that during that time the emphasis is on moral conducts and ethics. However, that’s only what can be seen on the surface. In reality, there were more wickedness and illicit affairs that happened during the era than what we presume–maybe even worst than now as marriage at that time was mostly done out of convenience, not for love. As such, believe it or not, there were more than 1000 brothels in Chicago in early 1900s, and they flourished because they made good money. The way I see it, the era was full of double standards and hypocrites.

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