Candy and Prince of the Hill Part 1

A sweet beginning for Albert and Candy.

The memorable first encounter that intertwines the lives of these two characters and sets their courses in life.
CC-CA-10I once thought (and contemplated of writing a fanfic about it) what would’ve happened if Albert had stayed in Lakewood instead of going to London to study. Would he and Candy become good friends?

My answer: I think so. Can you imagine them being friends since early on? Albert would probably sneak out of the mansion a lot just to spend time with Candy, and just picture what these two free-spirited friends could do. And it won’t be long before Albert starts to really ‘fall’ for Candy, but since she’s still underage, he has to keep his feelings to himself, which could create lots of interesting situations.

And this makes me think of Pansy and Edo from Hikari no Pansy, another sweet story that I recommend. If you like Candy Candy, you’d probably like HnP too. There are lots of similar elements between CC and HnP, including the age-gap trope. The two characters, Edo an Pansy are just as free spirited as Albert and Candy. And Edo? He reminds me a lot of the tormented Albert in ND.

Pansy v11 - Cover-1


4 thoughts on “Candy and Prince of the Hill Part 1

  1. Oh, I wish I had such imagination. Sigh ……
    Thankfully there are people, like yourself, who do have the imagination to come up with all sorts of “what if” scenarios. 🙂

    There are similarities between CC and HnP, however I had the impression that Edo is not as tormented as Albert and Pansy is quite carefree. I could be wrong of course, it’s been while since I read it.
    But then again the realities of both stories are very different. Where CC is supposed to be a lot like real life at the begining of the 20th century, HnP is almost completely a fantasy story. The good thing about HnP is that Pansy’s origins were know at some point.
    I wish Muzuki had written anything about Candy’s origins. Maybe she has, and I am just not aware of it.

    • I might have the imagination but I don’t have the time to work on that imagination. Too bad.

      Yes, you are right. HnP is taking lighter route in terms of drama and overall storyline, with plenty of humor to defuse any angst, and Edo is less tormented since he hasn’t truly lied to Pansy like Albert has to Candy, even to the point of pretending that he has not recovered from amnesia.

      No Mizuki has never mentioned anything about Candy’s origin, not even in the novels, I think. But if you’re interested, you can read “A Distant Rose Among Thorns” written by a dear friend of mine F. L. Rowe. It’s a rather interesting perspective, but plausible in a way. Francia did a good job leading readers into a tortuous yet fascinating journey of Candy’s origin (and Albert’s as well). If you haven’t read it, I would definitely recommend it.

      • I actually read ‘a distant rose among thorns’ and I really liked it up until the last couple of chapters. She really did a great job on the family tree explaining all the relations. I also liked the way the truth was finally brought to light. However, in the end the story wasn’t satisfying enough. I missed the whole ” love journey” that Candy made from Anthony to Albert. I know it was not the focus of the story, but still ….

        • I was impressed with the details she included in the story and how she drew up the family tree from scratch. The story is unique in itself – it’s certainly not like any other Candy Candy fanfic I’ve ever read. I thought she did a great job for her first fic. And I understand why you feel there’s something lacking though – she sort of skimmed on the development part. Then again, considering the way the story was constructed, told in a biographical format, that should be sufficient. Overall, it’s a very nicely written story.

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