Mini Rambling, New Poll, Old Poll, Etc.

There’s no update this week since, admittedly, I’ve been distracted by another series. And the funny thing is that the series is nothing like the shiny, fluffy romance that usually attracts me. Well, once in a while, it does happen when I deviate from my own preference – especially if the premise is intriguing enough. Okay, enough about that – if you’re interested you can check out a snapshot of my tumblr archive below. But don’t worry. My focus is still in finishing Ninety Days – and it will happen before the year ends for sure. πŸ˜‰

After reading some of the comments for my stories, I’ve noticed one thing. All of you seem to adore Albert more than Candy. Hehehe…. No surprise there.

faces of WAA

Anyway, now that the old poll is officially closed, I want to do another one. This time I want to do a fun oneΒ  – related to our favorite protagonist, Albert. From all the characters in the story, I think his is the least developed one. This is partly because of Mizuki’s portrayal of him that makes him appear two dimensional, more like a side character than a main character – even though it’s understandable for Mizuki to do this, as she wants to keep the suspense. This, in turn, creates a great opportunity for me and other writers to re-interpret his character, in a believable way, filling in all the gaps without deviating too much from the template that has been set by Mizuki. I’ve written a couple of stories with him already as the main protagonist, and I also notice that there are differences (some subtle, some not) between the way he is depicted in each story. So I wonder which depiction you like the most.

As for the old poll, the result hasn’t changed that much since the last time. Once again, I want to thank everyone who has participated in the poll. It’s good to know that most of us are aligned with respect to our preference. And the winner is still fluffy romance, which is good since most of my stories are fluffy anyway. πŸ™‚

pollresult My tumblr archive snapshot. 90%+ is non-CC stuffs. SnK fandom is taking me by the storm, but the series is so interesting despite the lack of romance.



18 thoughts on “Mini Rambling, New Poll, Old Poll, Etc.

  1. It is very hard to choose. In every one of your stories he is slightly different, but always wonderful! That’s why I checked all boxes. I know I am not making this easy for you.
    But I think that my absolute favourite is the Albert from AIWFC and Fairy Tail. However I’m still thinking about it. :-/
    It would be easier if you had written one or more bad stories, ha ha.
    No I’m just kidding.
    As always, I am looking forward to what you have in store for us πŸ˜€

    • Thank you for your kind words, dear. I’m glad you liked all my interpretation of him. And thanks for checking all the boxes too. πŸ˜‰

      I notice Albert from AIWFC seems to be quite popular. I wonder why though? Would you mind sharing your reason why you think he’s your absolute favorite? I’m just curious.

      Thank you again for participating.

      • I don’t know if I can explain it properly.
        I’m guessing Albert from AIWFC is older, about 40?? Very attractive age, for me at least. I can’t remember reading about his age in this story though. On top of that, he is really confident, which is also a very big plus. He is a very sweet father. He has the experience of having been married to another woman before, but he never got over Candy.
        I think the combination of these things and the way you write about him throughout the story and later the drabbles, simply make him irresistable. And still I haven’t pinpointed what it is exactly about this Albert.

        About the Albert of It’s more than a fairy tail. Again it’s the way you write. You really, really have a talent for writing. Adding to that, Albert is openly defying aunt Elroy and the customs/conventions of that time, more so than in ND. Always good if this leads him to Candy.
        Again, I like ‘all the other Alberts’ as well. Let’s not forget Fireworks πŸ˜‰

        I hope this is somewhat of an explaination. Ugh, I’m so bad with words 😦

        • oh, and I forgot to mention that I have no comment on the Albert of ‘Chasing W.A.’ yet, because it’s too soon. It’s looking very promising though πŸ˜€

        • Albert in AIWFC is in his mid-late thirties, so you’re spot on.
          And you are correct about Albert in FT, he’s more defiant and openly defends Candy.

          But believe it or not, Albert in all my CC stories (except Chasing WAA) are all modeled after Albert from the manga. What’s different is the circumstances/situations, and this in turn prompt him to act/react accordingly, which gives the impression that he appears more confident, etc. For example: In AIWFC, he didn’t hold any secret (other than his feelings) from Candy, and he didn’t adopt her in anyway – so he doesn’t carry any burden from guilt, but instead he carries burden from regret for not fighting for her. I don’t know if you noticed this, but Albert in ND in the most recent chapter is slowly becoming more like Albert from AIWFC, which makes sense since he’s a happy man who has attained his goal.
          I’m rambling again. I hope that makes sense.

          Well, thank you for your explanation and for your kind words.

