Candy Candy Manga Rambling Part IV: Vol 9 – The Ending


Here’s my first attempt to translate the CC manga from the original Japanese tankoubon. I picked the final scene from the manga since the English version seems a bit off.

(Lucy – I’m not sure if this is the scene you were talking about in your comment. I hope it is)

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6 thoughts on “Candy Candy Manga Rambling Part IV: Vol 9 – The Ending

  1. That´s exactly what I was looking for!!! Finally!! I also emailed you sending the images I had doubt the way ther were translated but this clear all doubts 😀
    In the Manga I´ve got He says: “I love your smiles, I shall never forget them”.
    You made my day with this translation!!!

    • That’s great to hear. Let me know if there’s any other scene that you’d like me to check. I’ll do my best to translate it from the original Japanese version.

      Yes, the English translation is off. There’s nothing in the narration that talks about him loving her smile even though it’s kind of implied in his inner thoughts.

      But I like the way it’s described in Japanese far more. It’s quite profound. It seems like he’s in awe by her, by her beauty…

      Well, we all know that by this time he’s already deeply in love with her, so yeah… he’s quite bewitched by her 😉

      • Yep, I´ll do it for sure, I´m checking again the Manga 😉 And I agree with you 100% I can´t help but loving this Ending, so touching 🙂 Yes, they are the ultimate OTP!

  2. Now after the impact, in a positive way, reading your translation and the explanation you gave, wich by the way, is awesome, beautiful and touching about the last words or Thoughts from Albert towards Candy.
    These are my opinions: It´s a huge difference between saying and thinking…In the version I have, well It seems that Albert is saying that to Candy and diminish the climax of last pages,cause there´s none of the elements you pointed out, which are Key elements to end the Story!!!

    To Albert´s Eyes she´s a young woman, beautiful, no longer a Child (specially for those Fans who claim that their relationship is only of friends or even worse…father to daughter 😦 )
    Planning to court…yes I agree 100% ´cause most all the pain in Candy´s Heart has gone, only memories, good or bad are part of her experiences in Life and she´s ready to move on with the People who always has been there, We can see it in the last pages in Manga.

    …and lastly, our protagonist are on top of the Hill, only Candy and Albert, he´s not wearing fancy suits, or the scotish Outfit…just Albert reveling the ultimate Secret. ❤

    • Thank you. I’m glad you found my translation could help you appreciate the scene more. Yes, it’s supposed to be a beautiful, poignant scene. They didn’t exchange words but their thoughts and body language were clear indication of their feelings. As a matter of fact, I just posted a topic focusing on POTH, and I went deeper with the analysis of the last scene. I don’t want to repeat what I wrote there, but I have to say that you got it!
      Exactly!!! The fact that he didn’t express out loud what he thought makes the scene more meaningful. It’s a beautiful, quiet moment of them acknowledging their love for each other. This shows how deep their love is. A mature kind of love. The one that lasts.
      As you said, in the end, it’s only Candy and Albert. No Anohito 😉

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