Friday Mini Rambling

Happy Friday everyone!

poll2So here’s the current standing from the poll. Albert from Ninety Days is winning but not by a land slide. Interestingly, Albert from Spring Fling is the one that is holding the second place. I didn’t expect this at all. I thought Fairy Tale and AIWFC will be on the top. Hmm… since Albert from Spring Fling seems to be quite popular, now I wonder if I should write a sequel for that story or something. Actually, the idea for a sequel for Spring Fling passed through my mind a while back but I decided to shelve it and focused on my main projects instead (FT and ND). Maybe I can revisit the idea now. 😉

On another note, my daily writing exercise hasn’t been going too well due to various reasons mostly related to real life situations. But I will not give up. I will keep going. I’ll just write whenever I can. And speaking of writing, I think I’m overdue for another AIWFC drabble. I’ll try to do one and hopefully can post it by the weekend.

Lastly, as I mentioned earlier, I plan to move my tumblr Candy Candy related posts to WP, and now I finally have time to do this tonight.


6 thoughts on “Friday Mini Rambling

  1. That’s indeed an interesting/surprising result. Although maybe not so surprising after all, as it is really hard to choose.

    So, you have been thinking about a sequel to Spring Fling. Don’t loose that thought. It would be great to read a sequel. So when you have time somewhere in the
    future …. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    A new drabble for AIWFC would also be nice, actually it would be wonderful!
    Whenever you have the time and inspiration of course.

    • Heh! I was trying to write a drabble today but my brain was just not allowing it. Oh well, I’ll try it again tomorrow night. At least, I have the plot in my mind. Now I just need to put it down in writing.

      As for SF, not sure if that could happen this year though.

  2. I think we all love a bit of every version of Albert… That made me wonder if you ever thought of writing Albert’s story? His childhood and teenage years that were uncommon, being apart of the society… And obviously Candy would appear soon in the story! Per example, you could include scenes such as Albert unlocking the enchanted room’s door to liberate Candy, as revealed in Fairy Tales. And what he was exactly doing after getting his memory back before he left Candy… Etc… You could imagine other secrets like that!! I don’t know, I’m not a writer but I think it could be a good story! I know you already have a lot pending for know but in the future?!

    • Wonderful idea. Believe it or not, I actually wrote something along this line with other writers. We collaborated and wrote Journal of WAA, which was posted on facebook and wattpad (I can give you the link if you’re interested). The story is written in an epistolary diary entry style and told exclusively from Albert’s POV, starting from the time after Albert sent Candy (and his nephews) to London. The idea is to fill the gaps left by the manga. We had so much fun writing it, and if there’s enough interest we might bring it back again. Let us know. 😀

      Aside from that, there’s the AIWFC drabble, which is mostly told from Albert’s POV. I know the story is AU and not following the CC manga canon, so not sure if that’s something that you’d like.

      • I would love to have the link for the “journal”… Regarding AIWFC, I read the story and the drabbles and I enjoyed both, it’s great to have Albert’s point of view!! I have to admit I wasn’t sure at first because the story was held in our days, but their “souls” are the same so we recognize them in a way so that’s great!!

        • Perfect timing. Guess what? I just published a post with that.
          I’m glad you enjoyed AIWFC. Yes, the setting and the background are different, but the characters are the same (more or less). Thank you for taking the time to read it.

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