My Scribble Pad 1: Surprise (PG)

“Sssh…” He puts his index finger on his lips in a gesture to silence me.

I must have been dreaming. Right before my eyes, there is a man standing. He is six foot with blond hair, blue eyes, looking so very much like Albert.

My breathing hitches in my throat.

Albert?!! But how can that be possible? He is supposed to be in Chicago, not New York.

“What are you doing in here?” I jump to my feet. The exhaustion that consumed me earlier vanishes, the speed of my beating heart increasing in an exponential fashion.

This has to be a dream. That is the only logical explanation I can think of.

– Exercise: The use of present tense in first POV. It’s tricky but can be a very effective tool for stirring emotions, if it’s done correctly.

– Characters: Albert & Candy, Setting: Arbitrary (could fit very well within the AIWFC universe, the reunion scene)

Author’s Note:

You must be wondering. What is this? Is she doing another series?

Don’t worry. It’s nothing like that. I know my limit. 😉

This is the daily writing exercise (Scribble Pad) I mentioned in this post.

My goal is to do this daily, and if you have any suggestions, a topic, a plot, a word/phrase prompt, or anything, I welcome those too, I love challenges. 😀


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