Candy and Prince of the Hill Part 2


She was six when she met him, and he was supposed to be seventeen. But from his appearance, I really think that he is only fourteen.

I heard that’s the case in the beginning before Mizuki modified his age to 17 just so that he would be at his legal age (older than 21, I suppose) at the time he adopted Candy.


21 thoughts on “Candy and Prince of the Hill Part 2

  1. If he was 14 when she was 6, he was actually 21 when she was 13… So to make him older was unnecessary?! What doesn’t work is the age gap in the anime… She’s 10 and he’s probably not older than 14, because he’s having an immature voice… So the adoption 3 years later would be impossible!

    • Not sure. Maybe the adoption took place before he turned 21? This is a possible scenario since the adoption seems to take place sometime in spring while his birthday falls in late June.

      The anime is different. Their age gap seems to be narrower, since they met when she was 10 instead of 6, but not sure what his real age is – it was never stated explicitly. I haven’t finished my anime watching – which reminds me that I should get back to that now – so I can’t talk much about the anime. But from the way I see it, it looks like that she was adopted into the Andrews’ family not long after their meeting on Pony Hill (less than 3 years)? But how old was he then? He couldn’t be twenty already.

      • Well, I’m only familiar with the anime, yet (just downloaded the manga… Can’t wait to start reading it!)! I finished re-watching the whole series a few weeks ago, it was the first time in 30 years! We were not as lucky as in France where the series aired several times until the mid 90’s… That explains why I’m so overwhelmed by their story right now!!! Sorry for that!!
        In the anime, she is actually 10 when they meet on the hill, and like I said in my 1st reply, his voice is still immature… And he seems pretty young too so I would say he would be 14 or max 15… And that doesn’t work for a legal adoption because there is an age gap of only 4 or 5 years… She was indeed 13 when she was adopted…
        I agree with your theory: maybe he decided for her adoption before the age of 21, and the “family” adopted her, until he reached 21 years old and became officially her legal guardian!?!? Albert’s age is never mentionned in the anime.

        • Oh please don’t apologize. I can totally relate to you. So feel free to gush all you want about the manga. 😀
          Personally, I love the manga 10X more than the anime. Maybe that’s because I’m an Albert fan. The anime eliminates some crucial Albert-Candy scenes from the manga, which can easily mislead viewer to believe that there is no romantic feelings between Albert and Candy. As you read the manga, you’ll see what I mean.

          About the anime, so she was 13 when she was adopted just like the manga, which implies that Albert is only gone for 3 years, different from the manga. Clearly, there are discrepancy and plot holes in both the anime and manga. And maybe that’s why Mizuki tried to fix those errors by changing things in the novels. Nevertheless, Albert’s real age is never explicitly stated, either in the manga, anime, or novels. And I just don’t understand why she keeps this information from the fans.

          • The manga is still a bit mysterious to me… I’m aware of a lot of the differences between the manga and the anime but I know there’s more… You see for me, Candy was part of my childhood as for all the girls my age; it was the tv show we all anxiously waited for from week to week! The thing is I absolutely had no souvenir of how it ended (Albert being William and the Prince)! Unfortunately, way before finishing the episodes I found out about those secrets being revealed… It’s hard not to be aware of this if you go to wikipedia or read the comments on Youtube, where people take great pleasure of spoiling the surprise not even half way through the episodes! I was happy to see the end anyway. Except for the fact that she (and we) finds out that he’s the Prince at the end, almost nothing in the anime could lead us to a possible love relationship between them, except maybe the way he says some things to her or some of his thoughts. And also the sharing scene maybe. On Candy’s side, there’s even less clues! So I’m glad to know that it’s more obvious in the manga!!
            I was glad to see there was something possible between them at the end of the series. I have to admit as much as I love Terry, at this moment I started to fall for Albert and reading your stories definitly made me being an unconditionnal Albert fan!!! Sorry, this is way too long!!

          • You don’t know how happy I am to hear that because of my stories you are now an avid Albert fan. welcome to the club, dear 😀

            To me the manga is more attractive than the anime. Once I started reading it, I could not stop until the last page of the last volume. The anime for some reason never really grabbed me, and thus I’ve been struggling just to continue with my watch. Maybe I just didn’t like the art style or maybe because I finished the manga first, I had high expectation but the anime fell short. Interestingly, I was introduced to Candy Candy through the anime when I was a kid. But the series stopped airing right before the scene where vagabond Albert appeared to pluck Candy out of the river. At that time, I only wanted Candy to end up with Anthony, my childish mind still conjuring the idea that Anthony was the prince. From there, it was a long journey before, through reading the manga and being enlightened by another series, I eventually accepted what’s meant to be from the start: that Candy is destined to be with her prince.

            And yes, it’s definitely more obvious in the manga. Even though it’s not explicitly stated, you’d see how Candy change from being madly in love with Terry to longing for Albert to stay by her side. Ninety Days was written based on this premise from the manga.

          • I dont know if you are on Twitter, but “Albert” has his own account, really!!?!
            Found that yesterday!!

  2. When I’ll have time to go through the manga, I’ll let you know of my impressions! I hope I can start my reading soon! As for your stories, it’s impossible not to “virtually” fall in love with your Alberts…! I even contaminated a collegue (she’s only 28 and Candy Candy was completely unknown to her) resuming her your stories and some of the delicious scenes… She decided to read them!!

    • Oh that would be great. You should share your view on the manga. Maybe I should do an open forum here so that other readers can pitch in their thoughts as well.

