My Scribble Pad 10: It’s More Than A Fairy Tale: Falling (PG)


Fandom: Candy Candy

Characters: Albert and Candy

Summary: Excerpt from It’s More Than a Fairy Tale. This scene is from Falling, which is the chapter after BurnBurn itself is not complete, as there are still two more parts to that.


In a private room inside a swanky restaurant in Chicago, Albert fidgeted in his seat. The conversation that was happening in front of him was supposed to be an important discussion related to one of the high-stake development projects with the McCullough, a project that could propel the Andrews to be one of the major players in the commodity market. However, his mind was miles away, and he barely caught any of the words being spoken.

Smiling at the gentlemen sitting across him with a smile that never reached his eyes, Albert thrust his hand inside his pants pocket to pull a golden pocket watch. He held the watch under the table and stole a glance to check the time for the third time during the last ten minutes.

She should have left the mansion by now.

He knew without a doubt that the meeting was nowhere near its end. There was no way he could make it to the station on time if he continued to stay here. Yesterday, he had been forced to cancel their morning walk due to another meeting that he had to attend, and what he did had caused the smile to dissolve into a frown on her face. He had told her that he would take her to the station to see her off today, and he planned to do just as he had told her. He didn’t intend to break his promise again this time. It pained him greatly to see the smile disappear from her beautiful face, and he would not let that happen again.


Albert stuffed his watch back into his pants pocket and took a deep breath before he suddenly stood to his feet, surprising the rest of the occupants on the table into silence. George, his trusty assistant who usually appeared calm and collected, couldn’t hide his baffled stare at him.


“Gentlemen,” Albert began, “I have to apologize for this sudden intrusion, but I just remember that I have an important engagement that I could not afford to miss. Please forgive me for ending this early, and I hope that we could continue this discussion at a later time. With permission.” He made a small bow under the stunned glares of his partners, and without waiting for them to respond, he grabbed his jacket from the back of the chair and strode to exit the luxurious private room. Once outside, he shrugged into his jacket and made a dash for the main door with George tailing behind him.


“Sir William!” George called, running to catch up with his boss.


Albert glanced to his side. “George – I’m very late. I need to be at the train station by now.”


Realization dawned on George. He was about to give the young man a firm reprimand for rudely terminating the discussion with the McCullough but changed his mind as soon as he realized what had caused Albert to act in such a way. “It’s Miss Candy, isn’t it, sir?”


“She is going back to Pony Hill tonight,” Albert said. “This is the first time I didn’t come with her to the station.” There was an edge of desperation in his voice.


“But sir-” George was about to tell Albert, that with the rush hour traffic, it was impossible to make it to the station on time, but after looking at the distressed look on Albert’s face, he complied, “Very well, sir. We will go now.”


Exiting the restaurant, Albert and George went straight to the car. George promptly gave the instruction to the driver to take them to the Central Station.


Much to Albert’s dismay, the car ride from the restaurant to the Chicago Central Station took longer than he had anticipated. Once the car rolled to a complete stop in front of the station, Albert flung open the door and sprinted to go inside the terminal. All the while, George could only smile sadly, observing his boss from inside the car.


Albert knew from which platform the train would be departing, and he went directly there, maneuvering his way around the rush hour crowds in the narrow passageway. He slowed down his pace when he noticed that the platform was empty.

He was too late. The train had left. And Candy…. She was gone.

With his hands inside the pockets, Albert trudged back to his car as the weight of disappointment bore him down.

He went inside the car and sat quietly next to George.

George could tell what the outcome was, judging from Albert’s solemn demeanor. “I’m sorry, sir.”

Albert just gave George a weak smile in return.

George then instructed the driver to take them to the Andrew’s Mansion.

As the car started to move along the traffic, Albert turned to face his assistant. “George – I need to go to Lakewood tomorrow. I would really appreciate it if you could arrange that for me,” Albert instructed in a somber tone.

“But Sir William. I’m afraid you cannot go to Lakewood tomorrow. Have you forgotten?” George paused briefly as he examined the face of the man in front of him.

Confusion flickered on Albert’s face before it was replaced by vexation. Albert suppressed a curse as he recalled what was on his schedule tomorrow.

“We have to leave for Boston tomorrow morning,” George continued.

