Update: Awakening Chapter 10 Preview (R)


Happy weekend!

Heh. Since I’m in a generous mood and since you’ve all been so wonderful, I’m giving you more treat. This is only the first part of the actual chapter, which is shaping up to be a very fun chapter to write. 😀

BTW, if you ever wonder what is the difference between a teaser and a preview, here’s an explanation: Teaser contains excerpts of random dialogues from different chapters (more than one). There is no detail, and the order can be scrambled. Preview, on the other hand, is a small section of the actual chapter. It contains everything, dialogue and all the details in the narrative. As it has often been the case, it is the first scene from the full chapter.

There you go.

Now please enjoy 🙂

Note: This was roughly edited and completely unbeta-ed. I apologize in advance for any mistake, and please don’t hesitate to let me know if you spot any.


There was a slight tug at her back and another one around her legs. Then it felt as though she was floating.

Her eyelids, heavy, refused to lift all the way, leaving her sight hooded as an elegant arc of a masculine jaw gradually came to focus.

“Albert…” Candy mumbled, snuggling into his chest, seeking to bury herself in the comforting warmth only he could provide, her arms wrapping around him.

This must be a dream…

His blue eyes met hers as he straightened to his height. “You were sleeping on the floor. I’m moving you to the bed.”

By this time Candy had convinced herself this was a dream, a really nice dream that was, and since this was a dream, her dream, she was free to do whatever she wanted. And that was exactly what she did when she pressed her nose into his neck and breathed deeply, immersing her senses in a clean, fresh scent, a familiar scent that evoked a myriad of wonderful sensations.

She felt him tense against her, the muscles around his shoulders taut. “You smell good,” she murmured against his neck and let her slightly parted lips skim over his skin, a skin that was smooth and delightfully warm against her lips.

He responded with an indistinct deep rumble in his throat. Other than that, he didn’t do anything that conveyed to her he didn’t like what she was doing or he wanted her to stop, so she continued until she was forced to withdraw her lips from his neck when she felt the mattress bowing beneath her.

“Are you going to release me?” he asked with a nervous twitch at one corner of his lips, bending forward awkwardly over her. She had indeed kept her arms looping around his neck in a secure hold while his were no longer around her.

Her lips pursed in a sullen pout. “Are you going to disappear if I let you go?”

He propped one hand on the frame of the bed, his other hand reaching for her hand that was on his nape. “Umm… Once I take off your boots, I’ll go to the living room,” he replied, attempting to pry her hand off his neck.

“Is that where you slept last night?” She steepled her hands together behind his neck to fasten her hold. His fingers stopped their movements, and he eventually withdrew his hand.

He sighed aloud, averting his gaze from her, his mouth set in a straight line. “Yes…”


His eyes held hers in an intense gaze before he abruptly dissolved it with a smile, his fingers dancing lightly along the side of her temple, brushing unruly curls aside. “Go to sleep, Candy. We can talk more tomorrow.” He leaned over and kissed her temple.

Guilt washed over her. “I’m sorry… I really did want to talk to you earlier. Really. But it’s just—I don’t know how to explain it. It’s just really hard. I—”

A gentle press of his fingertips on her lips silenced her instantly.

“It’s fine… You can tell me whenever you’re ready. I’m not going anywhere.”

The surge of joy and relief that was induced by the simple comment he had just uttered—the confirmation she had been longing to hear— was so powerful that she was unable to contain it inside her. With one forceful yank, she pulled him down to her.

He lost his balance, and would’ve fallen on top of her if he hadn’t slammed his hands onto the mattress on either side of her head to support his weight, hovering mere inches above her. “Candy, we shouldn’t—” he blurted out in panic, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down in his throat as he swallowed.

God… she liked seeing him like this. He was nervous—she could tell— a rare sight, for he always seemed poised and calm, in control of his emotions, even in her dreams. She knew it was because of her, because of what she was doing to him. To know she possessed this much power over him made her think of the other naughty things detailed in Tina’s book that she could do to him—those she would save for next time, for her future dreams. For now, this dream was already ten times better than all of her old dreams combined—this was enough.

Dismissing the look of utter bewilderment on his face, she smiled impishly, her fingers sinking into his hair and raking at the wavy strands. She marveled at how silky soft they felt beneath her fingertips. Her gaze drifted lower, and she found herself staring at his lips as they parted, blowing warm breath onto her face. Since this was still her dream, she would make sure it ended the way she wanted it to end.

Her hands moved to his face, and with a gentle tug, she coaxed him to bring his head lower toward her. “Goodnight…” she whispered against his lips and retracted her arms, resting them on the mattress, her eyelids drooping to a close as she sensed him retreat.

“Goodnight, Candy…” he replied in a hoarse murmur a moment later, his lips lingering on her forehead for a brief period.

As she slowly drifted off, flying away to another enchanting realm in her dream, she vaguely heard him humming a hauntingly beautiful tune in a soothing timbre.

Her lips curved in a serene smile. This was possibly the best dream ever.


What do you think? Are you ready for what’s coming in Chapter 10 of Awakening? 😉

As always, thank you for your continued support. You’re all the best.

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2 thoughts on “Update: Awakening Chapter 10 Preview (R)

  1. Wow, she thinks she’s dreaming. I can’t wait for the rest of the chapter, when she finds out it wasn’t a dream.

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