Anime/Manga Recommendation: Love So Life

Love So Life is a manga by Kouchi Kaede, which is still currently running in Japan. The story is adorable. I can’t stop smiling reading each chapter. The romance progresses slow but very realistic. The main couple, Shiharu and Seiji, is like the modern day Albert and Candy from Candy Candy. Shiharu is an orphan girl just like Candy, and Seiji is an adult man who works as a TV newscaster. The story starts with Seiji offering a babysitting job to Shiharu to care for his toddler twins nephew and niece. From there, their relationship develops.

I highly recommend the manga if you like fluffy and light-hearted story, a good diversion from the brunt of stress. The angst is almost non-existent. There is drama but the level of cuteness makes you forget about it easily. But don’t be deceived by the fluff – the story is not a cookie-cutter fairy tale with zero development. The author has done a good job in developing the characters (and plot), and everything is done in a realistic way. The one drawback is that the manga is still not finished yet, so this can lead to a long waiting period that can easily become a source of frustration.



4 thoughts on “Anime/Manga Recommendation: Love So Life

  1. I don’t know many mangas. Actually, I have only read three so far: Candy Candy of course. Some time ago I also read Hikari no Pansy and Lady Georgie. I loved Lady Georgie, although I didn’t like the ending much.
    Hikari no Pansy was actually very sweet with a happy ending, but Pansy had to overcome a lot (too much) of evil to achieve this happy ending.

    If I have time, I will defenitly try to read Love so Live. I just don’t know when that will happen.
    From what you wrote in your post, it seems like an interesting story.

    You seem to be a manga-fan, am I right?

    • I hated the ending of Georgie too. I think the author enjoys making the readers suffer. What kind of ending is that? The anime, I heard, has a better ending – but the relationship between Georgie and the two brothers is not resolved. So yeah… Georgie falls short when compared to Candy. She’s too fickle and weak as a heroine, and that’s one of my pet peeves. Hikari no Pansy is much better, and I like it a lot too. The story has everything, romance, action, drama with plenty of humor. And what I love the most about HnP is that both characters are depicted so consistently , and you can see them mature throughout the manga.

      I don’t know if I’d call myself a true manga fan. I enjoy reading manga with compelling storyline and characters, but the same applies to books, movies, etc. So anything goes. And in reality I’m very picky, and the manga that I truly follow from beginning to end are not many, regardless of the genre. I like romance but I also enjoy suspense, action, and humor as well.

  2. I have not read a new manga for quite a while. After your recommendation, I tried to read this manga. This story is lovely, worth reading. Thank you so much!

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