Why AO3? aka Another Announcement

So yeah… I’m back, sort of.

Unfortunately, no update, just yet (I do have something I’m working on but that’s all the detail I’m willing to share for now :D)

So what’s this announcement about?

Call me fickle.

I’ve changed my mind again about abandoning WP completely. But I’m resolved about my decision to move out of ff.net.

After mulling about it for a while, I’ve finally decided on keeping this blog, but update will be scarce. However, unlike my earlier plan of turning this blog into a mere archive site, I will continue to post my stories/updates along with my rambling about various stuffs here. BUT I will post stories on this blog only after they are published on Archive of Our Own (AO3), which will serve as the main archive site for all my works.

While initially I intended to use WP as the archiving site (and it did serve as such), it is not designed for that purpose. And I came to the realization that as the collection of my stories grows, it becomes rather complicated (not to mention tedious) to organize them in such a way for someone to easily access them without spending too much time.

Using tumblr as an alternative is out of the question. Tumblr, with its nifty interface and numerous customizable features, is not built to be used as an archiving site. I will have to put an extra effort to transform it into such site, and frankly, tinkering with scripts, html, etc for hours, is not something I’m keen on doing when I have other obligation I should attend to. Plus, tumblr text editor is not as robust as WP, and I found it rather troublesome to navigate as opposed to its image uploader.

This brings me back to ff.net. But as you may already know, I’m never a fan of ff.net interface either. This is when I shift my attention to AO3.

To those who are not familiar with AO3, it is similar to ff.net. It’s a site for writers to showcase their works. Currently, it’s not as well known as ff.net, but its popularity is slowly rising among fanfic writers across different fandoms. Unlike ff.net, AO3 offers more flexibilities and puts less restriction on what you can post. It even allows writers to include images into their stories, which I truly appreciate. Well, there’s also wattpad, but I’ve abandoned that a while ago, as most of the works featured there are not fan fiction. So AO3 it is, at least for now. 😉

As for my plan, I will not remove/delete any of the stories already posted in ff.net, and they will remain there. But I do plan to upload them all to AO3 eventually, after subjecting them to another round of edit, which means that you may notice some differences compared to the version on ff.net but not on WP as I will keep them updated. New stories, however, will only be published in AO3 and later will be uploaded to WP and tumblr, but not ff.net. Teasers will be posted in WP and tumblr (most likely cross posted to tumblr from WP). Same goes for my rambling.

Now then, with that out of the way, if you’re still reading this, let me just say that it has been a hectic year for me, leaving me with not much time to write, as I’m sapped dry of inspiration. But I did manage to produce one AIWFC drabble and a few short SNK pieces. The year has not ended yet, and there are still two months left, maybe I should try to whip out something for the holiday? We’ll see about that.

But do not fret. Because I do have something that is not exactly a chapter update but can be considered a minor type of update.

Do you remember the Ninety Day teaser I posted on tumblr last June (has it been that long since I updated this blog?)? I don’t know how many of you were actually able to access that. Considering how it could be quite tricky to navigate through my tumblr page, I’ve decided to repost the teaser here (adding extra bits to the original post). You should see it in the next update, hopefully by the weekend.

In addition (yes more), to keep the momentum going, I’m also going to publish a revamped version of AIWFC in AO3. You may want to check it out, regardless whether or not you have read the story before, since… Well, you’ll see what I mean 😉 It should be posted by the weekend or probably earlier.

In the mean time, if you’re interested to learn more about AO3 or just plain curious, you can check it out for yourself.

to AO3

And as always, if you enjoy looking at pretty images, you’re always welcome to explore my tumblr.

to tumblr


2 thoughts on “Why AO3? aka Another Announcement

  1. Oh good Lord, you’re updated! I really really am dying to get All of your stories’ update. I’m dying to have a good fanfic, in english!

    I did read your ND update on Tumblr. But I’m glad you’ve decided to be back to this blog.

    I hope you get your momentum come very soon, and actively writing stories of CC again. You’re still one of the best fanfic writers I know. No, i don’t just do sweet talking, it’s a fact. 🙂

    • Thank you for the warm welcome and the kind words. I finally have some free time (and some inspiration) that I feel motivated to do some writing. So yes… I’m writing again. And this time it’s a CC fic. It’s about time that I update one of my ongoing works, don’t you think? 😉

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