Update: Awakening Chapter 10+ Teaser

AwakeningThank you once again for following my story, and I hope I can continue to entertain you with the story. I already began writing the next chapter, so hopefully that will go smoothly and I will be able to deliver another chapter soon.

And as promised, here is the teaser for the next chapter(s). Apology again for the delay for posting this. Please enjoy 😀

Before you proceed, please be warned that this contains major SPOILERs, so you may want to stay away if you don’t want to be spoiled.


“Are you going to release me?”

“Are you going to disappear if I let you go?”

“Candy, we shouldn’t—”

“We both are so bad, aren’t we? We claim we’re friends but we weren’t being truthful to each other. I suppose we should start from the beginning and reintroduce ourselves. Hi, I’m Martina Rosenthal.”

“Candice White Andrew.”

“Miss Tina.”

“You’re a very stubborn man, aren’t you George? No matter. I still like you anyway.”

“Is that really what you think? That it was a mistake?”

“What else should I think? We both were drunk that night.”

“I don’t know. I thought you’d be disgusted. I will go to hell for harboring those dirty thoughts about you.”

“Then we both will go to hell.”

“No you’re not Anthony… You’re Albert…”

“Are we trespassing on a private property?”

“Technically, no. This is the Andrews Estate. I’m an Andrew, so I should be free to visit this place as I please.”

“I must say you’re quite perceptive. But I won’t say anything that will either verify or disqualify your allegations. Well, nice talking to you, Tina. I’m afraid I must leave now. ”

“Albert! Or whoever you are! I don’t know what kind of sick game you’re playing. And if you dare hurting my friend…”

“You have my word, Tina. And I intend to keep it. I just want the best for her.”

“Mr. Grandchester!!! Do you hear me? You pompous, uncouth drunkard! And you call yourself an actor? Oh please!”

“I don’t know what’s your problem, lady, but I have no time to dilly dally and I might as well just call you a monkey. You certainly act as one.”

“What a jerk! I don’t know what did Candy ever see in you…”

“It’s just a bit odd that William adopted her… William and Claude are about the same age.  I would be terribly upset if my husband adopted a woman as beautiful as Candy as his daughter.”

“I would like to meet with either Mr. Andrew or Mr. Johnson.”

“I’m sorry, miss. Mr. Johnson is in Chicago. And Sir William is busy right now. He’s not in any position to receive any guest.”

“Oh Sir William would receive me all right. Tell him that Miss Tina Rozenberg would like to have a word with him.”

“Where is she? Where’s Candy?”

“I thought she’s with you. Didn’t you summon George to fetch for her earlier?”

“No… Damn! It must be my aunt. What is she planning now?”


I hope that’s enough to whet your appetite 😀

As always, thank you for your continued support. You’re all the best.

Till next time,



2 thoughts on “Update: Awakening Chapter 10+ Teaser

  1. I’ve read the teaser, but I wish I hadn’t. Now I want you to update the story asap and all at once LOL.

    Who said what to whom?

    Was this the teaser for just one chapter or for the whole story?

    • LOL. Thank you. I take it I managed to pique your interest now?

      As to ‘who said what to whom’, that’s for you to guess.

      If you read the preview I posted on Saturday, you would notice that teaser may contain more than one chapter. So the answer is no. It’s not for the entire story either. The teaser covers about up to 5 chapters from the current one.

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