Candy Candy Episode 3: “A Good-Bye from the Carriage”

I finally had the time (and motivation) to continue my anime watching. I was stuck in episode 4 forever since last year or maybe even the year before. Yep. It was that bad. Lack of time and lack of motivation were the causes, I think.

At the same time, as I mentioned in another post, I began another round of reading of the manga and will blog about it in a different post. I welcome anyone to join me in my watching and reading so that we could have a (thought provoking) discussion, picking and dissecting the series to pieces to our hearts content. So don’t be shy. 😀

Back to episode 3…

Episode 3 is still focused on the friendship between Candy and Annie, but we see more characters development in this one.

CCAnime-Ep3-SC.38 AM-002Candy, Annie, and the rest of the children at Pony Home are surprised by Mr. Brighton’s sudden visit. He even prepares BBQ for the kids, something Candy and Annie were gushing about earlier as they relate their story of spending the time at Mr. Brighton’s place to their friends.

CCAnime-Ep3-SC.02 AMAnnie is suspicious with the purpose of Mr. Brighton’s visit, and she has every reason to be.

CCAnime-Ep3-SC.08 AMLater that night Candy finds out Mr. Brighton’s real intention: he wishes to adopt her.

CCAnime-Ep3-SC.49 AM-001Annie, being Annie, is upset, and she asks Candy to teach her to climb tree although Annie is afraid of height. Candy, being Candy, assures Annie there will be no adoption. She will make sure she will not be adopted. (Oh Candy… if you only knew… but then if you went with the Brighton, you wouldn’t meet your prince. Instead it would be Annie? Nah… The prince wouldn’t care much about Annie ;))

CCAnime-Ep3-SC.30 AMMr. Brighton returns with Mrs. Brighton with the intention of bringing Candy with them to their home.

CCAnime-Ep3-SC.49 AMBut they are horrified to find Candy airing ‘her’ soiled bed sheet. They find out that it’s just an act but are not pleased with the way she acts. So they withdraw their plan to adopt her. Candy is happy with the outcome and raves about it to Annie. (Candy… you’re too kind and naive… really… but that’s probably why all the boys like you???)

CCAnime-Ep3-SC.58 AMThe Brighton changes their mind and this time they express their wish to adopt–who else–the sweet, gentle Annie. And Annie, being Annie, accepts in a heartbeat. She wants to have mama and papa. (But Annie, don’t ever you think that Candy also wants to have mama and papa?)

CCAnime-Ep3-SC.10 AMPoor Candy is heartbroken. She ruined her own chance to be adopted so she could be with Annie, but Annie didn’t hesitate at the first opportunity to leave her. (Don’t worry, Candy… You’ll have a prince to console you soon :D)

CCAnime-Ep3-SC.59 AMCandy accepts that things will change for better or worse. Nothing will stay the same.

CCAnime-Ep3-SC.55 AMAnnie leaves Klin under Candy’s care since Mrs. Brighton is not fond of animals, especially not an unusual pet like a racoon (or a skunk :D)

CCAnime-Ep3-SC.19 AMAnnie leaves Pony Home and Candy sees her off from the tree.

My thoughts:

This episode further deviates from the manga, and more filler scenes are included. In the anime, the Brightons’ original intention is to adopt Candy, not Annie. This is quite surprising as episode two seems to suggest the reverse.

Facing the fact that the she could be adopted into a good family, Candy seems to hesitate about her resolve of staying in Pony’s Home, but once she notices Annie’s forlorn face, all her hesitation is gone, and she sabotages her own adoption. While Annie, being placed in the same exact situation, succumbs to her dream to have loving parents and leaves Candy. This part is not shown in the manga, and it depicts the major difference between the two girls. Unlike Annie, Candy is willing to sacrifice her own happiness for the happiness of others. This is the Candy we know and love.

I admit I was rather annoyed at Candy’s behavior in episode 2 that seems selfish. But episode 3 does a good job offering a plausible explanation for that. Now I know the main reason why Candy wants to stay in the orphanage and why she doesn’t want to be adopted–it’s all because of Annie, as simple as that. Her wish is actually to stay with Annie forever–a naive wish. So it makes sense for her to act like she did in episode 2 since she feels betrayed. Obviously, Annie doesn’t share the same wish with her, and Candy, whether she likes it or not, accepts that in the end. In this case, I can see clearly how the author uses Annie’s departure as a device that stimulates character growth (change) in Candy. Without Annie, Candy is forced to see beyond life in the orphanage. On the other hand, if Annie were to stay, I believe Candy is not going to change, living in her own ‘utopia’ world. And I also think that this particular event in her life might dictate how she would treat her friends in the future.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode more than the previous one. The main message that I gathered from this episode is that there are things in life that you can’t control: you can’t control circumstances but you can certainly control your attitude toward it. The Brightons find out that Candy doesn’t want to be adopted, so they let her go. Candy learns and accepts that she can’t force Annie to stay by her side, so she lets her go.

