Writing Rant: Why sticking to one story is difficult + Update

I’ve been writing. Yes, writing.

You might’ve even read the new Candy Candy story “Awakening” I just posted in AO3.

I know you must’ve wondered: why is she writing yet another new story instead of continuing her ongoing one?

Believe it or not, I’m as frustrated as you. I fully understand how aggravating it is to read incomplete stories or stories that are left hanging forever or following an author that keeps writing new stories after seemingly having abandoned old ones that are not finished.

It’s true I’ve regained my motivation to write, and it sure feels good to be back to writing. Even more so when there are plenty of inspirations to fuel it. On the other hand, while it seems to be a better place for a writer to be stuck in, it actually isn’t and it can be as bad. And not seldom, the writer will end up screaming in frustration, pulling hair and scratching face,” Why sticking to one story is so darn difficult?”

That’s me. That’s me right now, pulling my hair, scratching my face, and incessantly groaning.

Earlier, my intention was to write Ninety Days epilogue, but I just couldn’t get into it.

So I moved on to AIWFC – as I figured it had been a long while since I updated the story. In the previous update, I mentioned I planned to do a rework on AIWFC. This is currently ongoing, and in fact, I’ve posted the revamped chapter 1 of AIWFC in AO3, with chapter 2 coming soon. In addition, I also posted one new AIWFC drabble – some of you might have read it some haven’t.

(Note: You won’t be able to find the entire AIWFC series in wordpress anymore, both the drabble and the main multi-chaptered story. I’ve removed them. If you want to access it, you can either read the completed original version in ff.net or you can find the revised chapter 1 on AO3.)

However, later on, new ideas were sprouting right and left in my head, which was amazing, considering how I was in a completely different situation before, with no inspiration coupled with zero motivation. But these ideas, like little excited bunnies jumping around in my head, presented distractions, and I just couldn’t concentrate on what I was supposed to be working on, which was to complete the AIWFC drabble chapter.

It was exasperating. But then I realized writing was supposed to be for fun, at least for me. This shouldn’t stress me out in the least. If it was, then I must be doing it wrong. Therefore, rather than trying to fight the plot bunnies, I decided to embrace them, and just wrote and wrote and wrote. In the end, I ended up with two new stories, one of them I published already on AO3. While I was semi-happy that I could produce new stories, I wasn’t too thrilled with the fact that my list of ongoing stories continues to grow. But hey, at least I’m being productive.

So do you see my point now? Sticking to write only one story is difficult, very difficult, very extremely difficult – okay, it’s an impossible feat to accomplish, and I’m not exaggerating.

But I still stand by my word, even though it might take a long time – could be months or even years – I will not abandon any of my ongoing stories. I will finish them one way or the other. It’s possible I may end up not publishing them at all, for whatever reason (I’ve done this in the past for other fandom) – but I will complete writing the stories until they’re finished.

That being said, I must say that I’m quite hopeful I can post more updates before the year ends, my penance for the long wait I made you endure.

And I certainly have a few stories I can work on. If you’re curious, here is the list (not in any particular order):

  1. AIWFC series: Edit and revise all chapter. Currently, I’m working on ch 2. My goal is to have this posted in AO3 by next week.
  2. AIWFC Drabble: I wanted to complete the prequel part of the series this year, but it doesn’t seem it’ll happen. We’re currently at drabble#14, with 15 (and possibly 16) underway. After this, there should be only 3-5 more stories before we can finally move on to the sequel part of the series.
  3. Ninety Days : I have everything plotted out for the epilogue. The problem is that I just can’t write it in a proper narrative form, preserving the main story tone. I’ve been contemplating to write in drabble format, and I might just do that. In addition, I also want to review each chapter thoroughly and re-edit it. This is probably something I’ll do once I complete the epilogue.
  4. It’s More Than a Fairy Tale: Same like ND I’ve everything mapped out, but somehow I just didn’t even know how to start writing the chapter. Maybe I need to re-read the story? Well, I do have a plan to re-edit each chapter extensively. Hopefully once I get to that, I’ll be able to resume writing the series.
  5. Chasing WAA: I must admit that this one is currently on the bottom of the list. It’s a collaboration, so it’s not only up to me. I’ll see what I can do. Maybe my co-author is inspired enough to continue the series? We have the draft plot outline, but no completed narrative.
  6. Awakening: A new series that I’m quite excited about. I intend to keep the series short (10 chapter or less) but not sure if that would actually pan out (ND was supposed to be a oneshot, but look what happened). Though the premise seems simple, the actual story is intricate at best. This might evolve into another ND kind of story, and I could see it happening already. The story revolves around a similar plot that was used in ND, and one could perceive it as an alternate story to ND. I’ll try to continue writing this in parallel with the AIWFC project, as the idea is still fresh in my head, and I’m still very motivated.
  7. Modern AU: This story – that I’ve not published yet – just couldn’t leave my head until I finally wrote it. This is a fluffy romance (about a flight attendant Candy and CEO Albert, and… I won’t say anymore :D), and from what I’ve jotted so far, it should be a short story, perhaps even a oneshot. But I’m not sure when I’ll be able to release it.

Lastly, the poll is still open, so if you haven’t cast your vote, please do so – I will very much appreciate that.

Thank you again for your continued support and encouragement

PS – don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any idea/thought you want to share, and if you’re ever interested to become my co-author, let me know. 😀



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