      Now you’re making me blush with your compliment. I’m glad you ‘approved’ of my depiction of Albert. Thank you. 🙂

      As a writer, my greatest reward is to know that readers enjoy my stories. To know that you really enjoy my stories, that you feel compelled to share it with your colleague is a reward above reward, a golden icing on the cake. Thank you again. I hope she will enjoy the stories as much as you do.

      • A forum could be great! I know that most people prefer the manga vs the anime and maybe it will be my situation but like I said, the anime was a huge part of my childhood and I’ll always cherish it, even though we ended up with the series dubbed in France, with Anthony’s death censored (he dies, they bury him and a few episodes later, he’s stuck in the hospital, severely handicapped…?!?! and it’s like that until the end of the series) and some names switch and reswitch… At first, there were twentysomething episodes dubbed here in Quebec, probably the same ones you had seen. Too bad you never got to see the whole thing then!

        Your stories are “page turners” (or “mouse scrollers”!!!!) so it’s so easy to share the pleasure of reading them and that girl is a HUGE reader so she got interested really fast. What conviced her is that I was always saying to her how the stories were hard to relate because there are lots of details and there is a lot of things going on on their heads! And the many irresistible scenes were a bonus! I can’t wait to discuss your stories with her as soon as she will be finished with her reading! I’m sure she’ll love your stories!

        • You are right. The anime is more widely and well known compared to the manga that most of us actually grew up with it. As for the forum, let me see what I can do with that. Maybe I can throw another survey. If there’s enough interest, we can start an active discussion on whatever topic you and others choose. 😀

          Hmm… that’s interesting about Anthony’s death being camouflaged. Why though? That deviates quite a bit form the original version. So they actually added extra scenes with him being in the hospital? Now I’m curious to see that additional scenes – is there a link for that?

          You’re making me blush with all your compliments. Thank you. I’m glad you like my stories, and I hope she will like it too. I would love to hear what she thinks. Thanks again for sharing it with her.

  3. As for Anthony’s death being censored, there were several complaints from parents in France, saying that the kids were traumatized (!) so they decided to change the dialogues to make it fit with Anthony being handicapped and hospitalized for life whenever they relate to him… We saw the burial… There were no extra scenes. Strange, huh? Even today, some people still think that Anthony did not die… I’m pretty sure that if we had the dubbing completely done here, Anthony would have remained dead (!), just like in all the other versions!

    My colleague should have started reading your stories this week-end, so I should have news this week. She’s a fast reader. I had to brief her of the important moments in Candy and Albert’s life so she would not miss any references!

    • I totally missed this comment for some reason. My apology.
      Very interesting. So it looks like the French producer changed it quite a bit. Anthony being handicapped but then there’s still a burial for him? That is super strange. How about the manga? Is the french version of the manga also modified?

  4. Hi there, hope you’re doing well. (Don’t forget to read my previous post). I just wanted to tell you that my co-worker read almost all your stories and she loved them! She will probably read them for a second time, slower this time, because talking with her she noticed that she missed details… She was in a hurry to know what came next so she read pretty fast! She agrees with me regarding chapter 21 of ND…!!

    • Oh I missed reading this. Sorry for the late reply.
      Did she really? And she’s going to read it for the second time? Are you serious? I’m touched. Thank you for sharing my fic with her and please pass my gratitude to her.
      What do you mean by she agreed with ch 21? Is it related to the bed scene? 🙂
      Now I feel bad since I’ve been slacking with my writing – well, not really since I’m pretty active writing the other series. It’s just that I’m struggling to get back into writing Candy Candy, not sure what’s the reason. But I won’t give up. I have written bits and pieces for the epilogue, so I should start from there again. Maybe what I can do is to release it in bits and pieces like what I’ve been doing with the other series. I’ll try that and see if that’ll work. In the mean time, I’m still planning to have the continuation of the AIWFC drabble out before the end of the month. Thank you again for being so patient, and please send my regards to your friend. 🙂

      • Yes she agrees with the bed scene… That they went through. Have you seen my earlier comment just above… You asked me about Anthony’s death being censored. My answer is there. I wish I could do something to get your inspiration and stimulation back… Can’t wait for any little part of an epilogue… And maybe, may we hope for a new chapter of FT one day??? The teasers were intriguing. I just hope you will get back to it one day, but no pressure! Don’t worry!

        • About Anthony? I thought I replied to that one already. Let me check again.
          You know how it is with inspiration. It can’t be forced. There’s a time for everything. I think I’m going to do the epilogue in a drabble style. It’ll be easier to write that way. Then when I have more time (and inspiration) I’ll string them together and expound it into one chapter. I can do FT drabbles too. As a matter of fact I have one drabble ready, but I can’t release just yet since it’ll be too confusing as the scene is going to take place way in the future.

          • In fact, everything is the same. He dies, then are held the funeral. Then I guess they took the parents’ complaints in consideration. Next time someone refers to him a few episodes later, they say he’s in the hospital, handicapped. And everytime they refer to him afterwards is the same. Only the dialogues were changed. Sometimes they talk about him and we see his face over a cemetary; and they say he’s in the hospital…! This is only for the anime because of its high popularity back then I guess… No change of the manga, don’t worry! I heard the French version was the best one… I still have to read it though!
            I hope this clears up Anthony’s death mystery! Do you know that because of that, some French-speaking viewers only familiar with the anime and not aware of the complaints thing are convinced that Anthony is not dead!!!

          • Drabbles are a good idea! At least we could still know how the stories will continue. If everything you thought writing is in there, sounds good!!

            Sorry I replied again for the Anthony subject but it ended up completely at the end!!

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