My Scribble Pad 5: Alternate Ending to Ninety Days (UW) (PG-13)

Fandom: Candy Candy

Rating: T

Characters: Albert and Candy

Summary: Alternate ending to Ninety Days.

Note: I feel so guilty for having neglected to work on my ongoing Candy Candy works. Alas my inspiration seems to have run dry, and my motivation bucket is running low. I don’t know if this can compensate for a fraction of my terrible offense, but I would like to offer this to you anyway.

Please keep in mind that this is not a complete (well developed) writing piece at all – it’s actually only a sketch plot with skimpy details and choppy paragraphs. So please don’t take it seriously.

The idea came to me last year near Christmas time when I contemplated on writing a Christmas story. At that time, I thought how similar the plot in DDL (Daddy Long Legs) to the original CC storyline (the part about the secret benefactor) and wanted to incorporate DDL into a CC fanfic somehow. As I began to plot the chapter, I noticed I could easily merge the story with Ninety Days. So I scraped out my plan to write the Christmas story (I ended up writing a completely different story: AIWFC) and wrote this as an extension to Ninety Days. If you remember in “Taming Desire” Candy fell asleep waiting for Albert, now imagine that instead of the scene where Albert came home late and she woke up when he carried her, the scene unfolds as described in the sketch plot below.

With that being said, if you’re still interested, please proceed. Otherwise, you can wait until I upload a proper chapter or a drabble. Thank you again for your patience.


Candy woke up to find Albert with an unfamiliar woman.

Albert told her that he was leaving. He had regained his memory.

Apparently, he was engaged.

Albert left with his fiancee.

Candy woke up screaming on her bed.

She was confused she thought she had fallen asleep in the living room.

Albert had moved her to her bed.

She went to Albert’s room and to her relief she found him sleeping there.

Albert woke up and was shocked to see her.



Suddenly she threw herself to him.

“Please don’t leave me, Albert.”

“Candy – I’m sorry for earlier. I had a terrible night and-“

“I’m not referring just for tonight. I want you to stay with me. I don’t want you to leave. In the past, I was able to let go of Terry but I don’t think I can let you go. Let me be selfish for once. Please promise me that you’ll never leave me.”

“Candy…  I’m sorry. You know I can’t-“

“No – please don’t say that. I don’t want to hear ‘I’m sorry’ again. Terry had said that. Anthony would have said that if he had been given the chance, but I don’t want to hear that from you.”

“But Candy –“

“No – I don’t want to hear …” Candy ran to the door.

Candy was about to open the door but Albert held her from moving.

“Why do you want me to stay with you, Candy?”

“I’m in love with you. I’m madly in love with you.”

“But you don’t know me. You don’t even know who I am. What if-“

“How about you, Albert? Are you in love with me too?”


“Please don’t say anything anymore. I don’t think I can take it. Please forget everything I said. I’m sorry to bother you. Good night.” Candy ran to her room.

Before Candy could reach her room Albert ran to her and stood right behind her.

“Candy – please forgive me. Forgive me for being such a coward. Please give me a chance to answer your question in my own way.”

Candy turned around to face Albert.

“Wha-“ He kissed her.

The next morning Candy woke up happy but worried when she couldn’t find Albert in his room.

She found a note with a magnolia flower from him telling her to meet him in the park.

Dear Candy,

I have something I need to tell you. After you have finished breakfast, please meet me in the park. Bring the flower with you.


She went to meet him and found him by the magnolia tree.


“Hi Candy.”

“Wow look at the snow! It sure feels like winter today.”

“That is true.”

“Does this flower come from this tree?”

“Yes. Do you know anything about this flower, Candy?”

She shook her head.

“This is magnolia. The trees are often associated with strength, beauty, and love of nature, just like you.”

“Thank you, Albert.”

“Some magnolia tree species, like this one, are evergreen regardless of the season. That describes you, Candy. Your smile is the one constant thing in my life since I have seen you the first time.”

“You mean that time after you saved me from drowning.”

“Candy – I have recovered my memory. And now-”

“What? Does that mean that you’re going to leave? But – how –“

“Could you please let me finish, Candy?”

“Err.. sorry.”

“To answer your question, yes, I’m leaving.”


“I do want to clarify something before I leave. Candy – I would like to court you as a man to a woman. However, there are things that you need to know about me, and I want you to learn about that yourself. And you can find the key here.”

He handed her a package.

“Your happiness is in your own hands, Candy. You choose your own path. If once you figure out everything, your feelings for me doesn’t change – I would like to personally welcome you into my home. You’ll know how to find me.”

Confused, Candy looked down at the package. “Albert – this is…”

“I’m sorry, Candy. But I have to go now. I do hope that we’ll meet again soon. Thank you for everything.”

“But, can I at least get a goodbye kiss? So I know that I have something of yours that I can keep.”

He kissed her.

“The truth is that you have kept something that was a part of me for a long time.” He whispered into her ears.


“I’ll see you, Candy. I hope we’ll meet again very soon.”

“You can be assured I’ll come for you, Albert. Just you wait. Don’t you think you can get away that easily.”

She opened the package. It was a novel: Daddy Long Legs.

She read the book and realization came to her at once.

She knew who he was. Everything clicked into place now.

She found George and told him not to tell Albert that she would surprise him in the Lakewood mansion.

“Uncle William. No. You’re William Albert Andrew. No. You’re Albert.”

“Candy? What are you doing here? How come George didn’t tell me anything?”

“I’m here and my feelings haven’t changed even the slightest. Don’t I deserve a kiss?”

She turned around in shame but he grabbed her.

“If it is a kiss you ask, a kiss you shall have.”

He kissed her.

“You know what? I think you deserve more than a kiss.”

“I do?”

“Yes” He kissed her again.

“And as I said before, you’re beautiful when you smile.”

“Albert – you are-”

He kissed her again.


Gosh! That was so awful. Good thing I decided to toss it into the trash can. LOL! So I hope you have a nice laugh with this.

This week, I’ve participated in an SnK event on tumblr, and I’ve been focusing all my efforts on that. Now that the event is over, I will try my best to write something soon, most likely the continuation to the AIWFC drabble.

‘Till next time.


10 thoughts on “My Scribble Pad 5: Alternate Ending to Ninety Days (UW) (PG-13)

  1. No, not awful; tons of revelations in a short time, would make “Ninety Days” being only… a few days?! Interesting I would rather say!!

  2. I don’t think it’s awful. It’s just that It’s like a whirlwind. Their relationship in supertempo. We are used to the very slow progress of their relationship and even slower realization of their love for each other, at least in Candy’s case. In this scribble they are really bold in their love confession to one another, so Albert and Candy seem a bit out of charachter.

    • Exactly. You hit it right on the nail. This is more like a semi-parody for Ninety Days. It’s a piece that is anti-Ninety Days (or CC for that matter). The base tone is satirical but the delivery is not – not sure if I can explain that better. In the actual chapter “Taming Desire” what ensues is that Candy and Albert are skirting around each other, if you remember. But the way they act speak louder, especially at the last scene.

  3. Actually, I do understand what you are saying.
    I remember “Taming desire”, and it’s like you are saying: they are skirting around each other. I love that! The tension builds up that way. So when they finally confess their love to each other, there is so much relieve and it’s so special.

    • The underlying plot of Ninety Days is about them coming to terms with their feelings for each other and them realizing that the number one obstruction is themselves not other things/people, not Aunt Elroy, not Terry, not Darren, etc. They need to overcome that first.
      Thank you again for you kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed the tension – some readers actually called me a torturer for that. 🙂

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