Anniversary Special: It’s More Than a Fairy Tale Teaser


First of all, I want to express my gratitude to all of you for following my stories and my blog. I still can’t believe it that it has been a year already since I started posting in the blog, which is quite an achievement for me since the last blog I had lasted only for a couple of months. And I couldn’t have done it with all your support. Thank you. 🙂

So as promised, here is the special treat I mentioned yesterday. It’s a teaser for the upcoming chapters of It’s More Than a Fairy Tale. The answer is yes. I’m bringing this story back out of the vault. I hope you enjoy this snippet. 🙂

Please note that this contains major spoiler for the story so proceed with caution.

“You expected to see me, Great Aunt.”

“Yes – please have a seat.”

“Do you recall Caroline McCullough, Candice? You were briefly introduced last year at the Durmott’s Soiree. Well, she turns out to be one of the selected few that had been personally recommended by the Andrews’ Consortium. The background check on her yielded very promising result as it appears that William was very fond of her in the past, and based on the investigation report it appeared that he might even have courted her. Has William ever mentioned anything about her?”

“Umm… No.”

“No? Oh heavens! I guess I was wrong then. I thought since you and William appear to be in very good terms he might have mentioned something about his past.”

“Unfortunately, I know nothing about Miss Caroline, Great Aunt.”

“Never mind that then. But I hope you understand the situation now, and how important tonight’s party for the future of our family. We would have to rely on you to encourage William to act appropriately, and the McCulloughs will be attending too.”

“But, Great Aunt-”

“There is another matter I would like to discuss with you. You see your coming-of-age is fast approaching, and I only want the best for you. I just want to inform you that we have also initiated a selection process for your future husband.”

“Husband? Is Uncle William aware of this?”

“Yes, he is.”

“Oh… I see.”

“I think Albert is looking for you, Candy. He is in the library waiting for you. I told him that I’ll send you to him if I see you.”

“Is he?”

“You’re not going to meet him now?’

“What’s the rush? I’m sure he is quite busy with entertaining the guests.”

“You think so?”


“Could I have a word with you, Candy? In private… Please?”

“Can we talk later, Albert? I’m a bit preoccupied right now.”

“I’m sorry but I’m not giving you another option – you are coming with me right now!”

“I’m sure you don’t want to be with a brat right now when you can have a refined lady such as Miss Caroline.”

“Are you jealous? Is that it?”

“Jealous? I don’t know where did you get that ridiculous idea from. I certainly am not.”

“It’s fine with me if you want to be difficult. Like I said we’re not leaving until you talk. We can stay here all day if you want.”

“That’s horrible. You must have suffered a lot…”

“It was one of the darkest moments in my life, Candy. I literally had no one to talk to  – I had no friends. Since the time it was decided that I would be the next patriarch, I was literally removed from general civilization and discouraged from seeking any types of relationships, even talking to a servant was prohibited. When my sister was still alive, at least, I didn’t feel as lonely, but later on… I was completely lost. Having George around helped, but he could not be there all the time. Do you know how I finally found a way to comfort myself? I would sneak out of my room during Aunt Elroy’s nap time and took a horse ride away from the mansion.”

“So George was never just an assistant to you, but he is more like a friend?”

“Yes, he is. He was the only one I could trust and would listen to.”

“Sir William!”

“George – I’m very late. I need to be at the train station now.”

“It’s Miss Candy, isn’t it, sir?”

“She is going back to Pony Hill tonight. This is the first time that I don’t come with her to the station.”

“We have to leave for Boston tomorrow morning.”

“Would it be possible for us to postpone the trip, George?”

“I’m afraid that would not be possible, sir. I’m sorry.”

I’m sorry Candy. I’m so sorry, princess.
What is happening to us, Albert? Why it feels like we’re moving away from each other?

“Nice to meet you Mr. Andrew. Candy told me that you are her guardian.”

“Is that right? How nice of you Candy.”

“Dr. Martin, I hope you don’t mind if I take Candy from you right now. After all I’m her guardian, right?”

“Come on Candy.”


“Why are you acting like a jealous boyfriend now?”

“Have you forgotten? I am your boyfriend.”

“Oh, now you remember.”


“May be this isn’t a good idea after all. May be we should just stop this before this hurts us even more.”

“You’re not serious saying that. You want to give up now? Your birthday is coming up in two weeks. We’ll be free to date by then.”

“I don’t know, Albert. I don’t even know if we should continue with this.”

“Is that really what you want?”

“I don’t know Albert. I-”

“Come with me, Candy.”

“Where are we going, Albert?”

“Please, Candy. I beg you. Please, don’t say anything anymore.”

“And now you’re going away for one year. How can I cope with that?”

“Then come with me.”

“You know that’s impossible. Aunt Elroy will never approve. And-”

“Is it wrong for me to want to be with my wife?”

“Aunt- can we talk?”

“William- what are you doing here?”

“This is going to be quick. I’m going to take Candy with me on my trips.”

“Are you out of your mind, William! I cannot let you do such a thing.”

“If you think I ‘m going to leave my wife here while I’m going to be thousand of miles away for one year. You are so wrong.”

“Sit down Candice.”

“William told me everything.”



4 thoughts on “Anniversary Special: It’s More Than a Fairy Tale Teaser

  1. Curiosity is a bad thing sometimes. I told myself not to read any teasers anymore, but I couldn’t help myself. So now, it will seem like forever until you post a new chapter, sigh ….

    I am so happy though, that you are bringing this story back to live. Even though it is still Candy and Albert, they are different somehow (in a good way). I like the jealousy-thing. It puts some spice in the story.

    Well, I’ll be waiting then 😀

    • “Curiosity killed the cat”


      Well, I’m glad to hear that you’re happy about the story. The story used to be my main project until Ninety Days came along. Then suddenly my inspiration just sort of dried up for Fairy Tale until recently when I started feeling the pull.

      And you brought up a really good point. I’ve been re-reading the story as I’m trying to get back into the mood – its tone and color are different than Ninety Days.
      And one thing that stands out to me is how different Albert and Candy are in the two stories. In Ninety Days, since they live together for a while, they’re more intimate. Fairy Tale, however, highlights one major issue: long distance relationship.

      I really hope I can start this as soon as finished the last chapter of Ninety Days.
      Thank you again for your interest.

  2. Yes exactly, the tone and color are different. I couldn’t explain it. I guess that’s why you’re the writer and I’ not 🙂

    About ND, I think I missed something. Did you ever write about the talk Albert would
    have with Neal after they met in the hospital outside of Aunt Elroy’s room? I suppose it’s not important for the story, but still the satisfaction of reading about Albert putting Neal in his place would be good. Will there be anything about it in the epilogue?

  3. Let’s just say that ND and FT are different. ND is mostly focused on how they become a couple whereas FT is about them thriving a couple. 😀

    No, you didn’t miss anything. Neil is supposed to meet him in the afternoon, and the last scene in the chapter, of him and Candy exchanging a goodbye kiss, takes place in the morning.

    My hope is to bring the story to a satisfying conclusion, and I’ll do my best to tie up all the loose ends, including matters related to Neil, etc. So you’ll see soon how that will pan out in the epilogue.

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