Candy Candy Manga Rambling Part III: A Random Parody or A Leak ?


Still not convinced of the ending of the Candy Candy manga?

Look at the image above. Who do you see?

Albert and Candy. Together. 😀

I think the image is one of the most compelling proofs that Candy does end up with Albert. The image is a parody drawn by Igarashi for a insecticide ad. Yep. Insecticide. I’m not kidding. It was featured in the morning edition of Asahi Newspaper in Tokyo on September 19, 2000. Although the names of the characters in the parody are not Albert and Candy (they’re: Igarashi-san for the male and Yumi-chan for the female, yeah… I know… Igarashi sensei is very creative, isn’t she?), they look exactly like the two main protagonists of the Candy Candy series.

Here is what I think:

Are you familiar with the legal battle between Mizuki and Igarashi? If you aren’t, here is a good site to learn more about that.

I think Igarashi had every intention to make those two characters in the ad look like Albert and Candy, and this was her way to retaliate against Mizuki (in 2000, Mizuki won the case). We all know how adamant Mizuki was about keeping the ending of the series ambiguous so that she didn’t lose any of her fans. By creating a parody of a couple whose appearances resemble those of Albert and Candy, Igarashi essentially leaked the ending to the public (to provoke Mizuki further?)

Please understand this is only my opinion. As far as I know, there’s no confirmation. But even if it turned out to be true, it’s not like Igarashi would admit any wrong doing. 😀

Regardless of what Igarashi’s true motive, take a look at the complete ad. Do you see how lovey dovey they act? 😀 Even if it’s only a parody, it still is nice to see something like this, don’t you think? A tiny peek into the future life of Albert and Candy. And if you squint really hard, you could even see them kiss ❤



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