Way to go, Candy! You’ve grown up.

Now you’re ready to meet your prince 😉

So what do you think of the episode?

Next episode will be interesting, as you know someone is going to make an appearance 😀




10 thoughts on “Candy Candy Episode 3: “A Good-Bye from the Carriage”

  1. After watching this episode We see the contrast between Annie and Candy´s Tempers, wich they will be an important issue in the future. I completely agree that ´s the moment when Candy shows an unselfish Heart. That wasn´t her moment to leave Pony´s Home and imagine how could be her life with Mrs. Brigthton!! (Who is portrayed as a woman worried by social status and stuff like that).
    One thing I like to point out is the Fact that in Anime, Annie´s Adoption was as if she was a second prize ( do you know what I mean?) the first option to Mr. Brighton was Candy, instead, they took Annie..And once more, It will be very important in the future for their relationship. The fans who watched the Anime feel some kind of aversion to Annie, She´s not a good friend, selfish and weak girl; in many forums or you tube comments you´ll realize of it.

    On the contrary, In the Manga, Annie wanted to stay with Candy, and also Annie was the first Brighton´s option. but Candy realizes how much Annie wants to get her own family and encourage her to accept.

    Despite the differences, one thing is for sure, our female protagonist has a big Heart and the happiness of her beloved ones is more important than hers.

    One more spanish translation it´s not clear Candy and Annie´s age, if they are six or even twelve…the sound quality is very poor in that part. Therefore misleads are pretty common…if the prince is too old for her, even if he could be her father.

    But the best is yet to come…there´s a Prince in Candy´s way

    • Candy and Annie are as different as night and day in both the anime and the manga. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as there is consistency in the anime and the manga. Unfortunately, while the manga does a fine job portraying Annie as a reserved and meek girl, the anime fails. Instead, she comes across as manipulative and selfish. No wonder a lot of people don’t like her in the anime.

      But I suspect that this is something that was deliberately done by the anime production team. It’s a device to make the heroine appear better than anyone else, which supports one of the common themes of the series–everyone else playing second fiddle to Candy. Although, like you said, in the manga, Annie is the first choice for the adoption while Candy is the last one remaining at the orphanage before she is forced to leave. I wish the anime would’ve followed the plot from the manga, which would’ve made it more natural.

      I’m currently at episode 20. And let me just say that I’m tired of seeing Candy depicted as the ‘perfect’ one for 10+ episodes. That just seems too inconvenient to me, or very bad writing. Anyway, I won’t bore you yet with my rant about the anime, as I’ll do that in my upcoming post 😀

      I stated their ages in my post very clearly. In the manga, they are 6 when Annie is adopted, whereas in the anime, they both are 10. In the anime, Candy thinks that Albert is 17-18 years old. In the manga, it’s not stated explicitly. She did say he looks exactly like Anthony, who at that time was 14 years old. I’ll talk more about this in a separate post. I think it’s a very interesting topic to discuss.

      • I´m agree with you in the first two Paragraphs, then..well you already have watched episode 13 when Albert saves Candy from the Waterfall, and let me tell you the first dubbed Albert Voice was really old, sound like and very old Man and therefore, many Candy spanish speaker Fans refuse to see the possibility of Albert as a future romantic Character,:”He´s a Father Figure”, they say in Forums or you tube comments…And even before that, when I discussed abput that with Friends.That was a hugh mistake !!! The Buzz and Misinterpretation caused by a poor Dubb 😦

        About the Ages, indeed you made it clear in your previous Post, maybe I wasn´t clear enough, but the issue to discuss is the age of the Prince when they meet, I´ll be waiting for a separate Post about this Topic 🙂

        • I heard about the flaw with the Spanish dubbed Albert. Perhaps the production team was not aware of the real story… Well, to be fair, none of us knew Albert was the intended main protagonist until much later, erhmmm… toward the end of the story. So yeah… that could happen. Have you watched the original Japanese version of the anime? Albert is much better there, but I truly adore Anthony’s. I haven’t heard Terry yet, so I can’t say anything about him at this time.

          The age of POTH when he met Candy can be estimated from what we know so far of their ages. Candy is for sure 6 in the manga, and 10 in the anime. Albert looks like a teenage boy of 14 though. But if the age gap between them is really 11 years as mentioned in CCFS, then he’s supposed to be 17 instead of 14 when he met Candy. Does that make sense?