“Would it be possible for us to postpone the trip, George?” Albert knew it was a loss cause to ask that question, but he just had to try.

“I’m afraid that would not be possible, sir. I’m sorry,” George told him in a contrite tone and gave him a sympathetic look.

Albert heaved a defeated sigh and turned his head toward the window, evading George’s gaze. He clenched his jaw as he attempted to quell the frustration building within him. This was one of those grating moments when he wished he could be just an ordinary citizen, not a patriarch to a powerful family tied to endless obligations. He reclined his body against the back of the seat and closed his eyes, Candy’s beautiful smiling face playing in his mind.

I’m sorry Candy. I’m so sorry, princess.

Inside the moving train, Candy sat quietly with her head turned toward the window. Her smooth, fair skin was stained by running tears.

What is happening to us now, Albert?




Note: This is something that I wrote a while back, so some of you might have read this once when I posted it on FB some time ago. I’m sorry I don’t have any new chapter to share with you, but I hope this can appease you somewhat. I know I’ve been neglecting my Candy Candy works for a while now, but I really don’t know what else to say. Well, at least, I have somehow regained my motivation to write, as you could see from the occasional posts I’ve made. So maybe, I’ll make an attempt to write one Candy Candy flash fic or drabble. We’ll see. And to spur my brain back into action and propel me out of my writing slump, maybe you can help me by sending writing prompts? And this can be anything you like, either from a scene from my fics (ND, etc) or something completely different, and can be either a one word prompt (e.g. chocolate) to a plot idea. What do you think? Are you interested?

As always, thank you for reading and for bearing with me for so long. You’re all my wonderful supporters and this blog wouldn’t exist without you. 🙂



7 thoughts on “My Scribble Pad 10: It’s More Than A Fairy Tale: Falling (PG)

  1. I’m so happy to read you my dear B. I understand perfectly how you are feeling in these moments, and personally I have missed your stories therefore your writing style, so elegant, so eloquent, there’s nothing out there like it… Feeling sad for our beloved couple, but I guess that is life, and Candy needs to understand Albert’s duties and responsibilities…. Just remember my dear B. Write when you feel…feel when you write… Love and Huggs..:*… .keila

    • Hello my dear Keila. First of all, thousand apology for not replying sooner. I haven’t been around wp as you can tell. Thank you so much for your kind words. You made blush with all your compliments. Thank you, sweetie. And yes. I agree with you completely. Inspiration can’t be forced, but when it comes it’ll stay until you turn it into something tangible. Love and Hugs to you, K. 🙂

  2. Oh how glad I was to get notification that you’ve just updated this story! Thank you. I’ve been waiting for the continuation since I read the last teaser :).

    Btw, both Burn and Falling haven’t been completed and released as an chapter, right? I’m a bit confused here. 🙂

    Good luck and may the inspiration be always with you.


    • Even with my awful tracking record of replying to messages you still send me more. Thank you for being so kind with me. I hope you like the small update.

      Burn is the current chapter. Some of the chapters are divided into several part, like for Burn it’s divided into 3 parts: strife, ardor, desire. And you’re right Burn is not finished yet, there are still more part to that. Falling is after Burn, so the excerpt in the update is more like a sneak preview of what to come. I hope that makes sense. Let me know if it’s confusing, and I’ll try to explain better.

      Thanks again for reading and all your support.
      Cheers to you too 🙂

  3. It’s so good to see this update. As I am not on FB, it wasn’t familiar to me at all.
    I guess I’m not the only one who missed your writing 🙂
    You have such an enjoyable writing style.

    I would love to read what’s next. Hopefully more inspiration will hit you.
    Good luck 😀

    • Oh hello there… Gosh… I’m so ashamed for not replying sooner. I’m just so horrible at this, aren’t I? I hope you forgive me for being so negligent.

      Thank you so much for bearing with me. And I’m glad the update somehow managed to alleviate the pain of waiting. I still feel really bad even though to you it’s something you haven’t read. But I did compensate for that measly update with the real update, didn’t I? 😉

      Thank you again for reading and for all your nice words.

      • As you are doing this for your own fun and at the same time entertaining us with your talent, I don’t think we have the right to demand anything from you.
        But I will ask you to please update on your stories. Does that sound any different than demanding LOL.
        Seriously, I’ll wait patiently 😀

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