Poll Results & FF.net – Readers Have Spoken

Based on the current tally so far, there’s only one winner. There’s not even a single vote that challenges its place. FF.net wins big time. Just so you know, the poll is still open. If you haven’t cast in your vote, you can still do that here. I’ll keep it running until the end of month. But I’m not sure it will affect the outcome.

Was I surprised with the results? Sort of, but I wasn’t shocked. Surprised because every time I asked the question, the answer was always neutral, and some even said they preferred wordpress. Well, the answer is clear now. There’s no more ambiguity.

I’m aware that for a long time ff.net has been the go-to place for authors and readers of fanfiction works across different fandoms, as it is one of the first sites dedicated to specifically host fan works, essentially synonymous with the fanfiction pop-culture. So, no, I wasn’t shocked if this is still the preferred place despite all its flaws and restrictions, despite the existence of new sites that offer plenty of user-friendly tools and more polished interface.

That being said, I heard you loud and clear. I will not abandon ff.net and will continue to post my new stories there. It was never my intention to deter any of you from reading my stories or taking the enjoyment out your reading habit. I apologize profusely if I somehow have given you that impression with my blunt rambling. Believe me, as a writer, there’s no greater rewards than to be able to share my works with as many people as possible.

I’ve come to a compromise with regards to my dissatisfaction with ff.net primitive editing and uploading features. I will continue to use AO3 as my first choice for uploading and editing, and subsequently my stories and updates will be published in AO3 first before I post them anywhere else, including ff.net. However, I will stop posting stories on wordpress (this is the reason why I’ve removed AIWFC series from the site) and tumblr. Only teasers, excerpts, and random blurbs will be posted on wordpress. Full length chapters and stories of ongoing series can only be found in either AO3 or ff.net, and I will post the links on wordpress, facebook, and tumblr. However, once the series is completed, I will post it here for archiving purpose.

After going back and forth on this matter for too many times than I could care to remember, I finally feel some semblance of peace with my decision. Once again, I apologize if I came off as an arrogant prick – that’s the last thing I wanted to do. So hopefully, we have reached a happy medium with this new arrangement.

Thank you for reading another babble of mine. I know you must be tired reading the same subject over and over again. Well, I’m too. So this is it. I promise this will be the last post about this.

And to commemorate my return to ff.net, what could be more appropriate than to publish a new story?

Yep. Awakening chapter 1 has been published in ff.net, and chapter 2 should be released soon.


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