  2. Oh man, I have to re-read all yours stories to make sure I pick my really favorite Albert!!!
    I’d love doing that but how much time do we have before you close the poll ?!? πŸ˜€
    In fact I love all your Alberts. Maybe my preference goes to the one in AIWFC because of your drabbles ;-). In 90 days he’s closer to the image I have of him from the manga… Sweet Candy and Spring Fling are too short to compare… I cannot choose!!! Well I voted anyway.

    • LOL! You don’t need to re-read all my stories; you can just skim through them. πŸ˜‰

      I’m going to keep the poll open until end of month, just like the first poll.

      And here we have another vote for Albert AIWFC. So why is that? Would you mind sharing your thoughts? You said because of the drabbles – but I’m not sure why still.

      Thanks for voting even when you’re undecided. πŸ˜‰

  3. Yes, we all love our dear Albert but we love Candy too! It’s just that we know her so much! Ok, we’re discovering a new face of her personnality in Ninety Days but hey, she’s growing up and madly in love!! As for Albert, what you said about his hidden personnality is quite right and justified by the story. I think that’s why we love him so much in your stories; we’re discovering him in a way, through your vision. Despite the secrets (Ninety days), to have such a romantic young man in front of us (especially considering his lack of experience in love…) just makes us melt litteraly! Who wouldn’t want an Albert for herself?!
    My favorite Albert is the one in Fairy Tales, and close behind the tormented Albert in Ninety Days.
    Keep up the good work! I just can’t wait to read what’s next for those stories! I’m really happy you decided to put Fairy Tales back on track… Teasers are intriguing!!
    Thanks for your excellent writing!

    • Hi Marylou,
      First of all, thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you enjoy my stories. Thank you for reading and following them. I’m truly grateful. I’ll do my best to continue delivering entertaining stories.

      You’re completely right about Candy and Albert. Mizuki has done a fantastic job with her depiction of Candy in the manga, that we feel connected to Candy somehow, feeling her pain and joy, her fear and her triumph, etc. As for how Candy behaves in Ninety Days, you made a good point – she behaves just like any normal woman who is madly in love, and that’s what I wanted to depict in the story. Even in the manga, when she was still in-love with Terry and finally got to meet him in New York, it’s clearly implied that she’s longing to have an intimate moment with him. And Albert? He’s just the epitome of an ideal man, yet he’s not perfect – and I made sure he’s not, which makes him more human than just a character. Hmm…. I’m rambling again. Okay, I hope that makes sense to you. If not, just ignore it. πŸ˜€

      Once again, thank you for participating in the poll too. πŸ˜€

      • You’re right again regarding Albert! Not ideal but has lots of nice qualities, plus the mystery! I like his way of always having something on his mind to surprise Candy (especially in Fairy Tales).
        Concerning Candy’s relationship with Terry, your right again! The poor girl barely had any physical contact with him, so I guess (I hope!) she wished for more!

        • If I may add another comment, the way you describe his voice (which is the same way in every story, I think) suits perfectly the french version of the anime (the one familiar to me!)… You should get a “hear” at it! It’s available on Youtube; if you go to episode 115, you’ll hear him a few seconds after the beginning of the episode!

          • Thank you so much for this. I’ve never seen the French version. I saw the Japanese and the Spanish ones.
            I like the French version. It’s almost like the Japanese version but a tad lighter.

            Albert’s voice…. It’s deep but not too deep like a bass. It’s smooth baritone that rumbled gently in your ears. πŸ˜€

        • I’m sure Candy is just like any other young woman who is experiencing love for the first time and wants to be as close as possible to her boyfriend. She maybe naive to an extent but by no means a shy girl. So if her relationship with Terry has progressed farther than the one in the manga, I’m quite certain they’ll have a pretty ‘healthy’ physical interaction.

          Regarding Albert’s tendency to surprise Candy, I also extract this from the manga (and maybe from the bits of the novels too). In the manga, he surprised her several times while they lived together in Magnolia even from the early days when he just found a job (I made a reference to this scene, his first ‘surprise’ to her in ND). And the biggest surprise for her is when he revealed to her that he is the Prince of the Hill. Aside from the manga, it is also mentioned in CCFS (novels) that he seems to visit her out of the blue, surprising Candy time and time again. Based on this, I can tell that he revels in lavishing her with his attention whenever he can and takes pleasure in seeing her happy face.

          • For Albert’s voice: your right! I think his voice is calm, deep enough, soft and comforting… Love that voice! I’m always having it in mind while reading!

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