          • Dear Illusion, I´m with you on that matter, I support the Idea when Candy was dubbed to Spanish there wasn´t a clear idea of Albert´s role in the complete Story 😦
            I´ve already listened the original voices and yes they are more suitable for each character :p I won´t say anything about Terry´s voice until you watch him,

            Now, to the Issue of POTH age…Yes, Albert look like a teenager, 14 years, I agree, and if this is so…when they meet again in Lakewood, he´s 20 and she´s 13-14 more less. So when Albert becomes the Andrew Patriarch his age should be 23-24.
            also Candy in volume 8 or 9, she recalls that almost 10 years have benn passed when she met her Prince ( this happens when Stears enrolls as volunteer and Paty visites Candy in Magnolia apartment).
            So the gap is there, 7 years , not 11 as it´s mentioned in CCFS, and for me the ages in Manga can be more accurate…what do you think? 😉

          • I’m only up to episode 26 now. And Anthony just died 😦 Such a sad episode.

            LOL. We’re back to the topic of Albert’s age again.
            As I mentioned in my reply to Keila. I heard that initially Mizuki intended Albert to be 14 when he met Candy the first time. But then for whatever reason, she changed his age to 17 later in CCFS after the manga was completed. So yes… in the manga he really did appear as a 14 year old. As for the age gap, you’re right, if he’s 14 then his age gap with Candy is 8 instead of 11. Candy was 6 when she first saw him as POTH. Then again even if their age gap 11 that shouldn’t make a difference, especially not in their era, where it’s common for women to marry men twice their age. Besides, from the way those two interact in the manga, especially after the amnesia arc, age doesn’t seem to be something they concern at all. And when he’s with her, Albert certainly doesn’t act like a patriarch 😀

            As for CCFS… here’s my opinion. I maybe slammed for this but oh well… To me CCFS is a fanfiction of the Candy Candy manga. It’s Mizuki’s attempt to retell the story in her own style but somehow it fell short. The writing is so badly constructed and convoluted that you need to decipher it to be able to understand it, which doesn’t make sense as it’s not even a mystery novel. So yeah… I’m not a fan, as you can tell. To me the only reliable source for the series is the manga even though I heard that the manga has been tampered with Igarashi’s own rendition of the story. But really… how can you tell what is the truth? I like the manga just fine, and the ending is perfect. And CCFS? I have no idea what Mizuki’s trying to achieve with CCFS, which is a far cry from the beautiful masterpiece that is the manga, other than stringing her fans along and ‘milking it to the last drop’.

  2. Anthony´s Death, saddest moment on T.V. ever!!!! I can´t get it over, really, even if many years have passed since the first time I watched 😦
    I´m with you, age gap it´s not very important, the point here is that after the release of CCFS was an issue in Candy´s Fandom, specially in Italy and in Latin America, many Terry Fans claimed the age difference was huge and also implied she was Albert´s niece ( Lovechild of Rosemary and George). Other voices also argue for only brotherly feelings between them.

    If you follows the sequence in the Manga it gives you the answers if you´re concern about it 😉

    Regarding CCFS, well…It only bring more noise and confusion into Candy´s Fandom…even I only have read some translated letters, but I don´t take them a a reliable source…I don´t have idea either what Mizuki was trying to do or her editors.

    • Yeah… the scene when Anthony died I was just… Can you imagine how traumatic it must have been for Candy? She was right there when it happened. She watched him fell to his death right before her eyes. Poor Candy… And it was Albert who eventually managed to successfully comfort her. (I digress to say anything about the anime. They added extra scenes that take away the real meaning of the scene where Albert is supposed to comfort her. I don’t like that at all 😦 )
      The age gap between them is nothing. It’s just some fans got upset since what they thought was the OTP turned out not the OTP at all. Around the same publication time of CC manga, there’s also Glass Mask (garasu no kamen) with similar story line, and the age gap between the two protagonist is about the same as Albert and Candy. But no one seems to have carried any qualm about that. And that theory about Candy being Albert’s niece is completely baseless. There’s no proof whatsoever. However, there’s one thing that I want to delve further with regard to Albert’s relationship to other women, and I think it’ll be a very interesting topic to discuss. I’ll post about this soon. As for brotherly feelings, I already talked about this in the previous reply to you. It might have been the case in the beginning but after the amnesia arc – this has changed, and there are plenty of hints to support the change in their feelings.

      As for CCFS, well, we let it serve its purpose… as a complement to the original manga. Even Mizuki herself admitted that she tried to derive CCFS from the manga, and that’s why she had such a hard time transcribing it into novel, which essentially suggests she’s claiming the manga as the original source.

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