Candy Candy Manga Rambling Part V: Andrew, Ardley, Andrey, Audrey, or Ardlay?

The topic of the family name has been discussed and debated to death by various CC fan groups in the internet, and no one seems to agree on one thing. Thus we end up with a variety of names, from Andrew to Ardley to Andrey to Audrey to Ardlay.

As most of you know already, I’ve been using Andrew in all my fics, posts, etc.

Guess what? I made a mistake. It’s not Andrew. Somehow, a while back when I just joined the fandom, I chose Andrew and have used it ever since.

But… Why didn’t I think to check the source material, i.e. the Japanese manga?

So which name is the correct one?

Much to my annoyance and disappointment, it’s not Andrew for sure 😦

Instead the correct name is…


Argh!!!!! I’ve been using the wrong name since forever, and I don’t know if I should edit all of my fics to make the change now. Maybe I could do it for my ongoing fics? (And did you notice the way Candy’s name is written? It’s Candys not Candice. I’m just going to ignore this one as Candys is like a really bad spelling of the name.)

It’s truly aggravating to know that I’ve missed this crucial detail for so long. But after a quick research, I must say that Mizuki picked the wrong surname for a family that’s supposedly originated from Scotland. Ardlay is a British surname, not Scottish. The name is of Anglo Saxon origin and has existed since 1066 A.D. There’s even a real Ardlay family crest. No, it doesn’t have the letter A in it 😉

Andrew, however, is undoubtedly of Scottish origin, as you can read more about it here, and it’s notably older and more prominent compared to the Ardlay family.

Now I feel better… It seems, even though I deviated from the original source, I’m not that far off–Andrew is actually more accurate. Besides, I kinda like the sound of William Albert Andrew and Candice White Andrew more than William Albert Ardlay and Candice White Ardlay.

What do you think? Any preference?


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