Shoujo Manga: Garasu no Kamen


6 thoughts on “Shoujo Manga: Garasu no Kamen

  1. Ahhh … this is after they spent the night together in an old shrine, isn’t it? The second time Masumi stole a kiss from sleeping Maya. 🙂 Gosh, how I miss them! 😦

    • Yes… Another example how Masumi is nothing like Albert.
      Can you imagine what would’ve happened if Albert were like Masumi? 😀

      I’ve long given up on the series. Not sure why it takes so long for Miuchi sensei to wrap this up.

  2. Hahaha, yes, he has a more aggressive character compared to Albert. His self control is very thin when it comes to Maya. He has a tendency to get drowned into a self destruction as well. To have it more complicated, he’s somewhat too weak to certain people, such as his father and Shiori. For me, no other fictional characters has beaten William Albert Ardley in perfection, to this date.

    From what I’ve heard, Miuchi sensei is a perfectionist. So much so she herself cannot make up her mind what perfect ending she wants to Maya. Have you heard about her publishing a chapter in a weekly manga compilation magazine ( I forgot the name of the magz) years ago, then she cancelled it afterward and rewrite a completely different plot to replace it. “Amazing” huh? 🙂

    I’ve (almost) lost my hope, too. But like Maya, I still have this 1% hope Miuchi would finish it someday. In a near future. Can you still speak your mother tongue, Beautiful Illusion? I have a link to a fan-fiction that seems to be a great closure to the story.

    • The way I see it when you compare it side by side, Masumi is human and Albert, for lack of better word, super human.

      Putting biases aside, the reason why Albert seems to be so much superior to other characters (to Albertfans specifically, more than others) I think is because of the way Mizuki depicted him in the story. How much do we really know of him? Not much really, whether it’s from the manga, anime, or the novels. His character is shrouded in mystery. And what we do know is mostly through Candy’s perspective, as we rarely see him interact with other characters. Equipped with this limited knowledge, it’s difficult for readers to make sound judgment on his character. Consequently, this leads to mixed opinions in the fandom, with the majority is split between Albertfans and Terrfans. No surprise there. Depending on which side you are, you can either maintain a highly favorable and sympathetic view of Albert, brushing off his deception and lies as nothing (let’s be honest here. regardless of his motivation, what he did was still wrong, and worse he kept going about it for months), or the complete opposite.

      I’m well aware of the chapters that were released on BetsuHana. How long ago was the last chapter released? Several years ago?

      Artists and authors are notorious to be perfectionist. Unlike Mizuki who can only write, Miuchi is a mangaka, who assumes the roles of both the author and artist. So yeah I expect her to be a perfectionist. But I don’t think that’s the only reason why she has dragged her feet to finish the series. Speaking from my own experience, I can say that despite knowing how the story should progress and end, sometimes an author can still be stuck in a rut, with no motivation and no inspiration to continue. That might be the case with Miuchi, as she had mentioned it several times that she knew how the story should end.

      Of course, I can still speak and read my mother tongue language, but I won’t attempt to write anything, as I know it’d be downright horrible. Years ago, when I was still an ardent fan, I had gobbled ridiculous numbers of GnK fanfics written in different languages, including Indonesian. In fact it was my obsession with GnK that ultimately brought me back to CC, convincing me to give the series (that I thought had a disappointing ending) another chance. As I began to immerse myself in the world of CC, inevitably my fixation on GnK faded. And now I’m just indifferent. Thank you for the suggestion, but at the moment I already have a lot on my plate. Maybe later in the future, after I’m done with my fics and my interest for GnK is resurrected somehow.

    • Hello there. I can’t recall the exact chapter/volume–I will need to check. But I can tell you this is the chapter in which Masumi and Maya were trapped in the small temple in the Plum Valley because and spent the night together.

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