Playtime Before Bedtime

This piece was inspired by a scene in Ninety Days, which can be found in this chapter. I like depicting how playful they can be when they’re together, and this is one of the things that I love about them as a couple. They relate to each other in so many different levels and feel comfortable to be themselves in front of each other. No pretenses between them – they’re just being Albert and Candy. So it comes as no surprise  that I heart this scene from the manga to bits.

I know I owe you thousands of apology for the lack of updates. I have no excuse, really.

I’ve just been distracted by other things, mainly my drawing, as you can tell. Along the same line, my anime watching has also been put on hold because of that. Anyway, now I’m finally done (or nearly done). I’m quite happy with the end result. Not bad for my first time coloring my own drawing digitally. In the past, I usually used pastels, colored pencils, or oil/water paintings so this was something different. And I still have a lot to learn.

As for my writing, I can’t promise you that I would post any update this week, but I will try my best to get back to my writing. And if it is another drabble, so be it.

Thank you again for your patience. I feel grateful you’ve taken interest in my writing – taking the time to read my stories and write comments. I do update my tumblr more frequently, where I post and jot down my thoughts on different topics, in case you’re interested to know what I’ve been up to. 😉

I hope the small drawing can be a compensation piece. 🙂

PS – I might add background later, so the drawing could change, again. 😉


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