(Fan)fiction101: Drabble, Drabblet, Ficlet, etc.

Do you know that a drabble, drabblet, and ficlet are not the same thing?

I didn’t either. Only until recently I discovered that they’re not the same and that I’ve been unknowingly using the wrong terminology.

So fasten your seatbelt as we zoom through fanfiction 101:

A drabble is a very short story containing 100 words. Well, I know that already (and to write an exactly 100-word story is truly a difficult challenge–trust me, I’ve tried)

BUT there is a specific term for a drabble that is longer than 100 words: drabblet. In that case, most of my AIWFC short fics that I previously called drabbles should’ve been labeled as drabblet.

And that’s not the only thing. Once the length grows to more than 500 words and to whatever number of words, it becomes a ficlet. Oh what? So now it looks like that I have written both AIWFC drabblet and ficlet?

Still, there’s more. If the ficlet/drabblet focuses only one a single scene then it should be called a vignette.

If that’s not enough, there are also: snippet, droubble, trabble, etc.

Want to learn more? This site should have everything you want to know about all stuffs pertaining to fanfiction, fanlore, and fandoms


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